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Twin Falls, Idaho refugee contractor needs volunteers (they have a cash value!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 15, 2016

It is just a brief mention in an otherwise unremarkable news bit from a TV news station in Twin Falls, Idaho.  This is what I want you to see at (donations pour in, but not volunteers):


Twin Falls Mormon Temple: leaders there calling for volunteers to help Muslims resettle.

Volunteer Coordinator Jenny Reese says much of the recent donations have come from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, after the church made a call to action.

Reese says more than books and bikes, the program still needs local volunteers to befriend the refugees who have lost their homes and cultures.

Here are some simple truths about the volunteer situation for most refugee resettlement contractors.

First, they have a very hard time retaining volunteers and the biggest reason I’ve heard for that is that many refugees (especially Muslims) do not show any appreciation for volunteers who drive them to appointments or otherwise help them. I have heard time and again about how rudely refugees treat good-hearted Christians who attempt to befriend them.

And, secondly, you need to know that the contractors (in this case the College of Southern Idaho) are desperate for volunteers because they log the volunteer hours and the federal government places a monetary value on the volunteer’s time which becomes the contractor’s ‘contribution’ in the supposed public-private partnership with the federal government. Oh, and those books and bikes also get a monetary value placed on them and count as a contribution from the contractor.

I think some volunteers catch on to this as they donate their time and their gas money to drive (often ungrateful) refugees around. So, the volunteer turnover is pretty high (or so I am told).

Indeed the shortage of volunteers is ample evidence that this program would crash and burn if it wasn’t so heavily funded by taxpayer dollars.

P.S. If you are considering volunteering be sure to get a briefing on the communicable diseases coming to the US with the refugees so as best protect your family.


7 Responses to “Twin Falls, Idaho refugee contractor needs volunteers (they have a cash value!)”

  1. sodiumpen said

    A refugee photography exhibition – that should be shown around the USA.

    Short, well done video of it:


  2. Ann this is a VERY informative post. Thank you for sharing this valuable information- that volunteer hours are counted as a fund of sorts. All of us have a duty to research all that is going on with these groups- unfortunately, most Americans are of a giving and gracious nature, and not only are unaware of these refugee agencies flim-flams, but do not investigate them as they have no impetus to do so, not suspecting the agencies of any wrong-doing. Ann Richard of the US refugee agency (pardon Ive forgotten the acronym) was on CSPAN and LIED to the public, on air stating and I quote, she said the words that “the beauty of the refugee agency funding is that it is ALL DONATIONS” Oh, really?? Our Federal taxes taken out are donations, guys… news to me.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      If you can find a link to her saying it is all donations, I would love to see it!

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    • eagle669 said

      This refugee program is akin to slavery don’t you think?? The contractors are farming out cheap labor and the general public has to pick up the tab with housing, food and their vote for Hillary. Oh, didn’t you know they are registered Democrats ready to vote as soon as their feet hit the ground.


  3. paleodrone said

    I can volunteer to kick the Mormons behinds/

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