Twin Falls elected officials getting blow back in rape case; they are NOT the victims

.…but you might think so if you read two articles that appeared in my alerts this morning!

I urge you to read the two stories here and here and remember three things (I know you know!).

  1. The little girl is the victim!
  2. Threats of violence against anyone are never condoned.
  3. Elected officials hate controversy, so keep the pressure on them.


On number three: Many of the elected officials in Twin Falls failed in their duty to be fully transparent with the community and all those concerned for the well-being of the real victim. Some called those who wanted answers (and are still waiting for answers) racists and bigots.

To see this cry-baby spin on the story now—that the poor elected officials are being besieged by e-mails from all over the country—is maddening.

They asked for the job of representing the people of Twin Falls, and as the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

And, learn a lesson as it relates to the Refugee Admissions Program:  Citizens of a community being targeted as a federal resettlement site have every right to all the answers about how the program is run, what it costs, who is coming and from where, and must have their questions answered as it relates to security and crime.  Additionally, they must be told who in the business community is promoting and benefiting from the arrival of low-skilled workers from the third world.

I’ve long-since come to the conclusion that we can’t wait for Washington to reform this program, but all of you with concerns must work on getting local elected officials, who are unresponsive, hostile and downright rude and nasty to you, unseated!

You have more people on your side than you know!

13 thoughts on “Twin Falls elected officials getting blow back in rape case; they are NOT the victims

  1. Twin Falls twin tragedies: (1) Migrant sex attack on 5-year-old girl; (2) Town officials getting critical emails!


  2. Thank you very much for your time & effort to keep your readers updated.  I appreciate your efforts greatly.Linda Hudson, WI


  3. I listen to local Christian radio. The afternoon host of one of the programs concluded her show by admonishing Americans to practice “biblical” virtures by “welcoming” as many refugees as possible. Because I have read many of the stories linked here, done my homework at the various government websites, and educated myself about the Refugee Industry, I posted a comment rebutting her with facts. The comment was immediately removed. I believe now that she is connected to a church which profits from this industry. Disappointing!

    There is a wonderful piece on American Thinker by Carol Brown calling out the Twin Falls incident, Pam Geller’s ongoing coverage and asking for donations to the family.


    1. I have the same response from LIRS (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service). I am a Missouri-Synod Lutheran and thus feel I have the right to object to inaccuracies posted on the LIRS website, especially the blog. However, many of my comments are never published, probably because they hit too close to the truth. All this biblical nonsense doesn’t wash because these organizations (like LIRS) are heavily funded with tax dollars. These “religious” charities also contribute to people becoming cynical about organized religion, as I unfortunately now am. Don’t stop posting responses, though. It’s good to let these groups know that people are watching and not swallowing everything they say.


      1. In a couple of cases Lutheran contractors have dropped the ‘Lutheran’ from their names and I wonder if that is because they are getting negative feedback from good Lutherans.

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        1. It’s possible. On the few threads where LIRS allows negative commentary, there have been a few negative posts from pastors.


    2. If folks want to know the truth of refugee immigration, please share this video of a French woman describing the nightmare that exists now in Calais, her home town. (There are subtitles, although if you speak French, it is pretty easy to follow). This is from February 2016.


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