The Khan story reminds me of the food stamp fraud stories that so intrigued me

….more investigative work is needed!  And, you can do it!

In the wake of the media fire storm over Donald Trump’s remarks relating to the Khan family, research, like this by Dennis Michael Lynch showed that Khizr Khan has a financial vested interest in helping immigrants get to the US through the little-known Investor Visa programs at the US State Department.

Here is Lynch:

The father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq, who spoke at the Democrat National Convention, is an immigration lawyer who specializes in a visa program that allows immigrants to effectively buy U.S. citizenship with an E-2 or EB-5 visa.

Khan at DNC
Immigration lawyer Khizr Khan at the DNC convention. If Trump is elected one of the first programs to be investigated is the US DOS Investor Visa programs.

Khizr Kahn has been blasting Donald Trump for wanting to wanting to halt immigration from Muslim nations that have links to terror. Even House Speaker Paul Ryan has jumped on the band wagon, claiming it is wrong to apply a “religious test” for immigrants.

In reality, Trump’s policy on immigration has the potential to impact Kahn financially. Khan’s website states that he helps clients with the E-2 and EB-5 programs, which allow foreign investors to buy into U.S. companies. The programs also provide green cards for family members. The website also states that he assists with purchase of U.S. real estate and businesses.

Continue reading here.   And, as you know Khan’s website has been taken down!  See also Breitbart on the news that the website has been removed.

It is through the Investor Visa program that so many US convenience stores and mom & pop gas stations are being bought up by immigrants.  Go to any seedy neighborhood (like the ones I saw in Toledo recently) and there is an immigrant-run convenience store it seems on every block.  There is no way they are all making a living selling bread, milk and cigarettes.

My guess is that many are participating in what is known as trafficking in food stamps.

For years I followed this fraud issue—-trafficking in food stamps—-and finally had to give it up because so much is happening with the refugee program.

Here is one post I wrote in the spring of 2010 explaining how immigration lawyers, like Khan, not only help the ‘investors’ get in to the US, but very often find them the stores to purchase.  (For the E-2 program only a small investment is necessary to buy in to America.)

Now, I am not saying every store owned by an immigrant is running a food stamp scam, but many are!   And, you will see how many if you type ‘food stamp fraud’ in to RRW’s search window.   You will even find some stories about how US food stamp dollars are sent to Muslim countries as well!

(Let me be clear! I am not saying Khizr Khan knows anything about food stamp trafficking or sending US food stamp dollars out of the country!)

I am, however, now renewing my appeal to any wannabe investigator (amateur or otherwise) to dig into this issue and this issue alone—Investor Visas and Food stamp fraud!—it is huge!

Find the link between the program and stores busted for food stamp fraud!


20 thoughts on “The Khan story reminds me of the food stamp fraud stories that so intrigued me

    1. I’m convinced there is another part of the scam and that is that there are investors elsewhere in the world who have the start-up capital for those they are grooming to set up these stores (that then ultimately scam the US taxpayer). I have even joked that there are probably classes taught throughout the middle east on how to do this ‘work.’

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  1. To buy into US companies sounds so innocent until you understand the entities they are buying are going into your homes and learning all about you. Like franchises for Moving Transportation. Think of any or every contact you have with a contractor or subcontractor that has a national reach. Do I have to say, Trash pickup services? The things you assume unimportant, irrelevant to any normal person are easy access to your lifestyle and privacy for them.

    Not all, certainly there are an abundance of Muslims who would like nothing better than to assimilate as Americans. However if they need a Khan, those Muslims will be doing their darndest to keep the Imams in a place of control over all of them.

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  2. Since Mr. Khan says he’s a loyal American, who obviously left a Shariah compliant country to come here to live under our Constitution, which he also claims to revere, despite being wrong about what the Constitution says about immigration and 1st Amendment protections, he needs to be asked why he objects to stopping immigration and resettlement of people who are highly likely to believe Shariah takes precedence over, and must replace, the Constitution, especially considering Shariah law says his loyalty to America and the Constitution makes him an apostate? Why would he take issue with someone trying to protect the Constitution he reveres, and Americans, including protecting him and his family from the death penalty of apostasy? He should also be asked if he rejects Shariah law. If you’re going to be an apostate, you might as well go whole hog and tell the whole world you are no longer a Muslim. It’s not possible to reject Shariah and still be Muslim, according to Shariah. So is he or isn’t he?

    There are holes big enough in Khan’s story to drive a dozen Mack trucks through.

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      1. Seriously? Wow. Other than he told a whopper, did he just call Mohammed and Allah liars? Is there an 800 number we can call to inform a humorless mullah about this? You know, like 1-800-get-fatwa?

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  3. Dot by dot start to appear. Consider fact dot that Missoula MT, both city of and county of have become “welcoming centers” for refugees. Then add this fact dot: Foreign investors fund Missoula Sawmill District projects

    Finally(for now) this fact dot: City may require $3 million assurance that pharmacy portion of Merc is saved | Local |

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  4. How in heck did this story get so convoluted? First, Trump said nothing about Khans son or his service. His comments were directed at the parents! Did anyone bother to listen to his comments? Obviously not if you listen to MSM! Second, why is it ok for Clinton to call another GSM a liar? Anyone that buys into anything the MSM pukes up over the next three months, has to be very ignorant or just blind with liberal kool aid!

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    1. Kahn’s a lawyer, who lured Trump into several sophist traps. His first fallacious premise was he was more noble than Trump. Second, that he knew more about the Constitution because he had a pocket-size Constitution, the kind the Tea Party made chic, implying that he valued its legal genius. Both tenuous positions, in light of what we now know. Not sure about you, but the oh so supremacist manner he jabbed that index finger of his as he made each point, with an unnervingly intense thrust, revealed more about his character than anything he said.

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      1. You’re right, Murlimews. Khan exposed more about himself than Trump, though I wish Trump wouldn’t take the bait. He should respond, but Twitter’s not the best venue. I wish Trump had just expressed his sympathy about the Khan’s son, then said he didn’t understand why Mr. Khan, a loyal American who’s rejected Shariah law, has a problem with his position. Frame his comments as questions. Turn the tables. Let these people defend their contrived positions.

        Khan doesn’t reject Shariah law and is actively facilitating the hizrah and imposing Shariah. His constitution is Shariah law. Anyone with a modest understanding of Islam, common intuitiveness or ability to use logic quickly caught on to Mr. Khan’s loyal-American routine. Most people already know Islam employs deceit to advance itself. Kahn is just another devout stealth jihadist, a con, with a front to make it look legitimate and altruistic.

        I think this was what Trumps’s question about the wife was about, but it was the wrong avenue. Don’t focus on the person or people. It’s too subjective and fraught with emotion. The right focus and questions exposes an ideology that requires deception and violence to survive and advance. Islam can’t stand on its own merits. If it could, it wouldn’t need the sword or the lies. It wouldn’t need to teach its captive adherents a false, arrogantly blind supremacy either.

        Trump is capable of forcing them into exposing themselves and Islam, but he (and we) can’t let them divert attention away from a truthful examination of the irrationality, the hate, the violence and the institutionalized deceit that is Islamic doctrine. That’s “the conversation”, as progressive leftists like to say, we must have.

        If we really want to help Muslims, we free them from enslavement to violence and deceit by telling the truth about Islam and by refusing to be manipulated, no matter how Alinsky or Mohammed they get.

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    1. CORRECTION. The UNIParty and the media are trying to con us. It’s all NOISE created by the UNIParty to drown out the failure the other campaign is. Low energy, small crowds. It’s a sleepfest! They can only prop it up by bringing in the “celebrities” and bringing down TRUMP any way they can. Media is ALL IN the tank for the Shrill, and po’d they aren’t getting any ad revenue from TRUMP.

      Nothing po’d me more than this though:

      ShrillBillary gets a pass even with the VFW.

      Fight back with the truth! There is plenty at CTH on the Khan Con.

      96 Hours of Stunning Globalist Panic Continues – Tick Tock, Tick Tock…
      2 Aug 2016
      by sundance

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      1. I cannot fully disagree with you. But that doesn’t negate my comment. I WAS sticking to topic as presented. I could have gone much further than you, highlighting the Satanic NWO and its precursory-stepchild, the UN. But, again, I was sticking to topic, not subscribing to an open-forum. That said, I thank and appreciate the service of all of you, as well as our active and retired military.

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          1. Thank you for your kind reply. I can never thank and pray enough for all of you who have served, or are serving, sacrificed, or have sacrificed, or are retired–as well to those blessed families behind you. In Christ, Allen.

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