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UN: no joint agreement reached on apportioning resettlement numbers by country

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 4, 2016

…But, those pushing the no-borders agenda are still hopeful that the special Obama-led Pow-Wow in New York in September will result in commitments for numbers of migrants individual countries will pledge to permanently admit.

I’m emphasizing the word ‘permanently’ because I still run into people who think we admit refugees on a temporary basis and that we send them home when the turmoil in their home country is over.  That is not so—refugees, asylees and even those here on Temporary Protected Status rarely go home (except to visit! which begs the question about their supposed persecution at home!).

Obama and UN seal

Get ready for massive PR campaign around UN in September when Obama hosts refugee resettlement pow-wow. A time for people with our concerns to counter their propaganda?

Here is the latest on efforts to try to get commitments out of countries either roiled by the migration invasion or deep in election-year politics.

We aren’t agreeing to anything say world leaders!

From The Guardian:

World leaders are set to reject a concrete target for the number of refugees that should be resettled within developed countries, dashing hopes of a solution to the world’s unprecedented displacement crisis.

Before a landmark conference in September, negotiators from every UN member country have failed to agree on a promise to share responsibility for 10% of the world’s refugee population, and postponed the completion of a new global refugee deal for another two years.

With the number of refugees and displaced people around the world at an all-time high, campaigners had hoped that an international conference on refugees and migrants in New York would enable world leaders to agree a new mechanism for sharing refugees.

O-man to the rescue.  I sure hope the Trump campaign is paying attention and getting ready for the propaganda onslaught the Obama UN event will be generating.

But others still see September’s UN summit as a missed opportunity, with a decision on changes to the global refugee regime postponed to 2018. Attention now turns to another refugee-themed summit in New York scheduled for the same week in September, when leaders invited by Barack Obama will be invited to make individual resettlement pledges – as opposed to making collective ones.

There is also a mention in this article about how the International Organization for Migration (a huge NGO that prepares refugees for their trip to America, among other things) is now going to be moved in to the United Nations.  I don’t know what that means other than to assume it means even more control of the US refugee program from within the United Nations.

Be ready!

Note to concerned citizens: the UN General Assembly convenes on September 13th.  I could not quickly find the date for Obama’s special refugee confab, but assume it will be in the first part of September.

This would be a good time to generate media campaigns in your states to counter what surely will be a mainstream media effort to support Obama and Hillary’s lust for more third worlders to be resettled in small town America!

Notably, also in September, Obama is required to send his final determination letter to Congress with the number of refugees he proposes for FY2017 (yes, he has one more opportunity to open the flood gates).

6 Responses to “UN: no joint agreement reached on apportioning resettlement numbers by country”

  1. […] remember that September is crunch month as Obama does his UN gig and sends his final determination (for how many refugees we will take) to […]


  2. […] UN: no joint agreement reached on apportioning resettlement numbers by country August 4, 2016 […]


  3. Ann- I do not know how to contact you directly- ” LONDON (AP) — A Norwegian teenager of Somali origin is suspected of going on a knife rampage through London’s tourist hub of Russell Square, killing an American woman and injuring five other people, police said Thursday.” Our media is probably not reporting this at all, or stating that it was a Norwegian responsible for it but not admitting it was a Somali.


  4. Do you know Ryan’s wife, Janna Little Ryan….this is the first I’ve read about her.

    Why aren’t we told about this by MSM ?…..we are kept in the dark. Do all these cheeseheads in WI know her? I doubt it.

    “Not quite there yet” Ryan needs to go. He wants MORE Muslim immigration &TPP. He’s dangerous.

    Paul Ryan is married to Janna Little Ryan, a flaming left wing liberal progressive, anti-Constitutional, big government George Soros supporter who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice. Since Paul Ryan is so desirous of pleasing Barack Hussein Obama, perhaps pillow talk means more to him than the country. [Link]

    Read more:

    GOOD ARTICLE now you can see who wears the pants in that family
    Paul Ryan, Refugee Resettlements and Open Borders
    Ryan has secretly been working behind the public’s back to round up enough votes to fully fund Obama’s increase of refugees from 70,000 to 85,000 this year, and 100,000 next year…….
    by Kelleigh Nelson

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