Top posts for the last week, home at last!

I’m home!  Got home last Sunday after putting 6,208 miles on my car. Traveled through 20 states and stopped in 13 of them for meetings in 21 different cities over 30 days!  I’ll report over time as I post related news stories that will now be more informed by what I saw and heard.

Thanks to all who spent so much time with me.  Perhaps the biggest revelation was to learn that there are so many of you concerned and working hard to save your towns and cities from being completely transformed!


I’m repeating a message from an earlier post this week.

Although during my travels, I focused primarily on what you are doing locally and how you have to begin to wrest control of your local governments from the Open Borders advocates who seem to have captured your towns on behalf of the moneyed interests looking for cheap labor, I came home to the news about a demonstration in Washington next Sunday that is clearly the opening salvo in Obama’s last big propaganda event at the UN in September to dramatically increase the number of refugees  who enter the US in fiscal year 2017 (begins on October 1 of this year). So, I realized that we have to deal with the pressing calendar issues first.

We know what Obama wants and as a lame duck there isn’t much we can do about him. However, DO NOT FORGET there is only one entity that can stop his plan for next year and that is Congress because they can choose to NOT FUND what he wants.

I know, I know, they have been a terrible disappointment, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored or be let off the hook!  In fact, everything you do in the weeks ahead, in addition to working to defeat Hillary, is to (sorry to be so graphic) put the screws to your Member of Congress and your US Senators.  They must be fully aware that they are the responsible party here.

By the way, in one stop I made on RRW’s road trip, I heard that the Member of Congress representing the area was sending the grassroots folks on a wild goose chase to confront their state legislative representatives.  That is important because you must make political noise at all levels of government, but it is the Members of Congress who will say yes or no to Obama this fall and they are all up for election now!

Enough of that, let’s talk about the Three Top (most read) Posts of the last week (top daily posts are in the right hand side bar).

Regarding the first one here (below), this is what you should do in light of what I’ve said above.  Make sure that your Washington reps (your Congressman and two US Senators) are sent the article that appeared in the paper about the heated meeting in Aberdeen.

When you send it (more than one of you should send it!), with a cover note that tells your reps in Washington exactly what you think about it and ask them to take some action.  For example, ask them to get you a copy of the R & P Abstract for FY2017 for Aberdeen.  If there isn’t one yet, tell them to get you any Abstracts for South Dakota for FY17!  In other words, make them work and answer you! I’ll bet a buck that they have no clue that this document exists!  LOL! Even if you have it already, ask anyway and educate them about the plans for their state for next year.

If they don’t respond within a week, call the office (call all offices, Washington and the local office) and ask to speak to any staffer who knows anything about the refugee program in the state. Bug them politely, but firmly!

Top Three Posts for the week ending yesterday, August 20th, are:

Aberdeen, SD citizens hear from expert on refugee program, ‘news’ story shows bias

Polls: Most Americans do not want Obama to bring in Syrians and distribute them around the US

Obama looking to ‘welcome’ 213,000 humanitarian arrivals in FY17 with $2.2 billion budget

Some miscellaneous information:

All of you should consider opening a twitter account.  You don’t have to tweet, but honestly once you follow certain people you can get the hottest news all day (almost better than by following Drudge).  I just yesterday passed the 4,000 followers mark which isn’t much compared to real twitter masters, but it is one important way for me to get refugee news out that I can’t find time to post here at RRW.  I am @RefugeeWatcher.

We have a facebook page too, here, with 27,000 ‘likes’ where a friend helps keep it going!

And thanks so much to all who have donated to RRW.  I’m working on getting thank you notes out!

I just want my critics to know that I don’t work for anyone or any dark and dastardly entity. My driving force is that I believe with all my heart that citizens have a right to know what Washington is planning for their communities!  And, once informed they have a right to speak up without being denigrated and silenced.

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