First refugees to arrive in Missoula, MT are homeless; time for local do-gooders to step up

They aren’t on the street, but live in temporary housing (what! some motel?).

I can’t believe this! After all the hoopla and excitement about shoving refugees down the throats of Montanans who don’t want the poverty and cultural disruption third worlders bring to communities, the mighty International Rescue Committee (IRC) headquartered in New York City doesn’t have homes and apartments lined up for the former camp-dwelling Congolese whose arrival has been predicted for months!

Miliband and Soros
That is David Miliband in the middle giving George Soros and his son the IRC’s top award in 2013. LOL! It is called the Freedom Award. Miliband, a British citizen, runs the major US resettlement contractor with a salary of almost $600,000 a year. Maybe he, or Soros, could co-sign leases for the poor Africans being brought to Montana.

Where is Missoula’s R & P Abstract, did the IRC lie to the US State Department about the availability of reasonably priced housing for large families?

Didn’t the IRC sign a contract with the US State Department that said the refugees must have a home (with a requirement for a certain number of bedrooms for family members) to go to from the airport with the refrigerator stocked with culturally appropriate food?

When do-gooders don’t do good!

I’m going to rage a bit before I give you some snips from The Missoulian (Missoula Refugees face housing issues).

The International Rescue Committee is a behemoth in the Refugee Industry. It is the richest of the nine federal contractors with an annual income in 2014 of $688,920,920 and $454 million of that comes from YOU, the taxpayer. Its CEO, Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband*** is making $591,846 annually and probably lives in some swanky digs in Manhattan!  (See recent Form 990 here)

But, the IRC refuses to co-sign the housing rental agreements with the refugees they are dropping off in Missoula!

It is an outrage! They expect local landlords to waive their rules for the refugees that obviously have no credit and no background checks and no job prospects and take a gamble on them that they can pay the rent for months and years to come!  Not to mention the fact that over the last nine years I’ve heard many stories, especially about refugees who have lived in camps, that they do not know how to use modern appliances and often trash them in the process of learning how to operate dish washers, stoves, etc.

Here is the story that got my blood boiling this morning!

Congolese refugees and the people trying to help them get settled in Missoula are facing a housing crisis.

Five families from refugee camps in East Africa will be in town by the end of September, none of them with a source of steady income or credit history.

It’s the job of the local resettlement agency, the International Rescue Committee, to help them secure both as quickly as possible, said IRC director Molly Short Carr.

But record home sales prices in Missoula have placed rentals at a premium. And in a town that swells this time of year with university students – many with no credit ratings themselves – property managers and landlords can afford to be picky about who they rent to.

“We’re kind of hitting a bit of a brick wall,” Carr admitted.


Missoula has been approved [Why were they approved by the Dept. of State if housing was not available?—ed] as the destination for families of five, four and three people – 25 refugees in all – in the next few weeks, so the hunt for housing is becoming critical.

What a bunch of B.S. this is! We are expected to believe that local landlords should carry the burden of helping teach refugees how to be self-sufficient! Continue reading:

The IRC doesn’t allow its offices to co-sign for refugees.

“Our focus is really on getting them self-sufficient,” said Carr. “Co-signing is kind of a contradiction to self-sufficiency and being able to guide their own lives.”

Hey, here is an idea! maybe Mary Poole and other members of her group could take on the responsibility of co-signing rental agreements with landlords for the families they have ‘welcomed’ to Montana! Maybe put a little of their own skin in the game!


If your town is contemplating ‘welcoming’ refugees, please pay attention. The uber-wealthy resettlement contractor will be out of the refugees’ lives in only a few months and the burden of these third world families will be on you—the taxpayers, the landlords, the social services, the school system and the health services of your town!

***David Miliband is a pal of the Clintons, click here for many posts we have written about him in recent years. BTW, Miliband was the first of the resettlement contractors to call for 65,000 Syrians for America before Obama leaves office and he subsequently joined the chorus for an even larger number.

Addendum: After I posted this I thought you might be interested to know that Anne Richard (Asst. Secretary of State for PRM) and Robert Carey (Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement) were both former Vice Presidents at the IRC pulling down 6-figure salaries and are now the two top officials responsible for the entire US Refugee Admissions Program (the revolving door between government and contractor on full display).

Update: Soros spent $600,000 on a pro-refugee PR campaign in Europe (see here). How many refugees might he have helped personally with that kind of money? Or maybe Miliband would forego that huge salary and help needy refugees with it! Nah, he needs it to maintain the jet-setting lifestyle!

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  1. Forget about all the do going for them. Make your communities safe from them. As soo as the settle you begin to see the back lash against all of your towns people. The violent crimes will sky rocket as will the rape rate and you will all be expected to adhere to their customs and laws. It didn’t work in German or France and it is not working in England…. What do we think makes our country so different?


  2. BTW did you see this one? Obama nominates first Muslim-American to be a federal judge
    CNN‎ – 5 hours ago
    The nomination is to the US District Court; Muslim-American activists … become the country’s first Muslim-American federal judge if he is confirmed. … He’s appointed more women, African-Americans and Hispanics to the …
    President Obama Has Selected the First Muslim to Become a Federal Judge
    Independent Journal Review‎ – 19 hours ago
    Obama Just Nominated A Muslim To Be A Federal Judge. That’s A First.
    Huffington Post‎ – 19 hours ago
    More news for First Muslim appointed to Fed District Court


  3. Ann- with all the valuable information you are putting together and sharing with all of us, it’s a wonder your head doesn’t explode!

    What these phony do gooders are doing in MT and elsewhere with the current batch of refugees is nothing new. In many cases, such as suburban NY where I live, generations of illegals have already caused our taxes to skyrocket. There are many, many programs for refugees in our state that have been in existence for years and this amounts to a lawless shadow government which is completely unregulated. Most of the illegals in my area are from Central and South America and the vast majority seem to be un-assimilated. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before we start seeing the burka’s at Walmart.

    Even though we pay and pay our schools to teach them English, they still speak Spanish or their own language everywhere else. I can’t tell you how pissed off I get every time I’m on line at the supermarket with all these Latino families all speaking Spanish to their CHILDREN. I feel like telling them: SPEAK ENGLISH!

    Thanks to generous government subsidies, they are able to live in very nice housing plus they get every other freebie including electronic food stamps, free health care, of course free school and don’t forget that they don’t pay property taxes because they are renters.

    I keep saying, our ONLY hope is to get TRUMP elected. This country cannot afford another 4 years of Hussein. It will truly be the end of America as we know it.

    Thanks for all you do and please take care of yourself! Don’t know what we’d do without you.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. One thing everyone could do is to find a communication mechanism for yourself and get your message/anger out to a wider audience. Write a blog, create a radio show, a website, use facebook, write letters to the editor… You must all get around the mainstream media and build a groundswell on the immigration issue.

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  4. Fascinating how our Constitutional requirements for immigrants have been completely tossed at the behest of IRC/Soft Landings.
    These groups legally should be listed as sponsors, and, if unwilling or unable to shoulder the responsibility for the refugees, they should be jailed for violation of federal law and refugees returned to their camps at the expense of IRC/Soft Landings.
    Dumping them and running means they are, literally, NO different than a Mexican Coyote!

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  5. The woman responsible for the resettlement in Missoula, just came from the Congo herself. The people in the community had this jammed down their throats by the progressive leftist that have moved into the town over the past 20 years. They have more respect for any other culture than the Montana culture. By nature Montanan’s take care of themselves and help their neighbors without prodding. This is a huge mistake for the community leaders to not understand the family that has arrived will need more resources than Missoula can provide.

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  6. Please check the on line comments to the articles. Here’s one regarding the IRC office location

    “As I have posted several times B4 to several articles regarding the Missoula IRC and refugees, 1) Where’s the R&P Abstract ( Reception & Placement ) which should have contained discussion of all the pros and cons of Missoula available/ non-available accommodations for the needs of any “prospective” refugees? 2) Regarding the “housing crisis”. ( Solstice low income tenants facing eviction)? Carr, IRC not looking for permanent low income housing? So please tell me what jobs will be available to the refugees where they can make enough to pay $1000+ monthly rent? BTW I understand that there’s a waiting list of Missoulian (American) working families waiting for afordable apts. 3) New question. So where is this first family staying “temporarily” ? At the IRC office in the Solstice Building? At Carr’s or Poole’s private residence? At that of a charitable caring Soft Landing “volunteer”? One more thing. Can’t help saying, we, those who questioned and couldn’t support this relocation without factual answers (or the R&P) , “We told you so!” And it’s just the beginning. LOL”

    And this one:

    “I don’t live in Missoula. But you would think that there would be enough Missoulians who could go in person to the IRC office located at the Solstice Building and request a copy of the R&P Abstract from Carr. Refugee resettlement director hits the ground running | Local |

    “A sparsely furnished office awaited her [Molly Short Carr] in the Solstice Building off West Broadway.”

    Solstice Building? Now why does that name ring a bell? LOL Maybe this is where the refugees will be placed “permanently” after they evict the current tenants LMAO

    Tenants in Homeword apartments receive eviction notices | Local |


  7. Ship them to West Louisville….from what I have seen there so far they would have plenty of company….the WalMart in the local area is full of burka clad ladies and people that do not speak English.


    1. What is the attraction to Walmart? I saw it all over the country. People told me go to our local Walmart and the Muslim refugees are all hanging out there, especially at night time I was told. Does Walmart give them some goodies we don’t know about? Gift cards?

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      1. I heard the same about the Walmart in Missoula MT. Once I saw a woman(?) in a burka walking down one of the main streets. I thought it was odd as it was by itself. Then I heard that students at the U of M were dressing like Muslims just to test the local reaction. And I thought that Twilight Zone was weird.


  8. Hello, dear Ann,

    Here’s the truly despicable reality about the resettlement of refugees in Missoula. There has been a FIVE YEAR WAITING LIST for the poor already in our midst here. What, are the poor Montanans being pushed down the waiting list while the refugees take so-called “affordable housing” (that they have no means of paying for)? It is insane. Mary Poole and her Soft Landing folks are not stepping forward to put their own skin into their ridiculous scheme.

    Thank you for all you do.

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  9. These contractors do not understand that renting apartments/homes is a BUSINESS, not a charity. Landlords are private individuals and their apartments are not subsidized government housing. The last thing they want to do is tick off their other tenants who then move out and write bad reviews on Yelp. That actually happened to the owner of the building where my family member lives in Evanston. Good news, though! The refugee family that caused so many problems in that building moved out last week. The landlord was able to break the lease (according to word of mouth). My family member said that right before they left, a second family was placed with the first, so there were 11 people living in a two bedroom apartment, probably in total violation of Evanston occupancy regulations.


    1. They do not care about anything except getting their MONEY and they are getting plenty of it. Once these refugees are here they are the tax payers problem and you WILL be supporting them for the rest of their lives and the lives of their children. Career welfare recipients is what we are getting.

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      1. All according to plan by the globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” cabal and their lackeys to destroy the homogeneity of the U.S. and to create social/civil discord.
        And then, when the problems get too bad, the globalist scum will offer their “solution”: world government. (Loss of U.S. sovereignty & our freedoms.)


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