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Texas appealing decision on lawsuit seeking to stop refugees being placed in Texas

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 2, 2016

A judge earlier dismissed the governor’s lawsuit saying the state had no authority to stop the flow of refugees to the state. Apparently the governor will appeal.  However…..

If the political powers in Texas really wanted to stop the resettlement of refugees in Texas, they would start by getting powerful Senators and Members of Congress doing something in Congress this fall—cut the funding for it!  And, then demand reform during the period the funds have been cut (either completely or to a level that would only admit a tiny fraction of the worst cases).

Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Where is Senator Ted Cruz on this?  He could lead a campaign to cut the funds this fall in the Senate.  And, in the House, Texas Congressman Pete Sessions is in an important seat as Chairman of the Rules Committee.  Texas Rep. Michael McCaul is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.  And, then of course the brave Texas Congressman Brian Babin is the chief architect of a bill that seeks to halt the program until certain investigations regarding costs and security take place.

So if the Texas governor is serious, he needs to bring together key players in the Texas delegation to get something done now, for FY2017 in the budget and appropriations process!  We know where the buck stops on all of this—in Congress and not with the governors.

Here is the lawsuit news from CBS Austin:

Texas is appealing the dismissal of its lawsuit against the federal government and a refugee resettlement agency over the placement of Syrian refugees in the state.

McCaul as chairman

As chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, McCaul has spoken up about the dangers of unvetted refugees. So, what is he doing about it when they are being placed in his home state?

In a notice dated Aug. 12, Texas alerted the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that it would appeal a June decision by Dallas-based U.S. District Judge David Godbey, who ruled the state did not have grounds to sue the federal government over the placement of refugees in Texas and that the state failed to provide a “plausible claim” that a refugee resettlement nonprofit breached its contract.

Representatives with the Texas attorney general’s office, which is representing the state in the lawsuit, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Texas first filed suit in December against the federal government and the International Rescue Committee — one of about 20 private nonprofits that have a state contract to resettle refugees in Texas — in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris that left 130 dead. Following those attacks, Texas’ Republican leaders raised concerns about the refugee vetting process, and Gov. Greg Abbott in November directed resettlement nonprofits in Texas to halt the resettlement of any Syrian refugees.

But the federal government warned Texas it did not have the power to reject Syrian refugees, and the International Rescue Committee’s Dallas branch informed the state it would continue aiding Syrian refugees placed in Texas.

Continue here.

Don’t get me wrong, this effort in the courts is important to continue the pressure and to educate the public, but the power to stop the flow of unwanted refugees rests with the REPUBLICAN Congress (with the power of the purse) and in my opinion many of those we sent to Washington to represent us are hiding on this issue (and others too of course)!

I know, I know, you all are so disillusioned with Congress and think they are useless, but it is still very very important for you to know that the Republican Congress is responsible for what is happening to your towns.  There is no sense screaming at, or about, Obama, but it is important to point a finger at who really is responsible!

One of the many good things Donald Trump said in his fantastic speech on immigration the other night is that legal immigration programs that have gone on for decades will be reviewed in a Trump administration.  Folks, this Refugee Admissions Program is 36 years old and has never been seriously reviewed or reformed! It is way past time!

5 Responses to “Texas appealing decision on lawsuit seeking to stop refugees being placed in Texas”

  1. […] Texas appealing decision on lawsuit seeking to stop refugees being placed in Texas […]


  2. For a State to stop the flow is a no-brainer, but it requires principle and political courage. Texas is a net loser when it comes to income tax payments to the feds; in other words, Texas forks over much, much more of the State’s wealth to Leviathan than it receives in federal handouts. Texas needs but to dust off the 10th Amendment and assert its natural right and residual constitutional authority to stop the flow. The feds would be utterly helpless. Short of nullification, Texas can also resort to “anti-commandeering” to scuttle the federal effort. In the latter case, Texas is constitutionally empowered to order State officers and offices NOT to cooperate in any with with this federal program, inclusive of denying funding for all resettlement program State grants and refugee assistance support. It’s really that straightforward. But, until the States get a spine and and return to constitutional order, Leviathan will continue unlawfully insinuating itself into State affairs. I feel like I’m talking to myself when it comes to this lingering issue. A State shouldn’t rely upon the FEDERAL judiciary to obtain justice in its dispute with the FEDERAL government; such is akin to one’s using his neighbor’s attorney to settle a boundary dispute with that neighbor. Insane. Until the States assert their God-given and constitutional authority to maintain the prinicple of “dual federalism” enshrined in the Constitution, there will be no justice and there will be no constitutional republic.

    Liked by 2 people

    • sturandot13 said

      Mr. Delaney, I wish I could give you 100 “LIKES” for your post. It all comes down to the states having the “push” to enforce the 10th Amendment upon an over-reaching and obnoxious Leviathan.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. TwoLaine said

    Tell them NO MORE! Cut The Cord! Sunset it NOW!
    Put it ALL on PAUSE for a FULL Review and Accounting.

    No Accounting = NO Dollars

    “Those who abuse our welfare system will be priorities for immediate removal.” ~TRUMP

    “We will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration.” ~TRUMP

    This is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION at it’s highest level. Secretive and sinister. Pay-To-Play.

    IF these “churches” want to do religious or humanitarian acts, let them take donations from the pulpit, and not by forced taxation without representation.

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