Guest comment: Hannity interview explains why refugee flow so dangerous to us

Editor:  From time to time I post guest columns from readers.  Although a few days late, this is a very welcome piece.  I heard the interview live driving through South Dakota the other day and thought—you must all hear this!  Thanks to reader Julia for being on the same wavelength and sending me her comments. (Emphasis is mine)

Rich Higgins and Raheem Kassam Warn Against the Inflow of Refugees

Sean Hannity questioned Rich Higgins and Raheem Kassam on his radio show about “why President Obama is insisting 10,000 ‘refugees’ from the Middle East [be] brought immediately to America, and why Democratic nominee Hilary[sic] Clinton advocates increasing numbers by ‘500 per cent'” in light of the non-stop killing, raping, and groping by refugees and migrants in France, Germany, and Belgium and when Obama’s advisers say that terrorists may infiltrate the refugee population.

Higgins is a former official with the Department of Defense’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office & Irregular Warfare Support Program. Kassam is Editor-in-Chief at the Breitbart London bureau.

Behind bars in France, Marxist, Carlos-the-Jackel married his French lawyer in a Muslim ceremony.

As to Hannity’s question, Higgins answered, “I think that they’re so keen to have them coming in here because their Muslim Brotherhood advisers are telling them that is best for the West.”

Kassam added that “powerful liberal open borders activists such as George Soros” were responsible as well. His message to them: “it’s very hard to fight for social justice if you’re dead.”

“‘And the most galling element of it,’ [Kassam] continued, ‘is that we have the BBC, and the New York Times, and Sky News (editor note – Rupert Murdoch), and all of these other guys who are basically saying: ‘well, a backpack killed these people, a machete killed them.’ No. These are Syrian migrants who have faked being refugees. Some of them have been turned down in terms of asylum status, and they happen to have bombmaking knowledge and explosives at the same time?”

Higgins emphasized that the “outcome of this enemy isn’t just the killing, it is the political [expansion] of the shariah law, of Islamic law, in the west and we see our media compliant with Islamic law already – they won’t tell us the truth about it.” Higgins continued his warning:

“[and] to build on [Kassam’s] comments on the Socialist-Islamist nexus, in 2003, Carlos the Jackal, the Terrorist, in his book Revolutionary Islam said that only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States and what we see happening right now is that de facto alliance – both in the tactical sense – in the neighborhoods where these NGOs are working with these refugee groups – they’re not actually refugees, they’re immigrants or Muhajirun is the more appropriate technical term for them and this is all part of the Hijra . . . Hijra is a term from Islam . . . this is a Hijra – it is an act of moving here – they call it the process of settlement – they are not coming to immigrate and to actually become Americans or to subscribe to the Constitution – they’re coming here as a process of settlement.”

When the Obama administration says ISIS is on the run because it may have lost some “occupied territory” or lost “some leaders to drone strikes”, read what “Carlos the Jackal” surmised below and realize that ISIS is adaptive and “the only destination to which [it is] on the run is the next step in [its] strategy or the next attack . . . and [w]e have to stop falling into the ‘lone wolf’ trap, the insistence that if [ISIS] leaders aren’t texting instructions to [its] operatives, an attack somehow has less strategic importance or is not directly connected to [its] . . . plan.”

“Carlos the Jackal”

“Carlos the Jackal” a/k/a Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, is “a Venezuelan now serving a life sentence for murder in France,” He “saw that only revolutionary Islam could recruit the large numbers of killers and martyrs necessary to destroy the United States.”

“Carlos had also concluded that the United States could not be destroyed by any military rival. What was needed was a campaign of terror . . . [and] that terrorism is ‘the cleanest and most efficient form of warfare.’ By killing civilians, he argue[d], the terrorist saps the morale of the enemy and forces its leadership to submit to the demands of the revolution or surrender.”

“. . . [Carlos] dwell[ed] on the necessity for all Muslim men to grow beards and all Muslim women to wear the “revolutionary” head-cover (the hijab) invented in Lebanon in the 1970s. He sa[id] that beards and the hijab can be used as tools of terror, to dishearten the Americans by reminding them that “their enemy Islam” is in their midst.” See. See also.


Editor: So the question we (who understand this) have is this:  They are telling us that they are coming for us, so why don’t more people believe them?

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20 thoughts on “Guest comment: Hannity interview explains why refugee flow so dangerous to us

  1. They are all over the place, Ann. How can anyone not make note of it? While driving through Evanston (Illinois), I have often noticed a building called Ahlul Bait Center with hijab-wearing women entering it and decided to look it up. Apparently this is a Shia-Muslim center with 150 member families primarily from Iraq. Along the same street (Main Street) there is a Hebrew school and I often see yarmulke-wearing men walking with their families. How in the blazes are these groups supposed to co-exist? I saw a woman in a full black burqa on the corner of McCormick Blvd. and Main Street last week to my absolute shock. You would have to be blind not to notice that these people that have sprung up everywhere.

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    1. I’m not sure what you mean. Do you take a link from RRW, place it on facebook and it doesn’t share? or when you click the facebook symbol at the bottom of one of my posts, it doesn’t go to facebook?


      1. When I click the fb symbol on those posts. Also Jamie Glazov. About 3 weeks now. I use an ipad. I,ve tried restarting it but fb still tell me they are working on it. These days, its not paranoia anymore. Its reality. :/


        1. I suppose it was just a matter of time. Try just copying and pasting the link into facebook and see what happens…


  2. Ann, China just lit up the Western sky with a rocket’s re-entry leaving a glowing trail for viewers in New Mexico, Arizona amazed. China has rockets and they are streaking across OUR American skies? Could this be a warning?

    This Islamic migration is no religious war, it is the United Nations “income equalization” plan and Open Borders combined. The poorest peoples are being sent here, to soak up the money we Americans have “too much of”, according to the very Communist U.N. These people are not only un-hireable because their skills if any consist of such gems like “vegetable kiosk salesman” or “sandal repairman”. They upon landing here are given HUB grants- this is free funding for small business that we as citizens can not have, this is why we see so many small shops owned by foreigners who just got here. They act as if their cultural norms promote frugality and “hard work”. Nonsense! The media portrays them as “giving back to the community”, the exact opposite of the facts, as they take FROM the community by being given free of charge an entire small business that our taxes paid for. OUR taxes. Our bridges are falling apart, our roads full of potholes, yet they give free money to individuals who are illiterate and think the theory of electricity is by “magic”.

    The reason why eastern nations are so backward- look at sub-Saharan Africa, or some of the SE Asian nations (Burma, Tibet) even much of Latin America, is not the lack of money- as they’ve been given billions in aid, is actually because of their culture. We in the West reap the benefits of the highest form of technological advances because of.. wait for it.. Christianity. Sound far-fetched? Think Newton. Copernicus. Kepler, et al. Reason being Christianity promotes scientific thinking, as our great thinkers of history knew that the universe worked in a system of order, not the result of “moody vengeful gods”. Our Christian heritage also shuns revenge, shuns greed, avarice, and does not make money our God. It is a system of Honesty, Integrity, and that hard work and fairness are the seeds of success.

    Contrarily, Eastern cultures view plagiarism as a skill (China). Lying- dishonesty, is allowable of furthering one’s mission (Islam).

    We as a nation are eager to believe people- it is a form of politeness. If someone tells us they came to our great nation to become a better person, to help their poor children, WE BELIEVE THEM. Our culture dooms us, as we take things at face value. We cannot fathom that people are LYING TO US.


    1. You are exactly right… even if we aren’t Christians or Jews, Americans grew up with the admonishment—though shalt not lie! So as you say! We cannot fathom that people are LYING TO US.


    2. Some of these refugees are extremely arrogant. Just a few days I was at my family member’s apartment where 2 refugee families are housed (thanks to World Relief). I was standing outside the building talking to my family member when I was approached by one of the refugees (or at least friend of one of the refugees because he was talking to some of the refugee kids) who said he was locked out of his apartment (at a different entrance) and wanted my family member to unlock the exterior door for him. I told him that the keys for different doors were not the same, and he became very belligerent and kept arguing that they were the same. Then he told me basically to shut up because I didn’t live in the building and he was talking to my family member who did. I strongly told him that he needed to call the building manager if he wanted to get in, making it clear that we had no intention of unlocking the exterior door, so he left. We didn’t even know if the guy lived in the building at all. There have recently been loud arguments between the building manager and one of the refugee families, with the building manager saying things like, “This isn’t your apartment. You don’t pay for it.” I hope situations like this discourage landlords from leasing apartments to organizations like World Relief, although World Relief is desperately seeking landlords to work with (according to their website).


        1. Here you go:

          The appeal is at the bottom under “How can you help — Have a housing lead?”

          In the “interview” article, they state that “What we need most are connections with landlords who are eager to provide housing to refugees. Although refugees typically arrive with few material possessions or financial wealth, they are a resilient group and become valuable members of their neighborhoods and communities.”


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