Lobbying arm for refugee resettlement contractors wants US to take 200,000 refugees in FY2017

We have written often about the consortium of members of the refugee resettlement industry calling themselves the Refugee Council USA (RCUSA).  Go here for our archive on the group which includes the nine major federal resettlement contractors.

Thanks to reader Joanne for sending this recent statement from their Washington, DC office. They are, needless to say, thrilled that the Obama Administration is going to host a big pow-wow on refugees at the UN in September. (I hope Trump’s people are getting ready for this huge propaganda stunt!)

Melanie Nezer of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (one of nine federal contractors) is the present chair of RCUSA. She says 200,000 is the magic number for 2017.

As you read through this statement, remember that, in recent years, 70,000 was the target number for the refugees to be admitted to the US (from all countries).  In FY2016, Obama is shooting for 85,000 and then he signaled he wanted 100,000 in FY2017 (begins October 1, 2016).  (Yes, he has one more shot at dictating how many we take.)

If re-elected will Speaker Paul Ryan do a thing to stop the funding for this huge new number? Based on recent statements and last year’s actions, that is doubtful!

The Refugee Council USA is urging Obama to go for 200,000 (from all countries) for FY2017!

Refugee Council USA (RCUSA), a coalition of 20 U.S.-based non-governmental organizations dedicated to refugee protection, welcome, and excellence in the U.S. refugee resettlement program, commends the Obama Administration for coordinating the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees that will take place on September 20, 2016.

The Leaders’ Summit, as well as the UN General Assembly Summit on Large Movements of Migrants and Refugees on September 19th, are both critical opportunities for the U.S. and other members of the global community to show collective leadership by taking concrete steps to address the tremendous refugee protection needs that exist around the world, including right here in the Americas. This leadership must be demonstrated through concrete new commitments to expand and strengthen humanitarian assistance to refugees and the host countries carrying a disproportionate responsibility for them. But leadership also means demonstrating a resounding rejection of xenophobic and racist rhetoric that increasingly dominates global discourse around refugees today.

Yikes! So the US won’t be embarrassed in September, they want Obama to propose that 200,000 refugees be admitted to US beginning in October!  And, they want more $$$ for “services.”

The U.S. should commit to provide protection to 200,000 refugees through admission to the United States in FY17 through a combination of traditional refugee resettlement and additional legal, proven and secure approaches. At least 140,000 of these refugees should be resettled through the existing U.S. refugee resettlement program, with the necessary support for receiving and integrating them in American communities. To do any less would represent a U.S. commitment that falls short of the call made by the White House for a collective doubling of resettlement commitments in advance of the Summits.

The United States should also ensure that there is a commensurate increase in the social services and integration support [read TAXPAYER dollars!—ed] that are available to refugees as they start their new lives in this country.

 In addition to higher numbers, the U.S. should also demonstrate a commitment to a more equitable distribution of resettlement opportunities, ensuring that refugees in desperate circumstances everywhere have a chance of accessing this life-saving program.

Go here to read more.

And, remember readers, they NEVER quit!  It is all about changing America by changing the people! So, we can never quit exposing the facts and their real agenda either!

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    1. Thank you! Again, I am so excited that others are now doing blogs/websites!!! Communication is key! We have to reach people even when the likes of Fox News won’t pay attention!

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      1. Ann, I know your on the road. When you get a chance, I could use some tips to finding upcoming “arrivals” . What’s the trick? Also, should I subscribe to local reports like thru a county or . . .? (Calif. has 58.)


        1. Sorry, what do you mean about upcoming “arrivals.” Do you mean which refugees are going to be coming to your town/city? If it is that, it is the biggest secret they try to keep. They don’t want you to know, but these R & P Abstracts I keep harping on do have the answers, if you can get hold of them!

          If that is what you are looking for, let me know!


  1. “And, remember readers, they NEVER quit! It is all about changing America by changing the people! So, we can never quit exposing the facts and their real agenda either!”

    THIS is the bottom line Ann. Thank you for reminding us. And thank you for all you do. You are a great American patriot! Happy motoring! (And stay safe.)


  2. Young White Americans have been thoroughly indoctrinated into accepting the racial dynamics that exist today, but it was the America of 40 to 50 years ago that older Americans remember most fondly. Jared Taylor has a few words to say about that era:


  3. Here’s Linda Hartke’s (LIRS) blog entry begging you-all to plead with Congress to increase funding for refugees before it’s too late.


    Let’s take her links and send the exact opposite message. Details are conveniently given in her “how to” toolkit. We could even use her talking points and replace “increase” with “decrease” and change “my community welcomes refugees” to “my community opposes refugee resettlement, especially without our knowledge or consent.”

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    1. Hello, is this the land of for the people and by the people? The American people need to have a say in this fraud. If the American people are to face the debt and social discourse, we need to have a say in this process.


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