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Refugee news roundup! Trump is the only hope for America on most important issue—immigration

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 22, 2016

First, I’ve been seeing a whole lot of America since I left Maryland a week ago today.  Thanks so much to all of you who have met me along the way to tell me about what is happening to your towns and cities as a result of the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program.

I’m now 1/4th of the way through my listening tour of the heartland.  I hope to get time this weekend to tell you a bit about what I am learning. In some cases I’m stunned, in others disheartened, and then there are bright spots (mostly those involve the hard work you are doing to try to stem the tide!).

But, in the meantime, there are all sorts of nuggets of news I’ve been missing.  So, here is a quick re-cap.

Trump acceptance

This is the most important election of our lifetimes (possibly even since our founding).

First, the Trump speech last night was remarkable in the detail in which he addressed immigration policy and specifically refugee admissions policy.  The indispensable Julia Hahn (does she sleep?) at Breitbart tells us about how CNN is ignorant of refugee policy in its so-called “fact checking.”  Read it here.

One of Hillary’s possible VEEP picks (Tim Kaine) speaks to leaders of one of the most dangerous mosques in America, see here.

A reminder! If Hillary is elected and Speaker Ryan is still in office, we are finished!

Refugees by the numbers!  Be sure to see Leo Hohmann’s WND summary of which states are getting Syrian refugees as we approach Obama’s deadline—September 30th—to place 10,000 mostly Muslim Syrians into your towns.

Congolese going to be placed in Montana.  An announcement has been made that the first refugees to be placed in Montana will be Congolese.  We are told the Congolese flow is mostly made up of needy and traumatized women and children. Most are not Muslim, but these refugees will contribute little to the economy and require more social services than the usual because they need mental health counseling.

Controversy continues to swirl in Rutland, VT where the mayor secretly worked with a refugee contractor and invited 100 Syrian Muslims to live there.  Learn more here at

More Syrian Muslims for Michigan at Arab American News, here.  This story is about Grand Rapids, but every American should see Dearborn as I did earlier in the week.

Connecticut wants to be known as the “go-to state” for refugees according to CNN, here. The resettlement contractor there brags that CT has welcomed more Syrians than any other state.  Not so, according to WND, here.

No refugees entering the US since 2010 have been screened for HIV.  We knew about it here in 2011. Taxpayers pay for their meds.

Editor:  I’ll continue to update this post later (if I get some time).  Moving on to the next town this morning.

10 Responses to “Refugee news roundup! Trump is the only hope for America on most important issue—immigration”

  1. Marty Hill said

    Anxious to read your review of the Dearborn situation.


  2. […] Refugee news roundup! Trump is the only hope for America on most important issue—immigration July 22, 2016 […]


  3. domstudent11 said

    In some ways the strategy of the resettlement contractors has backfired. Their “seeding” policy has meant that more Americans are rubbing shoulders with refugees, which often is an unpleasant experience. In my family member’s apartment building (where World Relief leases several apartments that they move refugees in and out of), paying tenants have moved out because they are so fed up with the noise, kids running everywhere unsupervised, the constant stream of “church” people, and the arrogance of one refugee family in particular. Ann, you have no idea how pissed off paying tenants are to see the “church” people arrive with car loads of free groceries for the families, to overhear refugee families discussing how they sell their LINK cards for cash (since their groceries are free), and especially to know that refugees pay NO rent while they struggle to pay theirs. What used to be a nice building 3 years ago is now one that has very high turnover.


  4. […] Source: Refugee news roundup! Trump is the only hope for America on most important issue—immigration […]


  5. sturandot13 said

    Happy trails Ann!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Maybe not so happy, people are pretty upset, worried, but working hard to stem the tide everywhere I’ve been. But, it is up hill. A Trump Presidency is enormously important if we are ever to see the halt of the invasion.


  6. Amber said

    Thanks for post. Interesting. My mom voted for Trump and hopes he wins👍

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. paleodrone said

    I actually had the pleasure to proofread for Mr. Trump yeas ago. He really DOES care about this country. Thank you for supporting him!

    Liked by 1 person

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