Refugee Protection Act of 2016 introduced by Vermont Senator Leahy

It is probably the same old bill he has been trying to get passed for years.  I didn’t bother looking at it.  The point I want to make here is this—the Open Borders Left never gives up!  There is no way this bill will go anywhere this year in the waning months of an election year, but this sort of thing is done because they constantly push and they constantly gin up their grassroots by doing ‘show’ bills like this.

patrick Leahy
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy one of the most important Senators pushing for MORE and MORE refugees to be admitted to the US.

Editor: By the way, I am traveling as I mentioned here. I am really hoping to continue posting from the road, however, at least this hotel in this city has a lousy internet connection (I’ll probably lose this connection 5 times before I finish this post)!

Here is a bit of information from Human Rights First about the bill introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California:

New York City—Human Rights First urges members of Congress to support the Refugee Protection Act of 2016, a bill that reaffirms the United States’ commitment to refugees and strengthens legal safeguards for those seeking protection from persecution and violence. The organization applauds Senator Leahy and Representative Lofgren for their leadership on this bill and for their commitment to the America’s legacy as a haven for refugees.


The bill would improve the efficiency, fairness and effectiveness of the U.S. asylum and resettlement processes, and strengthen protection for refugees. U.S. global leadership on the protection of refugees is crucial, as demonstrated by President Obama’s decision to host a world Leaders’ Summit on Refugees on September 20, and the U.S. asylum and resettlement systems should be a model for other countries. The Refugee Protection Act of 2016 fixes many of the areas in which U.S. laws and policies are not living up to the standards the United States has set for itself and, by extension, the bar it sets for the rest of the world.

Then this is my favorite in a list of things the bill would do, revealing I believe the Achilles heel of  the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program—refugees are not finding jobs and economically helping communities, but are in fact a drain wherever they are placed.  This is probably a provision to send more of your $$$ to the resettlement contractors to distribute to the refugees (I didn’t bother to look it up!):

Safeguards newly arrived refugees from slipping into poverty and supports local communities.

Continue reading here for more of what Human Rights First has to say.

melanie nezer
HIAS’ Melanie Nezer is telling her people to write to Congress now.

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (one of the nine major federal refugee contractors) is telling its members to write to their representatives in Washington and say this (they gotta keep their members believing that they are working for them in Washington):

I write to urge you to cosponsor the Refugee Protection Act (HR 5851/S 3241).

This legislation would provide critical protections for refugees and asylum seekers in the United States. It would ensure due process for refugees and asylum seekers, simplify asylum procedures, keep more refugee families together, protect refugee children, and modernize our refugee resettlement program.

The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program is a critical tool for achieving our humanitarian goals, promoting our economic interests, and enhancing our national security. Refugees selected for resettlement to the U.S. have been thoroughly vetted by our national security agencies and arrive in the U.S. wanting the same things we all want — peace, safety, and opportunities for themselves and their children.

As a nation with a long legacy of welcoming refugees, it is critical that we have the best procedures and tools for helping the world’s most vulnerable victims of violence. Resettlement — to the U.S. or anywhere else — is often the last resort for refugees who may never be able to return to their home countries or have any access to a productive future in the country to which they first fled.

As your constituent, I urge you to use your voice to stand up for refugees by co-sponsoring the Refugee Protection Act and opposing any legislation that would undermine our Jewish and American values of welcoming the stranger and protecting refugees.

Of course I’m telling you all this with a chuckle, but if Hillary is elected, this won’t be a laughing matter.  Bills like this could get through to her desk!

And, again, that is because they (the Open Borders Left) never gives up, they agitate and they agitate, day after day and year after year!

Note to angry Rutland residents: If you want to stop the madness help get rid of your old man in the Senate and help us all!

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  1. Linda Hartke of LIRS posted a blog on the September 2016 conference and her participation in a panel discussion. This woman always ticks me off. She states,” Faith communities must continue to lead communities to promote inclusion and integration (of refugees) and to combat xenophobia.” Her blog was badly timed, appearing on July 14th. The Secretary General of the UN is calling for “safety and dignity” for refugees, but not, apparently, for the citizens in host countries.

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  2. Amen, amen, amen. Conservatives fight battles and win or lose, they go home to normal lives and forget about the fight. The Left never sleeps. No wonder, no matter how many battles we win, over time we give more and more ground. Do you think maybe the Lord meant that we are to FIGHT to occupy until He comes again not just occupy our comfy seats in front of our comfy hearths and just wait for Him to come?


  3. The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program is a critical tool for achieving our humanitarian goals, promoting our economic interests, and enhancing our national security. Can someone explain how bringing these Muslim savages here who might want to kill us and if not certainly force their evil ideology on us once they grow in numbers is going to enhance our national security?

    Has France security been enhanced now that they have so many Muslims living in their country. Current events like what took place just this past week would prove the opposite. These Open border traiters are only interested in lining their pockets with more tax payer money. Muslims don’t belong in a civilized society as they refuse to assimilate into any culture they are allowed to live in. Muslims have their own ideology called sharia law. Islam isn’t a religion, its a sick ideology like Nazism.

    Our Muslim president just gave Muslims an exemption from taking the oath to uphold our constitution when becoming citizens, as Muslims can only obide by Muslim law. And you expect Americans to want more of these savages coming here. Hell no. If they can’t accept our constitution and culture then their not wanted here.

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