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Fox News on the refugee program: are we breaking through to mainstream media?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 10, 2016

I know that Fox News does occasionally report on the US Refugee Admissions Program, but not enough in my estimation. All of the heavy lifting in getting news out is falling on alternative media like Breitbart and World Net Daily.


The latest arrest in Twin Falls: Is he a resettled refugee? Why is he in Twin Falls?

Here is a recent piece by Melissa Jacobs for Fox News. There is nothing groundbreaking in the report but a couple of key points are mentioned (and that is a beginning for Fox).

One is the point that I have had confirmed over and over again in my travels. (I am almost done with my monthlong tour of American towns troubled by the secretive influx of refugees mostly to work for large manufacturing companies looking to keep their labor costs low by encouraging the resettlement of third world workers.)

Conclusion: The program is being driven by big business (meatpacking, manufacturing and other food processing) seeking labor.  Get the notion of humanitarianism as the main driver out of your heads!

The other point mentioned in here is the issue of refugee crime (see the latest just yesterday from Twin Falls, Idaho, here). There is so much Congress could do to tweak this program since they are too chicken to really attempt to reform it and sadly now that Speaker Paul Ryan has survived his primary fight expect more refugees next year and NO reform.

One thing Congress could attempt in a series of tweaks would be to create a data base for refugee/immigrant crimes.  As it stands now one is left guessing about immigration status every time someone with an African, Asian, or Middle Eastern name is arrested. How will we know if the much ballyhooed vetting works if we don’t have any record of the crimes committed by refugees?

Here are Jacobs’ opening paragraphs—it is about money!

Zeze Rwasama’s Idaho nonprofit gets $900 a head to meet Syrian refugees at the airport and help them adjust to their new lives in America, but some critics say the rush for federal tax dollars could put local communities at risk.

As director of the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center, Rwasama is part of a broad network of contractors, faith-based organizations and charities working with the State Department to screen, transport and assimilate U.S.-bound refugees. They have played a vital role in bringing nearly 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. over the last 12 months, a number slated to rise dramatically next year.

“We Americans are saving lives,” Rwasama, himself a Christian refugee from Rwanda, told “Because of my taxpayer dollars, they have a safe place to live.”

Critics of the vetting process say such organizations also have a duty to the unsuspecting communities into which they introduce potentially dangerous strangers. Several state lawmakers told the government’s push to expand the program have created a taxpayer-funded gold rush that could expose cities and towns across America to crime and even terrorism.

Continue reading here (seems to be a strangely edited piece).

RRW has a ‘crimes’ category here where you can find additional refugee crime stories.  The 1,997 posts archived there include news from, not just the US, but from around the world. Happy reading!

7 Responses to “Fox News on the refugee program: are we breaking through to mainstream media?”

  1. […] Isn’t this a clever idea? It’s so clever that world leaders like Angela Merkel are bringing in the masses in the middle of the night to avoid press and criticism…Do you think Obama has also done this? We’d have to say that Obama is bringing “refugees” by the thousands to America from the Middle East BUT he’s doing it right out in the open. Refugee Resettlement agencies get paid per-refugee so this is big business!  Is America a human trafficker now? Refugee Resettlement Watch has more information on flying in so-called “refugees”. Here’s one snippet from their latest article: […]


  2. Jim Coyle said

    Thank you, Ann, for all you do! May God, not the moon god allah, bless you and provide you with safety and energy! I never dreamed, as a younger person, that our beautiful nation was so driven by corruptable and self-serving politicians that they would sell us out for the almighty petro-dollar. Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves to see all of their work and sacrifice being tossed aside for the sake of so many spoiled politicians seeking victory at any cost in the next election. 😦 …and you may quote me on this. Jim Coyle



  3. sidefxny said

    Dear Ann- if Trump ever gets elected he should create a Cabinet level post just for you. You are a one woman fighting machine when it comes to the injustices that are being perpetrated on the American people vis a vis immigration, legal or otherwise.

    You have given many of us an education that we otherwise would not have had. Your work is meticulously researched and I have yet to see anyone prove you wrong.

    God bless you and have a safe trip.

    All the best,


    Liked by 2 people

  4. June said

    did you see these a little over a month ago? Exclusive: The efforts to stop ISIS recruitment

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    Farris is at FOX news and use to live in Minnesota Bill O’Reilly: The Contributing Factor – Podcast: Harris Faulkner on ISIS recruiting in Minnesota

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  5. […]… […]


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