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It is all about a ready supply of cheap labor!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 25, 2016

One important thing I’ve confirmed in my heartland tour of America so far is something I knew, but had never seen the evidence so clearly.

Forget the idea that resettling refugees from the third world to your Midwestern towns is driven by compassion for the poor and downtrodden.  It is driven by greed and MONEY as big companies reap the rewards of a steady supply of cheap (some say slave) labor, aided and abetted by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and the other phony ‘religious’ charities hired by the US State Department (for a billion bucks!) to drop off the ‘New American’ laborers!

It is a brilliant business plan. Big industries, like BIG MEAT, want the cheap labor and you (taxpayers) supplement the low salaries with welfare payments of all sorts.

Then if you say a word about how your community is socially, culturally and economically disturbed, you are called a racist, a hater, a xenophobe and so on.

In many cases your elected officials (and the local Chambers of Commerce) are in on it (are elected officials getting campaign donations?), and to top it off the parasites, like Welcoming America, receive federal grants (your money) to propagandize your towns.

Why do I call Welcoming America***parasites?  Because they have another agenda and are just feeding off the cheap labor business model of large multinational corporations.  They are looking for more Leftwing (progressive) voters to lock up the political system for their socialist goals.

You, the average American, who liked your town just as it was and who wants jobs for your own kids and grandkids, are vilified and attacked.

Volunteers helping to resettle the refugees are just being used by the phony church groups and those greedy businesses.

Someone gave me this poster being distributed in North Dakota recently. 

The US Department of Labor (led by the despicable Tom Perez, thank God Hillary passed him up for VEEP) is giving grants to teach “New Americans” job skills so they can take your jobs and your kids’ jobs! (And, you pay for it!)

This is a poster “For New Americans” (red banner line):

post for New Americans



You can’t read it all, but the last line says: “This workforce solution was funded in part by a grant awarded by the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. A member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.”

Do you see now why they hate Donald Trump so much when he talks about slowing the flow of immigration to America!

***For more on Welcoming America, click here.

33 Responses to “It is all about a ready supply of cheap labor!”

  1. […] While World Relief would have us believe their efforts stem from compassion and faith, Ms. Corcoran recently came across this poster being distributed in North Dakota. […]


  2. […] It is all about a ready supply of cheap labor! […]


  3. Ann, “Cheap Labor” is NOT the reason behind all of this immigration. IT IS MERELY A RESULT. If you do not know thine enemy, you can not war against him. The IMPETUS AND MOTIVE behind it is: “Income Equality”. The United Nations organization is implementing open borders and their life’s work is in essence Communism, part of that scheme is to end what they term as “INCOME INEQUALITY” which is quite unfair, as any honest person will testify. How they implement this “equalization” (sighs) is by sending the poorest individuals to the “richest” nation, which is the US in the UN’s opinion. Another “benefit” to this equalization scheme is the fact that poor nations (which are the same ones the refugees hail from) receive BIG $$$$ from the UN (which got that $$ from US taxpayers) to countries that LOWER THEIR POVERTY LEVEL- so, it is a win-win for the UN: granting huge payouts to nations that lower their poverty. Granting refugees funds. If I were the president of Guatemala, I would take the UN up on the offer by ridding my nation of it’s poorest citizens, thus lowering the poverty level. Free money!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      So the big companies and the Chamber of Commerce are just along for the ride with $$$ their first priority. How do you suggest we “war” against the enemy you describe. (I am not doubting you)…


  4. 🎃Since billionaire blaviator Donald has profited from cheap labor to create his Trump Towers empire, he is part of the problem, and NOT the solution!😈


  5. […] It is all about a ready supply of cheap labor! […]


  6. MN said

    Reblogged this on Minnesotans For Freedom and commented:
    New Americans ain’t US


  7. calires said

    I can hear it now: “If you like your Town, you get to keep your Town. If you don’t like Halal Meat, you don’t have to eat it.” Oh, sure!


  8. Please, folks, this is not mid-nineteenth century America. Does anybody have any statistics on the demand for low-skill labor these days? In my cynical view, the REAL demand is for new welfare recipients, who will eventually become Democrats. Stupid Republicans will be enablers, of course.


    • domstudent11 said

      Companies like Chobani yogurt make a point of hiring refugees and boast about it. Many of the big meat packers like Perdue and Tyson also use refugees. In 2008, Tyson in Tennessee made news because they replaced the Labor Day holiday with Eid, since there are so many Muslims working there. Eli’s Cheesecake made news early this year by boasting about their refugee employees (they partner with Refugee One).


  9. Islamic Refugees are Legal and have a pathway to citizenship the minute they set foot on our soil. But they REFUSE to integrate, hate to work, live off of hardworking Americans, and don’t embrace or teach their children civilized morals and values that we hold dear in Western Culture.

    Hispanic Illegals, however have No pathway to citizenship, no line to even get in to try to come here. While there are many criminals that cross the border, a majority of hispanics are hard working, Christian, family loving people.
    Unlike Muslim refugees, they will work in restaurants that serve pork.
    Unlike Muslims, they will work in hospitals and clean up after fellow infidels.
    Unlike Muslims, they will clean houses and churches.
    Unlike Muslims, they won’t kill our dogs.
    Unlike Muslims, they will do hard construction jobs, like roofing and building our homes and commercial buildings.

    Yes there is problem that must be addressed on the border. But we need to find a way to get people like this into our country legally. And we need to STOP bringing Sharia loving leaches here.

    These two problems must be clarified and separated.


    • domstudent11 said

      Interesting points. I also have been wondering if the crackdown on companies hiring illegal immigrants has caused companies to turn to cheap refugee labor. I agree that it would be better to bring in more Christian immigrants. Of course the real solution is for companies to pay decent wages so that Americans would apply for these positions. I can’t imagine that working in a meat packing plant would be very pleasant, especially at minimum wage.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ann Corcoran said

        Exactly right! I am starting to think that the D’s are right about an increase in minimum wage. As it is now, I am finding everywhere that the big companies pay slave wages to immigrant workers and we pick up the tab for everything else—food stamps, subsidized housing, medical care and education for the kids!


      • 7delta said

        You’re making good points, Dom, but just increasing minimum wage won’t solve the multiple problems that’s created this mess, across the board. Just raising the minimum wage would create a higher demand for cheap or illegal workers and reduce jobs available to Americans, which in turn, creates more people on public aid and a shrinking tax base to pay for it. Not all companies, businesses and corporations are swimming in dough. The more regulations and laws passed to force “social justice” that are enacted, which, btw, never address the core causes the new stuff is supposed to fix, the more business contracts, disappears and shifts to a market controlled only by the big guys that can afford the new restrictions, which they lobby for and will happily support.

        There’s a lot of clean-up needed to stabilize everything and most of it originates in decades and decades of bad government policies, bad treaties, politicians serving the big guy interests over their constituents and not upholding the law as it was intended.

        America is going to have fix lots of problems before we can see a rise in wages. If we could just get Americans back to work, by putting their interests first, it would start the ball rolling. Many things can be done simultaneously to start setting the system right, but putting Americans first is the first and most essential attitude and step we have to take. It’s not a novel idea; it’s the federal and State government’s primary reason for existing. It’s their absolute sworn duty. We don’t have to be isolationists, and shouldn’t be, but we have to fix our problems first to survive. Unfortunately, smooth sailing to any fix is not likely. The mess is endemic and the people benefiting, in multiple ways, and financially profiting from it will not go down without a fight.


        • domstudent11 said

          I wish I knew what the answer is too! I am a member of NumbersUSA (an immigration reduction website) and have often written to my congressional reps that the time has come for hiring quotas for American citizens.

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    • 7delta said

      I don’t disagree with you about the differences in the two populations, but there has always been a legal way for aliens, including Mexicans, to enter this country. We’ve had worker visa programs for…well…ever.

      The problem with economic illegals is that most don’t want to come legally. It’s more profitable for everything to be under the table. No taxes. Lots of benefits. Illegals send most of their earnings home to the tune of tens of billions of dollars flowing out of our economy to Mexico alone, while taking jobs from Americans, who would pay taxes. Last year, remittances to Mexico finally topped their most lucrative industry, oil. After the illegals have a nest egg, they go home. Our border is a revolving door. Mexico doesn’t want to stem the human tsunami rolling over our border, for obvious reasons.

      The Cloward-Piven angle of overburdening the system is in play too. Everybody has their own agenda.

      Then there’s the huge amount of money generated by drug trafficking. They pay well for “blind-eyes.”

      Let’s not forget the jiahdist highway either. When they go operational, combined with visa overstays and the ones the government knows they can’t vet, but allowed to enter through this bogus refugee program, do get their jihad on, the party ultimately responsible is the federal government. Decades of administrations and Congresses.

      And big business. All that wonderful cheap labor will be extremely costly to them when corporations and business become prime targets to interrupt food supplies or they suffer significant harm, by other means. They will be very angry at the responsible party. Their lobbyists may have paid well for cheap labor, but they’ll blame the politicians for not doing their job to keep them and their businesses safe. The symbiotic relationship will come to a screeching halt. Corrupt political parties can’t roll back the damage and businesses can’t make any donations when there is no revenue and wouldn’t, if they could. They’ll be too busy frothing at the mouth.

      All of these people are suicidal and extremely stupid, including Mexico and the illegals who are killing their golden goose. Even if those who are willingly participating in an agenda to fundamentally transform America into a global cog for profit think open borders are a great idea, they’re in for a shock. No one ever escapes a coup unscathed. The tools always think they’re more important than the finished product. That is, until they discover there’s a whole new plant and they’re just outdated equipment.

      The U.S. has the ability to allow needed labor in and aliens have always had a way to legally enter. That’s just not what any of this about.


      • domstudent11 said

        One problem with legalizing illegal aliens from Mexico is that it will give them an advantage in jobs. I live in the Chicago area and cannot tell you how many jobs I see that prefer Spanish-speaking individuals. This infuriates me no end. Many schools in my area now teach Spanish to children beginning in 1st grade. Since I don’t speak Spanish, I am (in my opinion) discriminated against in the job market. I often feel like a foreigner in my own country when preference is given to non-English speaking individuals.

        Liked by 1 person

        • 7delta said

          Exactly, Dom. When we reward negative behavior, we get more negative behavior. We get what’s rewarded. Reward positive legal behavior because it’s the right and moral thing to do and because We, the People also have the right and responsibility to decide who and how many aliens come into this country and charged the federal government with the duty to oversee it to protect us, our rights and our resources.

          No alien has a “right” to enter this country. No alien on foreign soil has any Constitutional protections. On our soil, they have only civil protections, should they run afoul of the law. The Constitution ends at our borders. We and our representatives have the moral and Constitutional duty to “discriminate” against and hold accountable anybody who breaks our laws, enters illegally, is incompatible, unable or unwilling to assimilate or poses a threat, for any reason, including incompatible religions. We have no obligation to “adjust” to them, not legally or morally. I have no problem with immigration, but I also have no problem with expecting and requiring they come here to be American, not an alien living in their own little Beirut or Mexico City within this country and I have every right, morally and legally, to expect the federal government to fulfill its duty to me, to us, the American citizen, first and foremost.

          Speaking Spanish wouldn’t be an issue, if the federal government fulfilled its responsibilities and politicians kept their oaths of office. Instead, they’re all busy accepting donations from the cheap-labor people, while the subversives are actively creating “countries within this country” of low-educated, low-skilled third-worlders that serve their agenda to dilute, disrupt, demand and destroy. Compassion, my foot. They’re as compassionate as a rock slide bearing down on a crowded path that’s sandwiched on a narrow lip between a mountain slope and a cliff.

          I have never seen a more logic-impaired, ignorant, but arrogant group of people, who fancy themselves as the most brilliant people ever and think they have some sort of morally superior right to use people, deception and even violence to remake America than our underbelly of far left, willful fools and their supposedly conservative accomplices. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around anybody being so blindly ignorant, so ideologically incompetent that they lie, cheat, steal, demand, riot and are willing to do whatever it takes to destroy themselves. I’d rather they didn’t do it, but if they’re so intent on committing suicide, I wish they’d leave the rest of us out of it. Heck, I demand they leave us out of it. They have no right. I do. The Constitution may lie unused, but it’s still the Law of the Land. If they don’t like it, they can remove themselves from its authority the proper way, but we’ll keep the Constitution. It hasn’t failed. They have failed themselves and us. Reality will strike them and us when that rumbling rock slide reaches the path. So, let’s be clear, for their edification, they are responsible for all the previous carnage and what’s to come, not the Constitution and not us.


  10. TwoLaine said

    This reminds me of a speech I heard Dinesh D’Souza give after he was released from Federal prison, and how he learned, while he was incarcerated, that prisons make BIG $$$ out of “educating” prisoners on the backs of American Taxpayers (at 2 below).

    The timing on this couldn’t be better with his new movie out, and the specific “crimes” he was charged with. The same crimes that ShrillBillary and the DNC are committing right now, a fact we can 100% confirm, since we now have 20k of the DNC emails (SO FAR).

    President’s nemesis gained new insight after serving sentence
    15 Nov 2015
    How to steal a country

    “How To Steal A Country

    D’Souza believes the objective of the far left under Obama and Hillary Clinton is “stealing the entire wealth of the nation, the value of homes and the lifelong savings of all the people, the sum total of the assets of every industry from banking to electronics to oil drilling, all the funds allocated to health and education and every other service, both private and public; in sum, the entire wealth of America, built over more than two centuries.”

    “The thieves I am speaking about want all of it.”

    But the Obama-Hillary stealing of America does not stop there, D’Souza explains.

    “They want to own your businesses and your savings, how you work and whom you associate with, but they also want to control your education, your faith, your family, and what you watch on TV,” he continued. “They seek to regulate how you feel and what you think and how you love. They want to control your dreams and ambitions, your personal aspirations, your ‘pursuit of happiness.’ They want to own you, and to a considerable degree, they already do.”

    D’Souza details the progressive belief that America’s wealth is made up of stolen goods.

    “This is a familiar litany,” D’Souza notes. “America stole the country from the Native Americans, the labor of the African Americans, and half of Mexico from the Mexicans in the Mexican War.

    “Even today we hear, America’s foreign policy and free market system are forms of theft, because they take what belongs to others and illicitly appropriate it,” he continues. “These contentions come from some of the wiliest figures in the progressive camp: Senator Elizabeth Warren, Nobel laureate and columnist Paul Krugman, investment guru Warren Buffett, and Nobel laureate and economist Joseph Stiglitz. Behind these figures are the great thinkers of modern progressivism, such as John Rawls and Karl Marx.””

    Read more at:

    Pt. 1 – The Trial: How Dinesh D’Souza Was Criminalized for Making ‘2016’ Film
    by PJ Media

    Pt. 2 – Behind Bars: Dinesh D’Souza’s Life As a Political Prisoner

    Pt. 3 – The Heist: How Democrats Are No Better Than Street Thugs

    In Jail? You May Qualify For Obama Pell Grant For Prisoners!
    29 Jul 2015
    by Beth Baumann

    “Under this new order, prisoners will be able to receive almost $6,000 a year in FREE money. That’s right, “free” money that is subsidized by you, the taxpayer.”

    Read more at:


  11. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  12. TwoLaine said

    “Opportunity Begins With Enrollment in New American Worker Program


    Enrollment is now open for a new manufacturing certificate program for New Americans in the Grand Forks region! Northland Community & Technical College will be the host of the 17-week program that will help new Americans to acquire the skills necessary to be successful in careers in manufacturing and beyond. With guidance from local businesses, non-profit organizations and Job Service ND, the new program will prepare individuals who speak English as a second language with skills such as digital literacy, language, workplace culture and manufacturing skills. The program is scheduled to begin March 7, 2016 and space is limited.

    Teaching our New American students is especially rewarding for the instructors at Northwest Minnesota Service Cooperative – East Grand Forks. Students come to the U.S. at all educational levels. Some students have no understanding of the alphabet, while other students have earned a high school diploma from their host country while living in a refugee camp. Students work diligently toward their goals and appreciate the educational support they receive. Goals range from learning letters, passing the permit test, acquiring their first jobs, using the bus system, understanding the culture and norms of the workplace, to college preparation.

    On Feb. 23, 2016, an event to showcase the Manufacturing Certificate Program will be held at the Grand Forks ND Job Service office. The event will be a chance for potential participants to learn about the training in person, get an assessment test of language on site to ensure qualification and answer any questions in regards to instruction on the next steps.

    Those interested in enrolling in the program before the event are urged to come in to Northland Community & Technical College and speak with Susan Snedeker (Center for Outreach & Innovation), Angela Nagel, or Ellen Anton (Adult Basic Education teachers) to get signed up. The class is limited to the first 25 participants to sign up. The cost of the 17-week program is $150. Those facing financial barriers are encouraged to come in and learn about possible alternative funding sources that might be available to help them overcome any financial obstacles.

    This program offers the students an opportunity to advance their understanding of the workplace from the classroom to actual hands on manufacturing skills training. Students will practice reading skills, math skills, and digital literacy skills. Upon completion of the course, students will receive an OSHA Safety Certificate, and they will build a working resume to present to future employers.

    According to NCTC dean Brian Huschle, “This program can be the bridge for the new members of our community to gain the skills they need to be truly successful in the manufacturing workplace.” He concluded, “These are members of our community, and Northland is in a great position now, with resources and connections with business partners and other groups, to take the lead in helping them rise.”

    Northland Community and Technical College (Northland College .edu) is a comprehensive college with campuses in Thief River Falls, MN and East Grand Forks, MN. Northland also has a separate aerospace campus in Thief River Falls, MN and a satellite site in Roseau, MN. Northland offers certificates, diplomas, transfer courses, two-year AAS degrees in more than 60 areas of study, workforce training and education programs. Northland is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. Visit Northland online at Northland is an equal opportunity educator and employer.”


  13. conprof said

    Certainly explains how it has all gone down in Spartanburg.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. domstudent11 said

    Ann, have you seen this website? Friends of Refugees? It is almost exactly cloned on your website but with the opposite message.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes, and I know Chris Coen (on line and not in person). But read carefully, he wants more refugees but he is VERY critical of the volags and the contractors. Useful to read his website!


      • domstudent11 said

        Yes, I have read some of his posts about the substandard housing accommodations and neglect of refugees. I couldn’t figure out what his angle is because sometimes he blasts the contractors, and sometimes chides people opposed to refugee resettlement.


        • Ann Corcoran said

          Be sure to see the reports he has archived there. He has been doing FOIA requests to the State Dept. for years. See if any contractor near you has been called on the carpet for neglect of refugees.


  15. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Also the reason why the GOP is with the Democrats. It always ends up as exploitation of the immigrants as the well (pool of immigrants needing jobs) is deep.

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