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Unraveling Rutland (VT) may help every town in the same boat!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 27, 2016

With mayors like these who needs enemies!

Update: Refugees now a hot topic in gubernatorial race, see here.

Rutland VT map

As I travel around the US meeting with citizens concerned about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, patterns are developing and one of those is that there is no doubt that when your town is targeted for a new resettlement site (or expansion of an old one) it is done with the utmost secrecy and very often involves an over-zealous elected official (a mayor or city council member).

I have no time to write before I hit the road again this morning, but I want you to see this!   This should resonate with everyone I’ve met with in 6 states so far.

Rutland, Vermont residents were shocked to learn a couple of months ago that their mayor had quietly “welcomed” the resettlement of 100 Syrians to the town for later this year.  

To catch up, see our Rutland archive here.

Here is the latest from, story titled:

Lone alderman in on refugee secret ‘stunned’ at speed of decision

A secret plan to make Rutland a permanent refugee resettlement community has divided residents and put the mayor’s political future in doubt. But at least one member of the Board of Aldermen knew about the secret, and that official told Watchdog he is “stunned” at how fast the plan was carried out.

Prior to announcing the resettlement of Syrian refugees, Rutland Mayor Louras held secret meetings with representatives of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, the State Department, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants and Gov. Peter Shumlin. He also consulted with a single alderman: Board of Aldermen President William Notte.

In this interview, Notte answered Watchdog’s questions about his role in the backroom deal to make Rutland a refugee resettlement community.

Continue reading here for the interview.

The lesson I’m learning is this—-as it is confirmed to me repeatedly that refugee seeding plans are done in secrecy, you must be working locally to get the right people elected to political office and get mayors like this one out!

8 Responses to “Unraveling Rutland (VT) may help every town in the same boat!”

  1. William Notte would have no idea on how the vote would go because they would not allow the voters to vote on the petition. I know he is wrong because I went door to door for a month and more than 3 to 1 are not in favor of this. I also checked out the Rutland welcomes page and found out that out of 1200 people supporting the refugees less than 200 are Rutland City residents.


  2. ELN said

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  3. […] And still does. via: Unraveling Rutland (VT) may help every town in the same boat! « Refugee Resettlement Watch […]


  4. […] Unraveling Rutland (VT) may help every town in the same boat! July 27, 2016 […]


  5. mjazzguitar said

    Watchdog: What are your recollections of that first meeting? What was discussed?
    Notte: At the meeting I sat in, they talked a lot about not wanting to duplicate services, not wanting to pay an additional person to do what someone in Burlington was already doing.
    We want you to foot the bill as much as possible.


  6. mjazzguitar said

    When the community becomes adversely affected, they should not hesitate to sue the mayor and refugee company responsible. I’d like to see how Rutland is doing a year or two from now.


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