NC Rep confirms it: The buck stops with him and others in Congress

I’m not sure that Rep. Mark Meadows’ goal in holding the town hall in the Ashville area last night was to direct his constituents right back to him and other members of Congress when it comes to stopping, slowing, or putting on steroids the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, but that is what he did with these comments.

Meadows answers questions
Rep. Mark Meadows answers questions about refugee program in his district. Will he be one of the leaders to remove funding for refugee resettlement in funding battles this fall?

The President, Obama, can make determinations all he wants about how many refugees the US tax payer will pay for next year, but it is Congress that supplies the cold hard cash for the federal agencies (both the US State Department and the Dept. of Health and Human Services).

Bringing in large numbers of refugees obviously requires more money!

So, the question this fall will be this: Will Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republicans fully fund the Obama invasion or not?  It is that simple!

Here is the news about the town hall meeting.  The article doesn’t say it, but it sounds like most of those present OPPOSE more refugees for the US (and none for their community!).

FLAT ROCK, N.C. — Congressman Mark Meadows held a town hall Tuesday night to discuss efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in our area.

International Rescue Committee, a resettlement agency, said it is still looking at Asheville. Meadows said Saint James Episcopal Church in Hendersonville is backing off the idea, in part, because of the community reaction.


One man said the money was better spent on Americans. [A sentiment we hear everywhere.—ed]

“I just feel that we have enough people now that we have to take care of,” Tom Mcrary Jr., from Brevard, said.

Meadows explained the money for refugees comes from the U.S. State Department. Once the money is budgeted to the State Department, it cannot be moved to another department.

Well, Rep. Meadows don’t give it to the State Department this fall! The State Department doesn’t grow it on trees, you appropriate it to them!

Meadows informed the crowd refugee resettlement is a federal program, and state legislators cannot prevent refugees from coming. 

But, you can Mr. Meadows!  Will you?

See Refugee program is major issue for November election!  Your member of Congress is home right now (for the next two weeks) and every one of them is up for re-election.  Find them and ask them if they will be funding Obama’s invasion or not!

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  1. Excuse my language please. Lying Ba$turd! The money DOESN’T come from the State Department. The money comes from American Taxpayers you a$$wipe! DO YOUR JOB and STOP FUNDING IT!

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