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Top posts for the last week, and road trip news

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 5, 2016

shutterstock_269296442I can hardly believe it! I have been on the road for 3 weeks today, have made stops in 8 states and have put over 4,000 miles on my car!  In nine more days I’ll be home in Maryland.

The trip to see some refugee overloaded towns (and some proposed resettlement sites) has been beyond my wildest expectations in terms of confirming things I already suspected and for learning some new things as well.


I haven’t figured out yet how best to report, but here are a few impressions (broad generalizations!):


  • Refugee resettlement is largely being driven by money! In most places where refugees are deeply entrenched they were directed to a particular site by some industry looking for cheap legal labor.
  • Very often local elected officials are in on it because they too are looking for financial rewards.
  • Those local officials who object are left pretty much in the dark (they don’t know about R & P Abstracts or stakeholder meetings).
  • We have some great activists investigating, comparing notes and becoming ‘community organizers.’
  • Those promoting refugee resettlement have basically two weapons: the first is secrecy in the way they operate. The other weapon they have is that they hide under the white hat of humanitarianism and blast any opposition as racist, haters and just plain mean-spirited.
  • There is fear among people in some of these communities (besides fear of being called racists)—fear for their safety and fear for their children and grandchildren.
  • And, finally one other common thread in many places I visited is that neighborhoods are being changed as Muslims buy up property and put mosques in suburban neighborhoods.

Now to the top three most-read posts of the last week:

Lowell, Massachusetts: Alleged sexual assault by Syrian refugee puts refugee program in the spotlight

Calls for Angela Merkel to step down at huge demonstrations across Germany yesterday

Lobbying arm for refugee resettlement contractors wants US to take 200,000 refugees in FY2017

By the way, top daily posts (those trending are in the right hand side bar).

For new readers! 

I had planned to list some resources here at RRW for those of you visiting for the first time, but I am now out of time because I will be hitting the road again this morning.

If you are new here, visit my FAQs (frequently asked questions) above on the header. Click here. There are important links there to help you figure out what is happening near you. See especially ‘Ten things your town needs to know’ here.

Also, be sure to use the search window! Type in a few key words (start with the name of your state) to see if we’ve previously reported on things where you live.  For past weekly and monthly reports go here.

Apologies as always!  I don’t want you to think I am rude, but I can’t answer all the e-mails I receive!

13 Responses to “Top posts for the last week, and road trip news”

  1. domstudent11 said

    i think the VOLAGs are getting nervous. I have tried several times to post a response on the LIRS blog correcting them on their facts , since they are still claiming that the vetting process is 24 months and that only a “few” refugees get into the U.S. Not only do they not post my response, but now when I enter a comment and press “submit,” it is immediately deleted. (Previously I could see the comment with the words “your comment is waiting moderation.” Now it disappears at once.) I can’t be the only person in the world objecting to their deliberate misinformation. I wish I knew how many other people have tried to post rebuttals that didn’t get through.


  2. bari1951 said

    Reblogged this on Kattukse Vrienden voor Israël.


  3. Fran Volpe said

    Dear Ann,

    You are a true honorable patriot and this world is a better place because of you and your dedication to America, the home of he brave and the free… for now. Thank you for the dedication to educating the world about the real threat to humanity and that is ISLAM!!!

    – My name is Fran, I am a chapter leader for Act for America. I will be sharing much of your work with the chapter at our meeting August 22,2016. I heard you speak at last years’ ACT FOR AMERICA national conference. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do. I live in Des Plaines , IL.. in the most corrupt state in the union.😑 God bless you.

    On Fri, Aug 5, 2016 at 10:38 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “I can hardly believe it! I have been on the road for > 3 weeks today, have made stops in 8 states and have put over 4,000 miles on > my car! In nine more days I’ll be home in Maryland. The trip to see some > refugee overloaded towns (and some proposed reset” >


  4. obama will bring more than 10K by sept 30


  5. calires said

    Hello Ann. You are a trooper in your calling! My family was impacted and I need to write it down before posting it on my blog. It’s quite a story. Teaser: our daughter, a teenager at the time, went to elementary, middle and high school with Somalis.

    Today I nailed down some ref program details esp. California’s State Plan, new page posted. Thank you for your recommendation I found on your site to read the plans.


  6. murlimews said

    I’d love to know more about each state you visited, but you may be waiting to post that when you return.
    One (of many!) things that really disgust me about this devastating ‘refugee’/immigrant boondoggle, is something I gleaned from a Jim Simpson talk: Most of your readers know American taxpayers are footing the bill for refugee resettlement. But because most ‘refugees’ do not earn a decent wage, the taxpayer subsidized their wage gap too. Ergo, these big corporations are pushing out the slightly higher American worker while getting US to subsidize the ‘refugees’ very low wages, enabling big businesses that capitalize on foreign workers, to reap higher profits. Unmitigated chutzpah.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      You got it! That is exactly what is happening, so don’t let anyone tell you this is about humanitarianism! I haven’t written much about what I am seeing because my mind is blown and I don’t know how to best get the information out. It is really the broad themes that I am getting clear in my mind. Each location requires in depth investigative work that I think the local citizens are beginning to do.


  7. I was thinking about starting several new VOLAGS, and can’t wait to receive all the Obama Administration cash for encouraging communities to accept new refugees. And, I’ll wager that I will be able to surpass the others in short order,
    as a matter of fact I will guarantee that I will do so.

    Yazidi Resettlement Agency, Kurd Resettlement Agency, Muslim Apostates Resettlement Agency For Middle Eastern Women, Middle East Christian Resettlement Agency, Infidel Defense Resettlement Agency, etc., etc. Next we’ll do United Kingdom Caucasian Resettlement Agency, ditto France, Germany, etc. These are just a few. there’ll be more as the idea catches on, and before Obama, George and the Brotherhood Boys find ways to stop such blasphemy!!!

    I had the idea several months ago, but didn’t get serious until I read a report the other day that indicated that 3783 Syrians were admitted to America recently. The score – 3760 Muslims, 23 Christians!!!

    It’s a winner, towns all over the USA will be clamoring to donate to the cause and eager to get on the bandwagon.
    You can start the ball rolling with a $100 check, more or less, or money order donation to The Fresh Idea Company, 4813 Vera Cruz Drive, Garland, Texas 75043. I’ll personally guarantee that you will be kept updated on how the money will be spent, and any disagreement will insure the return of your donation.

    Exposure of the giant VOLAG racket, religious discrimination, injustices, etc., will be the first order of business, and the establishment of partner refugee agencies in the respective countries will be a priority ASAP.

    If you think this is a joke, don’t participate. If you want to be a part of a life-saving experience, an original idea that actually begins to reverse the hideous “transformation of America” envisioned by Barack, Hillary, Bill, etc.

    Money back guarantee. We are making immediate application for 501-C3 non-profit status, and will keep you updated.
    Hopefully Lois Lerner is no longer involved.

    The Fresh Idea Company


  8. Ann, you are doing it right, and I laud your courage. Going direct to the areas in question can produce remarkable results. Face-to-face questioning gets down to the nitty-gritty quickly, and the confrontation technique uncovers the real issues, especially from people who don’t really get the real story from the VOLAGS.

    I agree that money is the main motivator, and so many people, (if they throw aside their principles, which shows they really never had any) profit from government paid, sizable subsidies. Newcomers need jobs, (minimum wage jobs, groceries, apartments, cars, insurance, legal help, medical help, furniture, haircuts, mosques, etc., etc., and when they have pockets full of cash, (paid by you and me) every morning is a wonderful new day for towns who had become stagnant, usually from lack of leadership.

    When Phillip Haney announced he was renting a mobile home to do some traveling, I considered getting in touch with him to offer my services to ride “shotgun” with him, do some writing about his experiences, etc. He is someone who I would like to know more about, and his whistleblower temperament is something we can all learn from.

    So, good on you, and I look forward to more of your role-model experiences.

    Gary Henderson


  9. We will end up just like Western Europe. Most will end up on welfare. If Hillary gets in it will escalate as way more invaders flood in. Sooner or later civil unrest (like overseas now) we the U.S. evolves into a third world environment with high crime and police looking the other way. Property values will tank in these areas. Mainline churches are pushing for invader resettlements along with local politicians getting grant money and pay offs for allowing them in their communities.


  10. mikekiljom said


    Shared to both my PUBLIC fb page AND City of Dayton,, OH where our mayor is secretly bringing in the refugees in droves!!!! with my added comments:




  11. conprof said

    Great work, Ann – while Republicans are virtue signaling and Democrats are gaslighting, you just keep trudging on, exposing what is hidden and standing up for local folks.


  12. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


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