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Refugees should not be a “public charge” says reader

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 4, 2016

Editor:  This is another good guest commentary (two others in the last week may be found by clicking here).  We welcome guest writers because a) the issue is too large for me to cover it all, and b) some great writers and investigators are developing across the country and they need to be heard!  Emphasis below is mine.


by Bob Enos (Willmar, MN)

The tradition of immigration in America historically contains a concept known as the “public charge”. As the purpose of immigration in America was purely to build the American nation, all new entrants have been expected to “sing for their supper”. That is, we were expected to take advantage of the opportunities America provides to build a better life, while not becoming a burden to our fellow Americans.


Today, the public charge concept continues to be an element of federal immigration law, but it has been watered down. It also provides exceptions to certain classes of immigrants.

First, there are myriad forms of taxpayer-funded assistance that our federal legislators have decreed are not really burdensome to taxpayers after all. They include: Section 8 housing; health insurance; food stamps; child care; public schools; and institutionalization.

These non-cash public assistance programs can and often do exceed the low wages that unskilled workers earn, even full-time workers.

Second, under Section 213A of the federal Immigration and Naturalization Act, both refugees and asylum seekers are actually excused and exempted from any federal requirement to be self-supporting! This means that, unlike other immigrant classes who are required to earn a livelihood in order to avoid possible deportation, the refugee has no such worry.

In short, if a refugee is deported, it will NEVER be due to the financial burden s/he places upon the rest of us!

As pressure builds for comprehensive immigration reform, legislators in Washington MUST address (a) eliminating the exclusion and exemption of refugees and asylum seekers from the public charge test, and (b) the expanding the definition of public charge burdens to include not only cash welfare payment, but non-cash assistance as well.

Let me know if you have something you wish to share by responding in a comment to this post.  I’ll contact you and tell you how to send your short submission!

6 Responses to “Refugees should not be a “public charge” says reader”

  1. […] Refugees should Not Be A Public Charge […]


  2. Chuck Wade said


    I wrote a letter-to-the-editor about two of our state senators who actively support the Muslim import business here in Georgia. It is about 500 words long and is another example of “follow the money” that permeates our political process.

    Chuck Wade

    Butler, GA



  3. TwoLaine said

    Back in the day, we didn’t dole out welfare to every Tom, Dick & Sally either.


  4. southofcincy said

    Seems like the no “public charge” requirement for any legitimate immigrant isn’t being enforced the way it used to be. So much for the private details and guts spilled on the Form I-864, Affidavit of Support required paperwork. .

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  5. IMMIGRATION REFORM –the changes we really need.
    By Derby Ulloa——-April 19, 2013
    First of all, rewarding law breakers will only produce more law breakers (illegal aliens). Amnesty did not work in 1986. It will not work now. Below are the needed changes.
    1. Stop chain immigration.
    2. Stop anchor babies.
    3. Stop any welfare and free health care to non-citizens.
    4. Enforce and strengthen current laws with stiffer penalties for those who hire or harbor ILLEGAL ALIENS in any way.
    5. Make E-Verify required, easy and free to all employers.
    6. Use biometric records and tracking for EVERYONE entering the US.
    7. Send those already in jail to secluded detention facilities where they have to do hard labor for their keep as well as make a profit for our government.
    8. Make welfare recipients do the low skilled jobs that illegals are doing now. If you do not work, you do not eat.
    9. Reduce welfare benefits by 50% across the board. There should be a much greater difference between “minimum wage” and getting paid for doing NOTHING. The free markets should set the minimum wage unaffected by the oversupply of illegal aliens.
    10. Start deporting those who have been here the longest. They are the ones who have ignored and broken our laws the most, and seize their assets because those were illegally obtained just as we do with drug dealers (invoke RICO Act). Amnesty is like penalizing someone for not paying his taxes for one year, BUT forgiving those who have not paid for 10 or 20 years.
    11. No more work visas even for skilled workers until our unemployment rate is zero. Microsoft says we do not have enough computer engineers because it can pay a lot less to a Pakistani, Indian or Chinese than to an American citizen.
    12. Saying that illegals are doing the jobs Americans won’t do is a ruse, a lie, it is elitist and racist. This implies that Americans are TOO GOOD to do any low skill jobs, and immigrants are the only ones LOW ENOUGH to do these jobs. Before the flood of illegals, Americans did ALL the jobs. In my city I never saw any MEXICANS working as city GARBAGE COLLECTORS.
    13. Too much immigration DIVERSITY is only Balkanizing our nation. What we need is MORE COMPLETE ASSIMILATION from these immigrants BEFORE they are given citizenship. Even if the liberals, globalists and secularist do not acknowledge it, the fact is that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles by Western Europeans who chose to communicate in English, not in Spanish or any other language. Ours is a Christian-White-English Speaking culture. Those not willing to fully embrace it should not be awarded the honor and privilege of becoming an AMERICAN.
    14. Eisenhower is the last President to truly enforce our immigration laws. Shame on all those who have succeeded him. This includes President Reagan, who signed the ’86 Amnesty Bill to only encourage and produce more ILLEGAL immigration—and now Marco Rubio!

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