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Twin Falls, Idaho where the Chobani Yogurt company typifies the globalist view of refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 30, 2016

They are, in short, needed for labor for multinational corporations and as we have been saying ad nauseum for years the US Refugee Admissions Program serves as an important piece of a business model that allows big corporate honchos to wear the white hat of humanitarianism while taking advantage of labor that can’t easily afford to quit and walk away from the meager wages.  You, the US taxpayer, subsidize those wages with welfare payments to try to keep families afloat as the companies get various government tax incentives to assure their business plan is lucrative for them.


World’s largest yogurt plant in Twin Falls, Idaho. Local politicians are responsible for bringing Chobani to Idaho. Beware! Large food processing=refugee resettlement not far behind.

Here is another in a series of investigative pieces (I missed this last week) from Lee Stranahan writing at Breitbart.  For background see some of our earlier posts on Twin Falls and Chobani by clicking here.

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO – Hamdi Ulukaya, the Turkish-born billionaire best known for having founded the United States’ largest greek yogurt company, Chobani, has ties to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, and a host of other globalist corporatist figures including Warren Buffet. Chobani’s factory in Twin Falls – the world’s largest yogurt factory – has been at the center of Breitbart News’ investigative series into the small town’s refugee resettlement program.

According to CNN Money: starting in 2008, Chobani began to hire refugees to work in its upstate New York plant – and listening to Ulukaya speak at events like the Clinton Global Initiative and Davos, one can tell that the issue closest to his heart is refugee resettlement.

The Chobani billionaire’s many speeches and soliloquies on the issue of refugees combined with his extensive political connections may explain why establishment politicians, both Republican and Democrat, have swooned over Ulukaya, positively giddy to form “business / government partnerships” with him and to support his position on refugees.

That is a tease, continue here, to learn about Chobani, Clinton, and cronyism! There is some great information in here which may help you understand the strategy known as corporatism where you live!

And, get that idea out of your head that resettling third worlders in your towns and cities is all about saving the downtrodden. It’s not! It is about money.

I wonder do they tell refugees before they get on the plane that they are headed to dirty and dangerous work for a wage that cannot support a family?

For new readers, go here, for many many posts about Twin Falls which is turning into the poster city for what can go wrong when your town ‘welcomes the stranger.’

10 Responses to “Twin Falls, Idaho where the Chobani Yogurt company typifies the globalist view of refugees”

  1. […] have previously reported on Chobani Yogurt and Chiptotle, both glowingly described by the International Rescue Committee (remember they gave […]


  2. tmasierrahills said

    To heck with saving America when you can have a monster yogurt plant!


  3. paleodrone said

    NO Chobani for us! Thank you!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I have been hearing that from a lot of people! LOL! If you have kids in schools see if you can get it removed from the school cafeteria. I hear Chobani got a big government contract to supply schools with yogurt.


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  5. Tom Dunne said


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  6. petzlx said

    What one expects from con-men!
    Are Chobani products Halal?
    All Chobani products are Halal certified by the Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria. Should you have a specific enquiry, please contact us here.

    “Halal Certification” has nothing to do with being “Halal” opposite in fact Just makes Allah and his messenger liars!
    Quran 5:5 makes food of Christian and Jew automatically lawful (with a few exceptions)
    No man can make a law above Allah’s law
    In displeasing Allah ta`ala and his messenger, a number of curses from their Qur’an are placed upon them such as,
    “And let those who oppose the Messenger’s way beware, lest some conflict befall them or a painful torment be inflicted on them.” (Qur’an, verse 24:63)
    “Halal Certification” is nothing but a extortion scam that is funding terrorism (killing more Moslems than anyone else)
    According to the Qur’an Verse 5:87
    Allah himself forbids “Halal Certification”
    “O believers, forbid not such good things as Allah has permitted you; and transgress not; Allah loves not transgressors”
    Curses follow for those putting themselves above Allah
    The ONLY Islamic Authority to state what is Halal is in Islam’s Qur’an in Sura 5:5 states the food of the Christian and Jew (with a small list of exceptions) is automatically Halal.
    If any doubt saying “In the name of Allah” (‘bismillah’) as stated in their Qur’an verse 6:118
    Halal Certification is stating Allah and his Messenger are liars not to be listened to!
    “Halal Certifiers” are turning Halal food into a cursed one (Bid‘ah) guaranteeing a fate worse than death Allah loves not transgressors”


  7. […] Twin Falls, Idaho where the Chobani Yogurt company typifies the globalist view of refugees August 30, 2016 […]


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