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“Anti-refugee rhetoric” fueling controversy in southern elections

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 13, 2016

So says a publication called Facing South.’

Foreign-born growth_v3

Notice that two of the top three states with the most foreign born population are turning from red to blue, and they have promised to flip Texas one day too. Progressives know that most new immigrants vote D (so they can continue to receive their taxpayer funded services).

I want you to read this story (even if you don’t live in the south).

I found it interesting because of its implication that once again southerners are anti-foreigner, but I do want to make it clear that the concern about pouring third world poverty into any state North, West, East or South is growing, and that it is a concern that was growing long before Donald Trump came on the scene.

Security concerns are also driving citizens to get organized politically as well.

In fact as I wrap up my ‘listening tour’ of the heartland, I can assure you that changing America by changing the people is not sitting well anywhere.

From reporter Allie Yee:

“Southern states like Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama have had some the fastest rates of growth nationally among their foreign-born populations. And while immigrants make up only a small share of most Southern states’ population — and refugees an even smaller share — the arrival of new languages, complexions, cultures and religions has elicited reactions from local communities ranging from wariness to outright hostility and even violence.

The anti-refugee reaction is intertwined with the rise of anti-Islamic sentiment in the region.”

No kidding!

More here.


10 Responses to ““Anti-refugee rhetoric” fueling controversy in southern elections”

  1. […] “Anti-refugee rhetoric” fueling controversy in southern elections […]


  2. 7delta said

    Obviously, Ms. Yee, the woman fronting as the author of this piece, got her talking points from a taxpayer-funded NGO, like Welcoming America, or they’re just the same old narratives, recycled through a volag. That’s all the article is, stale narrative, dependent on vague “facts”, innuendo and emotional blackmail. Perhaps she can cite sources as proof of her accusations that violence and hostility toward refugees is rampant or occurring at all. Disagreement and objections are not hate, hostility or violence. The only violence we’ve heard about was in Orlando, Okla. City, Fort Hood, etc. and it sure wasn’t anybody with a Southern drawl that perpetrated it. If Billy Bob was up to no good, it would be on national news non-stop. Well, there was the stupid guy in Florida that hung bacon on a mosque door. Yeah, what terrible violence. Poor pig.

    It’s also blatantly misleading that she doesn’t note that the majority of the South’s increase in “immigration” comes from illegal aliens, just like lots of other places in the U.S. And we’re terrible, awful, bad people for objecting to the law being broken and the burden it places on citizens?

    I haven’t heard a single soul complaining about immigrants who come here legally to become self-sufficient Americans. If excessive or poorly managed/vetted immigration causes a burden or risks national security, we blame the government for abusing the system, not the law-abiding immigrant that assimilates and wants nothing, but to be an American. Immigrants are held responsible for their own actions, just like everyone else. If they belong to a ideology or group that poses a danger, it’s not our fault and we have nothing to apologize for, if they’re denied entry, as they should be and as government is obligated to do. What a dupe.

    I’m not surprised by the “veritasophobia” of the article, but it did annoy me. Maybe it’s because I’m a Southerner and I know our history from original records. I’m tired of bigots like Ms. Yee and her ideological soulless-mates, whose predecessors were the South’s Problem to start with and are still the same old wolves in sheep’s clothing, just as corrupt and dishonest as ever. Contrary to what they’d have us believe, they were a minority then that cheated their way into power and control of the political system and still are. It took SCOTUS three times to finally break up their rigged system. We’re working on it again.

    I’m also annoyed that a pretty young woman writing for some obscure publication called “The New South” has learned nothing about anybody’s history, but especially horrifying is that she’s learned nothing from “The Old South” or she would know that the only woman to ever look good in draperies was Scarlett O’Hara. Apparently, Ms. Yee doesn’t realize burkas don’t come in green velvet with lovely gold tassels.

    We might appear to be the moonlight and magnolias of a Miss Melly that they can bully into silence and submission with name calling and lies, but they would all do well to remember Miss Melly standing at the top of the stairway with a smoking pistol in her hand and the Yankee deserter that tried to rape Scarlett lying in a pool of blood at Scarlett’s feet. Silly girl. Little does she know that the Southerners, Yankees, Mid-westerners and Westerners, Americans from sea to shining sea, running through their blockades to tell the truth are her Rhett Butlers and Miss Mellys too.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Sorry I’m so late posting comments, but I was busy meeting some great people in Charleston WV yesterday and then I got up early today (did not open computer) and got home this afternoon! One month, 19 states (13 of them with meetings), 6,208 miles on my car ….

      Liked by 1 person

      • 7delta said

        No, it wasn’t you. I was late commenting on this post. It took me a while to rein my lecture into something smaller than “War and Peace.” That girl done gone and ticked me off with her parrot prose of partisan propaganda. Think, do your own research from original sources, hear both sides objectively, then verify their claims or prepare for incoming from the Southern front. We’ve stood down the British, survived Sherman and decades of the Democrat’s stranglehold. This little girl is a gnat, just annoying enough to get the swatter. Just so happens I collect swatters.

        In other news…welcome home! Glad to have you back…so you can watch your barn, just in case Dear Jon and his Righteous Warriors of Nothing Real show up, ya know. Call me, if they do. I’ll throw a bullhorn and ConProf in the car so they can be exposed to the fact that there’s more to righting wrongs than protesting Starbucks being out of low-fat milk.

        Take a nap. Have a good dinner and sleep in your own bed. It’s good to be home.


  3. kerberos616 said

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  4. futuret said


  5. sctknox said

    Take a look at Peggy Noonan story in the Wall Street Journal 8/13.8/14 page A 13 and if you are short on time skip to the last 2 paragraphs …

    Hard to get to know, but near impossible to forget. Steve


  6. tmasierrahills said

    To the media you can never be anti-refugee policy or anti-migration policy. You are always ‘anti-refugee’ or ‘anti-immigrant.’


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