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First Syrian family arrives in North Dakota

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 1, 2016

Last fall Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota which (has a brand new shiny building) and runs the refugee program in the state said no Syrians were slated for North Dakota, but now oopsy, here is a seed family.

From Valley News Live:

North Dakota has not had a Syrian family in the community, at least not until a few days ago.


Jessica Thomason and the US State Department are deciding the demographic and economic future of North Dakota.

Last November, Jessica Thomasson CEO of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota said in a statement “LSSND has stated to these agencies, including the State Department, that it does not feel Syrian resettlement to North Dakota makes sense due to the lack of an established Syrian presence in our communities and due to its focus of resettling families wanting to reunite with family already living in North Dakota.”

Thomasson told me that LSSND resettled a Kurdish family just a few days ago who are from Syria and Iraq.


She stated LSS does not select who moves to the state, that decision is made by the federal government.

The short article reports on criticism from US Senator John Hoeven and Congressman Keven Cramer.

Every one of  you concerned in the state of North Dakota must pressure those two to help lead an effort to cut the funding for refugee resettlement this fall.  They can mouth their complaints here in their home state news, but will they work to turn off the spigot of federal funding?  That is where the rubber meets the road!

And, one final thought.  Do you see how this works, they get refugees spread out in cities and towns, large and small, then they bring in the relatives so it makes it all harder to stop. (How can you be so hateful to break up families and friends.)

See our North Dakota archive here.

9 Responses to “First Syrian family arrives in North Dakota”

  1. […] First Syrian family arrives in North Dakota […]


  2. Where in North Dakota did they place them?


  3. Well…at least they are Kurds….? If that isn even true


  4. lehi48 said

    Ann Corcoran, Our Political, Civil Service and Settlement Organizations plus individuals must be held both Criminally and Civilly liable both in and out of office should anyone be harmed or killed by any of these ‘Refugees’. I’ll bet somewhere they have excluded themselves from any and all responsibility. If it’s true We must expose it across every medium to every American how they deal and take don’t responsibility for the crazy actions.They’ve never explained why the US can’t off to support a program to house and protect in place, I Muslims coming to Our country are going to be allowed to practice Polygomy, bring all wives and children here collect welfare benefits for all wives and children and they in turn will have the right to reunite the families of all their wives. We are talking about 100s, 1000s of people per family coming here. Why are only 1-2 Christians allowed in for every 100 Muslims? We know in Europe Christians are being discriminated against in immigrating to Europe by the UN/Ban and EU, quietly. Christians once represented 10% of the Syrian and Iraqi population. There are Jews still living in both countries, has there been an Outreach by the US to rescue them? The have been successful secret private rescue missions of Jews. The US State and Obama is infatuated with Islam and Muslim. It doesn’t matter in practice the experience that once in European shelters the Muslims continue to threaten the lives of Christians who left the same countries unless they leave the Shelters. So, Obama, Kerry, Echo Ben Rhodes, FBI Director Comey, Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson, The Five Organizations for settling Refugees and It’s CEOs, you are on notice ,that you, are responsible to the American People.


  5. hynzerelli said

    Great so now we have bleeding heart christians trying to flood the US w/ foreigners who would cut their heads off.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      They have been busy doing this for 36 years! It isn’t just now!

      Liked by 1 person

    • “Christian”?? This isn’t Christian- it’s COMMUNIST. These Lutherans, and the “Catholic Charities” is nothing Christian at all. Look up “Catholic Communism” online you’ll even find a Wikipedia article on it. Don’t lump this into “Christianity”- it stinks, and is not Christian even by design. This is the ploy, the trick used by these liars, convincing unsure and not confident people that it is the “Christian thing to do”-. It isn’t. Number one, it’s theft of a man’s pay, as this is all funded by taxpayers. Number two, it’s dishonest in several ways which will take too long to write here- three, God gave a command for us to NOT enter into compacts with heathen nations, it is a deadly and terrible error to do so. The UN could be considered a “heathen nation” in itself, not to mention the Congo, Syria, Iraq and so on. I could write more but won’t, as it will be a wall of text.


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