Comment worth noting: Ann is a right-wing nut job!

Editor:  Occasionally we post comments as posts so that you will be sure to see them.  This is a comment from Jon Lolliger in response to my recent post about Twin Falls, Idaho.

Right wing nut job
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We will find you…..

Ann, it’s clear you’re a right-wing nut job, with racist, bigoted views about people who aren’t like you; i.e., from a different county [does he mean country?—ed], ethnic group, and religious beliefs. You’re a coward with paranoid delusions, spreading fear and hatred, and you hide behind your alleged blog because you’re afraid of criticism from people who don’t share your warped worldview. No matter, I can find out exactly where you live, and then you shouldn’t be surprised when people show up at your home in large numbers and take you to task for your un-Christian attitudes and views.

Thank you Mr. Lolliger for affirming that we are making progress!

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P.S. Have been on the road for exactly 4 weeks today and have enjoyed every one of you who have graciously shown me around your troubled communities and introduced me to so many wonderful people working hard to save America, Christianity, and Western Civilization!


27 thoughts on “Comment worth noting: Ann is a right-wing nut job!

  1. Ann very proud of you! Missed you when you were in MT, wife was having back surgery. We get called that all the time. I think you should make T-shirts with that logo above and sell them. I’d love one!

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      1. This is all they have—name calling

        Default name calling: The indisputable evidence of not having an argument a sane person will buy. As it happens, most people are sane, contrary to the Gruber Doctrine of Mistaking Arrogance for Brilliance as a Moral Obligation to Misrepresent Sanity as Stupid. As it also happens, due to their loyal adherence to the Gruber Doctrine, they require government subsidies to continue to mistake arrogance for brilliance, since no sane person would willingly give them a dime, so they can think-tank brilliant new phobias, creative mean names and tortured narratives to divert attention away from not having a cogent argument, all because those horrible sane people are just too stupid to be blindly obedient. That’s the Run-On Sentence Summary of Colonel Jessup’s Handling the Truth Doctrine.

        It’s a tough job, ya know, when sane people just won’t cooperate.

        Btw, speaking of blindly obedient, where is Dear Jon? You’d think he’d be eager to defend his brilliant post and why he is qualified to lead a band of the righteously brilliant to storm your barn. Surely, he didn’t use up his entire repertoire in one post? Dare I hope he’s busy researching Islam?

        As a demonstration of our goodwill and since I always have extra words, I’ll be happy to loan Jon some. To start, I offer these useful words: Mrs. Corcoran, after suffering an unexpected moment of maturity that forced me to reflect upon my boorish post, I humbly beg your forgiveness…

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  2. Wow, did he read his last sentence carefully? Ah, his attitude does not sound very Christian like. And EXACTLY what is he going to do when he finds out where you live? He sounds a little scary. He obviously does not understand Islam and it’s end goal. That is the problem with too many people. They do not know enough about the religion to make a proper assessment. If we do not do something to stop this, sheer demographics, over time will take care of the issue and we are toast!

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  3. Hang in there, Ann. Mr, Lolinger, if that is his real name, is a typical, cowardly Left-wing thug. Fear and intimidation are the weapons of these punks and have been since the days of Engels and Marx. Stay true to the truth and trust in God through His son Jesus Christ. All will be well in the end. Your fellow Christians are praying for you!

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  4. Ann, please let the FBI know about this and your local police because this is a direct threat to you! This is CAIR, ISNA, and they have threatened you!!!

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  5. Anne, I’m quite sure that one day Jon Lolliger will wake up to the facts that Radical Muslims are a danger to all. Yes, he will wake up while on his knees with his neck on the chopping block and when the final stroke of the beheading sword touches his neck, Jon will wake up, too late. Head hits the ground.

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  6. Ann, don’t listen to THAT nutcase. You’re worth your weight in gold. You are a patriotic hero who is trying to save the USS Titanic from sinking due to unlimited Third World hostile immigration. Keep up the good work. I read your columns daily. Thank you.

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  7. This guy needs to be reported to the FBI and your local police, Ian. He threatened you. These people are my own, probably sponsored by CAIR or ISNA.

    Please get some protection for yourself. Love & prayers, Mariann Benway

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  8. Your “un-Christian attitudes and views”? Sounds like Mr. Lolliger may be related to Jake and Elwood Blues and is on a mission from God that includes making childish threats about “finding” you. I wonder if he is able to show where in Christian teachings it says a sovereign people have to surrender their sovereignty and culture in order to create what he envisions as being the perfect world. I wouldn’t take him too seriously; he’s but one more multiculturalist – who believes as they all do – that you can say anything you like as long as he agrees with it. And critical thinking is definitely not his strong suit.

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  9. Dear Ann-

    This is exactly the kind of sicko that I am worried about when it comes to your safety. I sincerely hope that you will put discretion over valor and report this person to the police and/or other authorities for harassment and threatening you. This is a very serious matter and I don’t doubt that there are many people of a certain persuasion who would like to see you harmed or worse.

    Like me, you are what many would call a “big dog in a little dog’s body.” We are both women of a certain age, with a great deal of spirit and although I’m sure you are, like me, in good shape, neither of us would be any match for one of these bastards, especially if they have a gun or other weapon.

    Please take care of yourself!! We need you now more than ever. Don’t ever underestimate your enemies.



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  10. I get that ‘right wing nut job’ tag from time to time too, from people whose analysis of politics and social issues is so shallow as to be disregarded. Sometimes wonder how they get through life.

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  11. Wow. Sounds like a threat, Ann. As usual, people who disagree with you don’t have any data to back up their viewpoints, and just choose to throw around words like “racist, un-Christian, coward” etc. I highly doubt that Mr. Hollinger lives anywhere close to refugees or has any contact with them or he might have a different opinion. Perhaps he might like to move into the open apartment in my family member’s building and enjoy cold water for days on end, broken laundry equipment, sewer problems, noise, and loud arguments between management and refugees.

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  12. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the Soros one world multi culti white people replacement program is…hiding – what a joke. He then goes own to threaten you, Anne, l think it’s disgusting! Keep up the good work 🙂

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  13. Ann, didn’t you have the Federal government on your property threatening to take it away from you because the Feds can manage property so much better than a mere citizen can? Didn’t you win that fight with the Federal Government? Hmmmm….I think Mr. Lollinger might want to think over his plans to visit you.

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  14. You sound like my daughter who, when someone descends to the ad hominem, “racist,” replies, “thank you” and ends the discussion. Of course she does; there is no point in having a discussion with someone who cannot give reasons for their beliefs.

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