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It couldn’t get worse (or could it?) for Twin Falls defenders of the Muslim influx there

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 10, 2016

Bad news is piling up in Twin Falls, Idaho for those who are promoting the ‘sweetness and light’ narrative for the Muslim refugee community there.


I’m traveling with no time for a thorough re-hashing of the news.  So, please first read this incredible story about the latest sexual assault arrest there.

You can’t make this up!  The alleged perpetrator, Mohammed Hussein Ibraheim Eldai, is the same man that local news outlets quoted in a story in the wake of the Orlando Islamic terror attack.

Read Lee Stranahan here at Breitbart!  ‘Accused Twin Falls Muslim Was Used by Media as Example Two Months Ago’

A Muslim Twin Falls man arrested over the weekend and charged with sexually assaulting a mentally retarded woman was quoted by local media in June as representative of Muslims opposing “bad things” and bemoaning the fact that the “picture of Muslims is getting worse.”

Continue here.  He admitted to the sexual assault.

Money! Money! Money!

Then for all of you I’ve been meeting with over the last 3 and 1/2 weeks, through ten mid-western and western states, read this!  

This is Stranahan’s second piece of the day (click here!). Twin Falls is the poster city for exactly what we have been talking about.

Industries in need of cheap immigrant labor are changing the face of America—not as a grand experiment in promoting the joys of diversity and not to help the downtrodden—but to line the pockets of those running large global corporations (with the help of ‘charities,’ the US State Department and the blessings of lackeys in local government).

Be sure to see the list of all the food processing companies descending on southern Idaho.

Go here for our archive on Twin Falls.  It goes back to early 2015 when the new mosque was being trumpeted in the local newspaper.

16 Responses to “It couldn’t get worse (or could it?) for Twin Falls defenders of the Muslim influx there”

  1. […] It couldn’t get worse (or could it?) for Twin Falls defenders of the Muslim influx there […]


  2. […] It couldn’t get worse (or could it?) for Twin Falls defenders of the Muslim influx there […]


  3. […] It couldn’t get worse (or could it?) for Twin Falls defenders of the Muslim influx there August 10, 2016 […]


  4. […] posts so that you will be sure to see them.  This is a comment from Jon Lolliger in response to my recent post about Twin Falls, […]

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  5. Oh Zone said

    Should we trust the food they “process”?


  6. kerberos616 said

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  7. Ann, it’s clear you’re a right-wing nut job, with racist, bigoted views about people who aren’t like you; i.e., from a different county, ethnic group, and religious beliefs. You’re a coward with paranoid delusions, spreading fear and hatred, and you hide behind your alleged blog because you’re afraid of criticism from people who don’t share your warped worldview. No matter, I can find out exactly where you live, and then you shouldn’t be surprised when people show up at your home in large numbers and take you to task for your un-Christian attitudes and views.

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    • Lolliger,
      It’s singularly tragic you’re unwilling to appreciate reality by opting to live in fantasy land. And as is typical of brainwashed left wing types, you’re veiled threat against the person of Ms. Corcoran is not only offensive but criminal. I’d be careful were I you.
      Finally, the first step to restoring one’s mental health is to admit one has a problem, something you and your fellow ninnies on the left are incapable of doing. And so goes our country, security and Constitution. You and your ilk are truly the enemy within.
      Note: this comment is from a guy who has very closely, successfully and compassionately resettled refugees for over 30 years and whose resettlement program was, before my retirement, rated by the “big 9” as the best and most innovative resettlement program in the country.

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    • 7delta said

      Dear Jon, it’s clear that you’re so confused by misinformation, you’ve become a narrative parrot, without any true understanding of Islam. Unfortunately, you have been mislead into believing that making decisions based on emotion, projection and the self-gratification of waving around the flags of virtue signaling somehow makes misinformation true. As delightfully superior as those pretty flags make misinformed people feel, the returns from directing a ship flying a deceptive flag into your harbor are always…not pretty. The talking points and memes of Islamic apologists and their kuffir tools are not authoritative. Straight from the horse’s mouth is. What does Islam say when speaking to its believers, not when addressing silly Western virtue-flag-waving infidels?

      Please allow me to help you out. I’ve done my homework for years and continue to do it daily. I’m delighted to share a little with you to encourage you to strike out on your own path to truth. I’m also perfectly willing to help you to find original authoritative sources.

      If Mohammed and Allah, the only two consistently reliable sources about what Islam believes, say something like:

      “kill the infidel where you find them…”

      that deceit is not only acceptable, but obligatory to advance Islam, to protect oneself when a minority, or to gain entry into the enemy’s camp…

      that Mohammed was the most perfect of men and as such is the model for every Muslim, and that in knowing this fact and what Mohammed said and did, as recorded in the Hadith and Sira, and what Allah said in the Qur’an, we know that ISIS hasn’t done one single thing Mohammed didn’t do and that ISIS’ interpretation is correct and reflective of mainstream, orthodox Islam, Sunni and Shia, despite minor differences that prompt them to kill one another, but does not prohibit them from uniting against the enemy infidels …

      that Islam is dualistic and can hold two opposing concepts as true at the same time, AKA as cognitive dissonance, which explains why the warm, fuzzy “can’t we all just get along, you have your god, I have mine” suras (verses) of the Meccan period are abrogated by the Medinan period’s violent conquest suras, when they conflict, yet both are still “true”…

      that jihad is fighting the infidel until they proclaim there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger or they submit and feel themselves subdued (to Shariah law) and pay the jizya (excessive tax levied on dhimmis, unbelievers) and that there is no Shariah definition or recognition of jihad being an “inner struggle”…

      that the penalty for apostasy, leaving Islam, is death…

      then Mohammed and Allah are “shahih”, true and accurate.

      I’m certain you don’t intend to be grossly misinformed, inflammatory or yes, threatening to Ann, so surely, you will hasten to correct your misunderstandings, as any reasonable, enlightened person who values the truth would, which I’m sure you are and do. I know you wouldn’t dream of calling Ann “un-Christian” under such circumstances that only you can rectify.

      A coward, Jon, is someone who refuses to accept a truth that conflicts with their preconceived idea or someone who refuses to stand up in protection of themselves or someone else. Cowardice is fear of all sorts of things, but it’s especially entrenched when someone’s self-image is threatened. Ann is certainly not a coward. She’s been attacked and threatened by much more adept mouthpieces, whether merely misinformed or genuinely subversive. Both are equally dangerous to your good health and happiness, as well as every other non-Muslim and to the small minority of Muslims who would leave Islam or reform it, if they were able to live through it. I know you don’t have any desire to cause harm to yourself or anyone else and are brave enough to face the truth. Certainly, someone, like you, with such passion for “right” will eagerly undertake serious study of Mohammed and Allah’s Islam.

      No one likes to be made a fool of by dishonest people they have inadvertently placed their trust in, which is why it’s imperative that you immediately go to Islamic sources, sources that address its followers, such as the Qur’an, the Hadith,and Sira. I also recommend including “Reliance of the Traveller” (2 L’s) which is a good place to start in understanding the different periods of the Qur’an and the supporting scholarly consensus, which is authoritative and in line with Mohammed and Allah. You can take these sources to the bank.

      If you refuse the opportunity to seek truth on your own, if you find it too much work or too threatening to the safety of your virtuous color-guard routine, then you, Jon, are the coward. I’m certain that’s not the case, but it’s important to gently remind people who mean well that a well is also a hole in the ground that is very unpleasant to fall into.

      Best of luck to you, Jon. Please let me know if I can be of any help.


  8. There should only be Muslims here saying Thomas did no lie saying my Lord and my God to Jesus being disgusted with obeying Allah a universe destroyer teaching them to complain, endlessly.


  9. The Black Board said

    I would suggest we stop saying these companies “need” cheap immigrant labor; it’s that they “want” cheap immigrant labor. Cheap for them, astronomically costly by every measure for the rest of us. We need to use our purchasing power and stop buying or patronizing companies that don’t hire American (native and long-ago naturalized). Anyone with a comprehensive list to share, please reach out to me –

    Given the endorsement of Trump for Paul Ryan it will soon not matter which candidate is elected president, we’re screwed as Mr. Ryan will run his open borders agenda and Trump will need to use all of his political capital just to keep tabs on Ryan.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Good point. I will not use the word “need”!!!


    • domstudent11 said

      You are on to something, The Black Board. I have stopped buying poultry packaged by Tyson and Perdue, Chobani yogurt, and Smithfield brands of meat. Instead we buy grass-fed beef, free range eggs, and organic chicken Eat Wild is a great website to find local producers in your state:


    • How do you POLARIZE Minimum Wage Growth and under mind at the polls with masses of 3rd world imported indifference??????????????????????????????????? Take as long as you need………………………..


  10. Lynn Bertrand said

    When are we going to stop importing these savages.

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