Aberdeen, SD citizens hear from expert on refugee program, ‘news’ story shows bias

I’m sorry to say I don’t have time to give you all the background of what happened this week in Aberdeen, SD (a city I visited on my travels) as I dash out to my last stop of my 4 week (12 state so far) tour of American cities and towns troubled with a refugee program that is largely aimed at supplying cheap LEGAL immigrant labor to large manufacturing companies and that includes the new (re-opening) meat packing plant in Aberdeen.

Corey Heidelberger
Blogger, progressive activist and candidate for the SD Senate, Corey Heidelberger appears to be working on behalf of the South Dakota meat packing industry as he confronted Branstner. I have a hard time understanding why liberals work with the large multi-national corporations pushing migrant labor on America. Bio here: http://coryheidelberger.com/bio/

See my previous post on Aberdeen by clicking here.

A new ‘pocket of resistance’ is forming there.

Here is a small portion of the story at Aberdeen News (you have to subscribe to see it):

Things got heated at a lecture by Ron Branstner at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Aberdeen on Thursday when Corey Heidelberger defended a piece from his blog, Dakota Free Press, that Branstner critiqued in front of the group of about 200 assembled.

Heidelberger and Branstner began talking over each other, and members from the audience began shouting “get out” to Heidelberger, who is running for state Senate.

This happened during the question-and-answer portion at the end of Branstner’s lecture.

Branstner asked that things not get violent and the crowd quieted down.

The beginning portion of his lecture used a digital slide show as a guide as Branstner spoke off the cuff.
Much of his speech attempted to discredit the U.S. refugee resettlement program, which in South Dakota is run by Lutheran Social Services.

He also spoke out against Islamic groups, President Barack Obama’s administration and illegal immigration.

By the way, I have met Ron Branstner, great guy, and an extremely knowledgeable private citizen who has done his homework about how the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is busy supplying large multi-national corporations with immigrant workers.

One major conclusion for me at the end of my tour—-it is about MONEY! (and it is about producing Democrat voters by shoving diversity down the throats of unsuspecting towns and cities!).

Update August 16th :  For a laugh, see some more on Heidelberger by clicking here.


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  1. 5f5 and I 

    am from Lewiston Maine,  I follow your news letter . I must say I know first hand ..we were inundated  with Somali about 10 ,

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      1. Good question. They appear to be hiding from this particular confrontation. We lived in Portland when PETA almost destroyed an established fir shop downtown. They spit at customers and employees, threw rocks, screamed; on the news every night. The result? The business left town. Yeah, where’s PETA?


    1. Kosher and Halal are NOT the same thing. The words are not interchangeable and the processes are different.
      Kosher ( Jewish ritual slaughter) foremost is insistent in treating all the animals with compassion. They are not allowed to see the blade beforehand, and are calmed. The area is cleaned thoroughly, so no blood of it’s previous occupant is present. The Kosher butcher praises the Almighty for the animal’s sacrifice for our sustenance . I have seen and have known Kosher butchers. I have seen videos of Halal butchering. They are two completely different procedures. In Halal, there toss a sheep, upside down, in the presence of it’s slaughtered and dying herd members, then while a PA system plays a recording of their prayer, slice an animal’s throat. While it continues to struggle, and slowly looses it’s strength another animal is already being presented for the same fate. There is a drain for the blood, but it’s still everywhere. Each animal is frightened and loudly protesting, trying to get away.


      1. Yes, I’m aware of the difference. Be aware, though, that the “halal slaughter” videos you have seen, as have I, are likely in a foreign country, not in the U.S.

        However, keep in mind that the sheer volume of demands for “Halal” slaughter globally dwarfs that of demands for “Kosher.” The global population of Jewish folks is 0.02%. The global population of Muslim folks is 23%. This means that the likelihood of halal meat in our supermarkets dwarfs that for Kosher. Plus, processing and exporting halal meat to Muslim countries is now a big, big, big new and growing market for U.S. meat producers.

        Based on 8 months of my own research I have found:

        1. According to my contact at the Animal Welfare Institute which monitors slaughterhouses for inhumane treatment, most U.S. slaughterhouses use stunning before the kill (the cut) which is humane.
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        2. Muslim certification agencies (listed on my website) express that their goal is to influence U.S. meat producers to not stun cattle.

        I hope this helps readers. Also, I invite you to visit http://thewisershopper.wordpress.com to see my research and happy recipes!


  2. In the last few weeks I have come across two separate articles about the plight of the refugees and how their influx is having a positive effect on the social fabric of this country. The first, surprisingly, was in the middle of the new Ikea catalog. A story about how these refugees fleeing Syria are using Ikean made temporary shelters. one caption reads” Most refugees are not what you see reflected on TV. They’re moms and dads taking their kids across the sea, the ocean and the desert on a very dangerous journey to have a better life”. I was stunned, especially since I had just read a Briettbart story where a village in Sweden was being asked to open their summer homes to the refugees. The second article was from edible-Reno Tahoe, a foodie-organic magazine. This article was about a local farmer bonding with the Muslim community. This farmer helps the Muslims harvest food according to the halal religious practices. These include specific rituals for processing animals, which only are allowed to be performed by a Muslim You would think in our animal friendly society, the liberals would have a problem with slitting an animals throat and allowing it to bleed out while still alive would be considered inhumane. Sorry, I digress, so anyway my point is that it would seems that the Soros, bought and paid for liberal journalists have decided to wage social war on anyone opposed to mass, unregulated immigration. By taking any and every opportunity to paint these refugees in a perfect and innocent context, they are helping to promote a false sense of security through innocuous forms of social media. We must be vigilant in educating our family, friends and anybody who will listen on the real cost of refugee immigration. Just thought I would share my observations. Thanks.


  3. We are the ones accused of being dirty capitalists, but it seems to me that our activism always costs us and theirs does not. They get paid to be activists (often with our tax money) and they help unpatriotic capitalists to get cheap labor at the expense of American jobs, and – big twofer, they create new voters who will keep their Democrat enablers in office.

    They are always calling us stupid; but we are not so much stupid as uninformed. Since they instigate their schemes and the press never investigates, and the Congress never investigates, we only find out what is going on when their schemes come to light, usually by becoming so big that they cannot be ignored.


  4. It needs to be called Slavery in the 21st Century: supplying cheap LEGAL immigrant labor to large manufacturing companies. Doing work that most Americans wouldn’t do because wages are below minimum wage and less benefits.


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