Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is 95% funded by taxpayers

It has been awhile since I had a look at Form 990s for the nine federal resettlement contractors, so I thought over this weekend I would re-examine their financials especially because I want you all to focus on the fact that it is the Republicans in Congress who have the power to slow the flow of refugees by cutting the funding for certain groups masquerading as Christian and Jewish ‘religious’ NGOs.

Lynda Hartke
LIRS CEO Hartke rakes in nearly a quarter of a million bucks a year (doing well by doing good!).

For all the new readers arriving here, there are nine faux non-profit groups which monopolize refugee resettlement in America.  They are US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Episcopal Migration Ministries, World Relief (Evangelicals), Church World Service, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Ethiopian Community Development Council, International Rescue Committee and the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Under the nine majors are 350 or so subcontractors.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

I’m taking them one by one and going to their most recent available Form 990.  This Form 990 for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is for 2014 and was submitted to the IRS in August 2015.  (BTW, there are some state Lutheran agencies that are larger than the national organization).

So from page 9 (reproduced below) we learn that:

Total revenue for that year was $59,862,898

Total federal grants were $55,341,275

And, they also received from your money $1,817,755 for a loan service fee.

This $1.8 million is from collecting air fare loans from refugees plane fare to America.  The original plane tickets were bought (with your money) by another federal contractor (IOM) and the refugee is supposed to reimburse the American taxpayer.  The contractor, here LIRS, is the dunning agency and they get to keep a cut for themselves of everything they wring out of the refugees.

If you go to page 8 of their Form 990 you can see the salaries of the head honchos.  Linda Hartke, the CEO made $236,386 which includes income from related activities.  There are a total of 6 employees pulling down 6-figure salaries.  And, you should know that last I heard they had 2 lobbyists in Washington to assure their (your!) funds keep flowing their way.

Here is page 9:


Screenshot (10)


Note the income from ‘higher training fees’ that could be taxpayer reimbursement as well, but I don’t know that for sure.

So I am giving them the benefit of the doubt when I conclude that they are 95% funded by you—-the taxpayers of America! It could be higher.

Remember! They are not passing the plate on Sunday to pay for their supposed Christian charity!

Go here to see if you have a subcontractor of LIRS at work where you live.

For more details on their federal grants go to and type in Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and see their hundreds of millions in grants and contracts over the last 8 years or so.

The buck stops with the Republican Congress!

Tell your representatives in Washington starting now, starting on Tuesday morning! to withhold funding for the US Refugee Admissions Program for fiscal year 2017 which begins in 4 weeks—on October 1, 2016!  Let these supposed non-profit groups raise private money for their charitable pet projects!

23 thoughts on “Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is 95% funded by taxpayers

  1. Unfortunately, my congressional representatives are dyed-in-the-wood Progressives (Sen. Schumer & Rep. Slaughter), weaselly political hacks whose motives are anything but compassionate. They see in refugees future voters. Nothing more. Their appealing to our compassion is but a shameless self-serving political act to ensure their political fortunes in the future. I instead called McConnel’s and Ryan’s offices, for whatever good that does. Suggest others do the same, especially if they’re “represented” by Progressives as well.


    1. Yes, definitely call, or better still write. I am thinking it might be best to go back to good ol’ letter writing (on paper). Be sure if you do that that you ask them questions in whatever you send so they are forced (hopefully) to answer you. In your case Jim, you should write to your “progressives” and tell them a little about how the refugee program works and where it has gone wrong. In fact if you want to write an open letter like that I will post it ..

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  2. Wow, $236,000 for Ms Hartke. She is really doing good using our tax dollar’s doing good, really. Our Vets are waiting for months for medical service. Maybe some of the dollars for bringing all these immigrates into the US could be better spent to help speed up the time for their med service.

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  3. LCMS members, tell your Churches no funding thru the Synod for this group…conditionally fund Christians only for immigration! Remember our roots, there were Christian only Germans that were brought here!

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  4. This is a clear violation of separation of church and state that the liberals usually go nuts about. But because it’s a church that is open and affirming in their love of LGBT people AND doesn’t actually follow the Bible anymore, that makes it just hunky dory for the state to send them money from us. Insanity.

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    1. LIRS is not a church, although they certainly throw around the words “Lutheran” and “faith-based.” They work in conjunction with Lutheran churches, usually ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) which is extremely liberal and politically/socially active. There are two other Lutheran synods: LC-MS (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) and WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod), both of which are very conservative and in the past haven’t partnered very much with LIRS. ECLA is the synod that recently condemned Israel, is working towards unity with the Catholic Church, and works heavily with LIRS to bring in more refugees. Usually when people speak about the Lutheran Church, they are thinking of ELCA.


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