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Which resettlement contractors are screwing up in Michigan?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 13, 2016

Have a look at this article from Arab American News from last week.


Not enough housing in Dearborn where all the refugees want to live to be with their own kind of people reports the Arab American News.

It starts out with the usual heartwarming stories about refugees finding new lives in Michigan (the state getting the most Syrian Muslims) but then read down 11 paragraphs where we hear about the trouble the new arrivals are having after basically being left in the lurch by resettlement contractors and in one case NO agency is helping them.

Readers this is very common, we’ve heard it repeatedly over the years and instead of taking fewer refugees that could be taken care of properly, the federal contractors are overloaded (there are never enough volunteers backing up the paid staff!) and the refugees complain.  And, you can’t blame them, they have been sold a bill of goods about life in America and their expectations are very high.

Get this….how is it that a whole family is basically wandering around loose in Michigan with no one responsible for them but another refugee.

The Kabati family now enjoys a new, seemingly peaceful life, but anticipated the challenges that lay ahead as soon as they arrived at the airport.

Kabati said while other refugees were greeted at the airport by representatives of refugee aid groups and taken to their homes, they were greeted by a friend, who offered to provide any further assistance the family needed. Kabati added because they had no family in Michigan, the IOM inadvertently held his friend, also a recent Syrian immigrant, fully responsible for their aid.

The family friend gave them shelter for two days, until he secured them an apartment.

As of Saturday, Kabati and his family have not received paperwork and needed assistance to initiate their resettlement, like Social Security numbers, insurance and food stamps.

Kabati said he and his family are eager to start learning English, so they are able to get around and communicate with others. A tough language barrier prevents them from integrating into American society.

So far, no aid group has offered to place them in ESL courses, unlike the cases with other refugees.

Yikes! How many other Syrians have simply been flown in to a city and dropped?  You might not have a lot of sympathy for them, but you should. The refugees are just pawns. Again, we see evidence that this program is being run with incompetent leadership and is not about caring for the the world’s downtrodden as its first priority.

This is an example of gross incompetence on the part of the US State Department and some contractor which dropped the ball in Michigan!

Why? Because instead of slowing the flow to a level that could be accommodated and assimilated, the UN and the US State Department are sending them into communities at unsustainable levels hurting both the refugees and the citizens of the town or city unlucky enough to be a target site.

Continue reading the story for the litany of other complaints the new Michigan Americans have.

The primary contractors operating in the state are the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LSS Michigan), the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and get this, in Dearborn, it is USCRI—the same agency that isn’t doing a very good job in Lowell, Mass.

14 Responses to “Which resettlement contractors are screwing up in Michigan?”

  1. Congratulations Ann, you found one example of a family that didn’t have a perfect entry into the US and you’re assuming that this is the case for many. But it isn’t. The overwhelming majority of refugees admitted through the US Resettlement Program ARE met at the airport and DO have people help them find housing, English classes and other things they need. And in the rare cases that a contract “drops the ball” is quickly gets picked up and the problems are solved.

    Gross Incompetence? Hardly. More like Gross Exaggeration on your part.

    I assume you’ll be following this case closely and will report back to your audience, even if the news is positive and doesn’t support your anti-refugee agenda, right? Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.


    • dotsword said

      Fake Jose —

      1. There is a major difference between someone who merely wants to express a difference of opinion versus YOUR INCESSANT NEED TO FLING UNINFORMED INSULTS WITH FALLACIOUS REASONING FOR THE SOLE INTENT OF BEING A TROUBLEMAKER

      2. If you took the time to research, and to engage some reading comprehension skills, then you will find that this is NOT an isolated case –as referenced in this article, “….we’ve heard it repeatedly over the years …”.

      3. If you really want to help refugees, then put your time, money, & your mouth into Volunteering to help refugees assimilate into American culture and teach them skills for jobs!

      4. However, if you are too Lazy to put your time & money where your mouth is, there are countless websites that exist for people like you, who want to spend their time doing nothing but shooting off their mouths for the sole purpose of Insults & arguing.

      5. Personally, I am fed up with your insults to Ann — her extensive research over the years includes countless referenced materials * * * [WHICH YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO READ!] * * * & provides back up for statements so that she does not need to write book-long articles just to appease Lazy readers.


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  3. mjazzguitar said

    Hopefully, news will get back and others will be discouraged from coming here.
    So how can Barry be fast tracking Syrians when they can’t even take care of the ones that are here already?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Problem we have is that we are just too logical and sensible. Barry and gang are trying to create as much chaos and strife as they can something people like us cannot fully get our minds around…


  4. tmasierrahills said

    I believe European ethnics are the most caring for strangers in all the world, but are experiencing compassion fatigue, particularly for people who are demographically displacing us, often knowingly I would guess, believing we are a wealthy weak dying culture. Some of these people may be of sterling character, but I trust the Arab American News to report these things objectively about as much as I trust the migration-fictional MSM. By the way, does Dearborn still have the largest mosque in America? Apparently they do no social work.

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  5. I can not feel sorrow for the “pawns”. I believe they may have been misled, however, anyone would be hard-pressed convincing me that a person of muslim faith would be perfectly satisfied in an America ruled by the Constitution and not sharia law. I would NOT move to any Country where the laws were anti Christian. This makes me question what the refugees hopes, wishes, and dreams are. If there are refugees hoping to peacefully coexist, the jihadists have ruined that for them.

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    • 7delta said

      I believe they may have been misled, however, anyone would be hard-pressed convincing me that a person of muslim faith would be perfectly satisfied in an America ruled by the Constitution and not sharia law.

      You’re right. Devout followers of Islam are not satisfied to live under infidel laws. Manmade laws are an abomination to Allah. There is no law but Allah’s. For the religion of peace, “peace” is when the entire world is in submission to Shariah law. Truth is according to Allah. Justice is according to Shariah law. Human rights are a Muslim’s right to live under Shariah and to force unbelievers to submit. Freedom is the freedom to live under Shariah law, not the manmade abominations.

      It’s pretty simple. We have to throw out Webster Dictionary and define words and concepts through Shariah law. Islam’s world view, not ours, is what matters.

      The refugee crisis is a smoke screen for the hizrah, migration to build enough of a Muslim population, mostly males of military age, to force Shariah law. That’s the strategy to building a worldwide caliphate. Violent jihad, terrorism, is a tactic.

      This is true for both Sunni and Shia. Don’t be fooled by the meme: “But they kill other Muslims more often than they do anyone else.” Just because on sect runs from another doesn’t mean the tables aren’t turned whenever possible. They may disagree on some doctrine and strategy, but they agree on principle. They kill one another over those differences, but they have and will unite against the unbelievers.

      All Muslims? No. They’re apostates, because if you don’t follow Mohammed and Allah’s commandments you’re a bad Muslim who deserves death. There is no free will in Islam. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim. There is no exit, but death. Apostates are already sentenced by Mohammed and Allah. We call them moderates. They are the radicals; the 10% who are the radical departures from mainstream/orthodox Islam we hear about. They are the terrorists the Islamic apologist refer to. Even though it’s jihadists who work to instill terror in the infidel through gross acts of violence, jihadists aren’t terrorists. They’re martyrs. At the first drop of their blood shed, they are ensured paradise for themselves and 70 of their relatives.

      The hizrah, those who migrate to build enough of a population to force Shariah, secures the same reward as the jihadists, but those who continue to live, after securing paradise, are not absolved of their obligation to jihad or to working for the worldwide caliphate.

      Now, we know why second-generation Muslims go all jihad. They’re securing their place in paradise. They are not absolved of that responsibility either, no matter what their parents may have done in service to Allah. Shedding blood is instant redemption for a pass to paradise. All else counts as works to be weighed by Allah in the afterlife. No devout follower of Islam wants to come up short. (Thanks to Conprof for helping me put two and two together, according to Shariah law, about the 2nd generation jihadists.)


  6. […] Which resettlement contractors are screwing up in Michigan? –… […]


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  8. Personally, I disagree that we should feel sorry for them. Part of the problem is that these people tell others back home how sympathetic we are, and that encourages more to come. We need to show them that they are not welcome here, and hopefully those that are thinking of coming will take that into consideration. Another problem is that if we show concern, the government might take this as a sign that they should increase the handouts these people get once they have been dumped on our communities.


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