Guest post: Hiring Muslim refugees is legally risky! Why? because CAIR is watching!

Editor:  I’m grateful for guest columns because as you know I am traveling for a month to visit refugee hot spots and although the trip is beyond my wildest expectations in what I am learning and who I am meeting, I am only disappointed that I don’t have more time to write. This is a guest column by reader Linda and an example of the great investigative work by Americans volunteering their time and talents around the US!

On June 29th this blog described a report from Reuters that stated that the White House would be launching a “Call to Action” to encourage American companies to commit to employing refugees. This “call” is in collaboration with the UN and coincides nicely with the summit on the global refugee crisis that President Obama will be hosting during the UN General Assembly in September.

Since the overwhelming majority of refugees who constitute the current “crisis” are Muslim, it is prudent to look behind the veil of humanitarianism to see just what employing Muslim refugees might entail for U.S. companies.

One very important statistic that potential employers should be aware of is that, despite representing only 1% of the U.S. population, people who practice Islam filed 40% of the religion-based complaints that were filed with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission in 2015.

These complaints range from allegations of denial of employment based on the religion of the applicant, disputes regarding companies’ dress policies, failure to accommodate the needs for multiple prayer breaks during work shifts, to general failures by companies to provide “religious accommodation.”


EEOC graph



A review of a U.S. EEOC January 2016 list of “Resolved Cases Alleging Religious and National Origin Discrimination Involving the Muslim, Sikh, Arab, Middle Eastern and South Asian Communities” revealed some interesting data and facts that should be of interest to all U.S. employers who might find themselves persuaded by the hype from the White House (and by the tax incentives!).

Millions of dollars have been paid by companies small and large as ordered by courts to resolve cases of religious discrimination against Muslims. To cite a few of these cases: $240,000 awarded to two employees of a transport company who refused to transport alcohol because of their religious beliefs and were subsequently fired (the jury felt they should have been reassigned to a less offensive shipment); $44,654 awarded to an applicant who was not hired because she wore a hijab to her interview ($25,671 to the applicant for back pay from the job she didn’t get and $18,983 to the EEOC for costs); several cases of employees who claimed discrimination because they were not allowed to have beards (usually in the food industry or healthcare); many cases of discrimination for not allowing hijabs to be worn in the workplace; numerous cases of alleged harassment by other employees that were not corrected or were ignored by management.

CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is frequently the party that files the claims on behalf of employees and they pressure businesses into accommodating the most trivial of Muslim practices advocated for in sharia law. They have published An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices which I encourage any potential employer to obtain. You can get it by clicking here. You will be amazed at the accommodations you might be expected to provide such as understanding refusal to shake hands with and avoidance of eye contact with members of the opposite sex.

Warning to US corporations large and small!

Think long and hard about the potential risks of employing recent Muslim refugees. It may not be worth the potential tax breaks and good press. CAIR will be watching closely for more opportunities to transform the American workplace through litigation.

Editor:  You must have a look at CAIR’s handbook (again click here).  And, this is what I said about my recent visit to Owatonna, Minnesota.  This is creeping sharia!

And, then ‘oh my gosh’ I traveled to Owatonna, Minnesota where an aluminum window company is being sued by CAIR on behalf of Somalis over the issue of prayer break times.  And, in what can only be called ‘providential’ I met a woman who has followed the conflicts involving the Somalis in Owatonna since Somalis first arrived there in 1992/93!  And, guess what, that is the year the US State Department says the first Somalis went to Minnesota! Their destination was Owatonna!  Now guess who wanted the Somali workers? This same window company now being sued!

We first heard about these CAIR-generated lawsuits back in 2008 with the Minnesota Gold n’ Plump settlement, here.

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  1. Someone should have warned that window company to be careful of what they wish for – they just might get it. Well, it looks like they “got it” alright.


  2. The American people need to understand, Islam cannot be a religion, it is a cult, the American people need to get this defined. This Satanic Quran is a complete Taqiyya. The Satanic Quran was put together to justify the will of this mentally ill population. They cannot fit in with anything else. They need the violence, the killing and maiming. The Satanic Quran gives them the license to feel better. Their excuse is the 71 blow up dolls the Quran claims they will get when they blow up some infidels. No real god would condone such behavior. The Muslims need to call this a religion to fit in with the world. This is their best effort to excuse themselves for being who they are, mentally ill deficient human beings. Someone should do a study on Muslim brains and I am sure you find a difference between a healthy brain and a Muslim brain. Hitler’s brains was looked at for science discovery, Hitler was considered a white Muslim..


    1. The CAIR organization is another ACLU. However, CAIR is for Muslims only. One must question. Is it possible CAIR feels the ACLU is not able to do the job? This Muslim culture the Quran and Sharia Law cannot coexist with the Constitution of the United States. I see the damage done to humanity all over the U.S. and in Europe. The laws of the U.S. protect the freedom of religion. How then can the American people prevent more damage to the humanity of the American people if the Muslim culture is defined as a religion? Redefining the Muslim culture to be a nomad nation hostile to a sovereign country like the U.S. should be recognized as such. Moving the Muslim culture away from this religious definition is a beginning. The American people would then be able to start legislation and at least protect America from further takeover. Every day the American people read how the Muslim culture is taking over the schools, freedom of speech, the government and the politics of the United States. This has to stop, do you agree?


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