Target House Freedom Caucus before September 15th, tell them to halt all funding for expanded refugee program

Update September 8th: The Freedom Caucus seems to be discussing how to throw us a bone by way of an amendment to the Continuing Resolution. Congress could still cut the funding without a complicated amendment. (Will have more later.) In the meantime, a reader suggests calling Members’ district offices, tell them to cut all funding for refugees and if they don’t respond, put together a demonstration in front of the district office, take photos and get them a little unwanted publicity.

What is happening September 15th? That is the day the federal resettlement contractors (that masquerade as non-profits) say they are dropping off those postcards at the US Capitol demanding more refugees (200,000!) be admitted to the US beginning on October first (the first day of the new fiscal year).  More refugees require billions more of your (taxpayer) dollars to fly them here and place them in your towns.

This is all part of the Obama Administration’s lead-up to the big pow-wow at the UN and their final push to change America by changing its people.

Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland is the only Member of Congress who is on the Appropriations Committee and is a member of the Freedom Caucus. If you live in Maryland let him know how you feel about funding for more refugees, especially Syrians to be resettled in Maryland

No funding=no refugees!

The contractors*** have almost no money of their own, so they need yours!

Will the Republicans you sent to Congress curtail the funding or open the US Treasury spigot? That is the question as we head to the November election!

To help you target those in a position to make that decision, see first the House and Senate Appropriations Committee lists I posted here the other day.

Then here (below) are the Members of the House that you MIGHT be able to persuade.  This is the House so-called Freedom Caucus (House Tea Party Caucus is now defunct).  I have serious doubts about some of these members since the pro-open borders (cheap labor!) Koch brothers play a role in supporting the caucus.

So, just for curiosity sake, if your member is on this list, I suggest checking with NumbersUSA Congressional score card and see how they score with their votes on immigration issues generally. But, no matter what they scored, tell them what you think about importing poverty to your towns at your expense.

Here are the members of the Freedom Caucus:

Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chair
Justin Amash of Michigan
Brian Babin of Texas
Rod Blum of Iowa
Dave Brat of Virginia
Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma
Mo Brooks of Alabama
Ken Buck of Colorado
Curt Clawson of Florida
Warren Davidson of Ohio
Ron DeSantis of Florida
Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee
Jeff Duncan of South Carolina
John Fleming of Louisiana
Trent Franks of Arizona
Scott Garrett of New Jersey
Louie Gohmert of Texas
Paul Gosar of Arizona
Morgan Griffith of Virginia
Andy Harris of Maryland
Jody Hice of Georgia
Walter Jones of North Carolina
Steve King of Iowa
Raúl Labrador of Idaho
Barry Loudermilk of Georgia
Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming
Mark Meadows of North Carolina
Alex Mooney of West Virginia
Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina
Gary Palmer of Alabama
Steve Pearce of New Mexico
Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
Ted Poe of Texas
Bill Posey of Florida
Keith Rothfus of Pennsylvania
Matt Salmon of Arizona
Mark Sanford of South Carolina
David Schweikert of Arizona
Marlin Stutzman of Indiana
Randy Weber of Texas
Ted Yoho of Florida

One name inexplicably missing from the list is Rep. Tim Huelskamp from Kansas who lost his primary and many blame the loss on  Speaker Paul Ryan (see here).

Is your Member of Congress listed above? Or, a member of the House or Senate Appropriations Committee?

If so, by the 15th of September tell him or her, in no uncertain terms, how you feel about billions of tax dollars being spent to import poverty and security risks into the US.

If you don’t have a member on any of these lists, you are not off the hook, tell your Republican Washington reps (tell Dems too) you want to cut the funding for the program for FY2017 (and copy whatever you send to Speaker Paul Ryan). Tell them you know they have the power of the purse, not Obama!

~You should write a letter to your DC lawmakers and be sure to ask questions so that they must answer something! (Do it the old fashioned way, write a real letter and ask for a response within 10 days).

~You could picket outside their local office back home.

~You could travel to Washington and insist on a meeting in their office on the subject of refugees. (I might be able to go with some of you.)

~Try to get on local and national talk radio shows and tell the audience that the number of refugees admitted to America in 2017 depends on Republicans in Congress (not on what Obama wishes).

~You could get a petition together that includes local citizens demanding a halt to the funding until we are all given assurances on the security issue.

~You should write letters to your local newspaper and encourage your friends to do the same. Use the opportunity to tell a refugee horror/crime story. The Leftwing propagandists love “stories,” but you have some too!

~You could find out who is contributing to your Washington reps’ political campaigns and expose any corporations that are on the hunt for cheap immigrant labor.

~You could get your local Republican Club, Tea Party (or other civic groups) to write the member a letter urging that they get involved in cutting the funds for the program.

~You must tell all your facebook friends to tell their Washington reps to cut the budget for refugee resettlement for fiscal year 2017.

~If any elected officials at the local or state level oppose the program, get them to write or call your Washington lawmakers.

~If you have a local resettlement office involved with a ‘faith’ group, expose them in letters to the editor for taking federal money for phony charitable work.

~You could hold a community forum on the topic of refugees sometime this month (probably not enough time before the 15th, but certainly for the end of the month) and invite your member of Congress.

~You could start a blog and call it Senator ____ Watch and report everything that Senator does on the immigration issue going forward.

Do something please!  And, send my latest video to everyone you know!

***These are the nine major resettlement contractors that monopolize all refugee resettlement in America, under them are 350 or so subcontractors. They will be out in force on Capitol Hill on the 15th pretending to be driven by humanitarian zeal, but in fact will be there to beat the drum for more money:


31 thoughts on “Target House Freedom Caucus before September 15th, tell them to halt all funding for expanded refugee program

  1. Open Letter to SC Congressman Jeff Duncan: Dear Jeff,

    I know you are with us on this and I am praying for you. We need you to be a great warrior for us and for our communities. Book I of Aristotle’s Politics tells us that the city, like the household, must have certain things in common beginning with agreement on such basic principles as justice, what constitutes the good, and what is necessary for happiness, as he says: “For it is peculiar to man as compared to the other animals that he alone has a perception of good and bad and just and unjust and the other things of this; and community in these things is what makes a household and a city.”

    You bring in enough diversity to disrupt the ruling principles of society and society breaks down. Congress can put a stop to this and it must put a stop to this!

    Our churches are being lied to and brainwashed. Last night a skilled team of professional refugee resettlement advocates held a seminar at Westminster Pres in Spartanburg near my home. Actual Southern Baptist Missionaries have been recruited to move to Simpsonville and run the World Relief Office there. They claim they brought 300 Iraqis to Christ in Germany, but these were people who were under death sentences for having helped the American military.

    They also claimed to have converted hundreds of Karen people (from the Burma area) to Christianity – but these people are not Muslims.

    The Muslims are coming and they will not convert and they will not integrate and they definitely will not assimilate. Instead, we will be expected to accommodate them like the British have, allowing our daughters to be groomed for sex gangs, permitting them to marry multiple wives, engage if genital mutilation, segregation of males and females in public, and insist on Sharia law.

    We are counting on you to speak out against this abominable, society-wrecking, ill-founded, expensive, and dangerous program.

    Please do all you can to end all of the funding now.

    God bless,


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    From: Refugee Resettlement Watch
    Date: Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 6:37 PM
    Subject: [New post] Target House Freedom Caucus before September 15th, tell them to halt all funding for expanded refugee progra​m​

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    1. Refugees are here legally and it is important to make that clear because our LEGAL immigration program is just as bad (almost) as our illegal flood.

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  2. Hi, Ann!

    While going through my inbox, I came across the current magazine for my sons’s College (He’s on the Soccer Team at SCU). I thought you might like to see the positive spin they’re putting on bringing the Muslim Refugees here (It also mentions additional grants to provide computers and lessons on coding… great! How many veterans or homeless people would love to have a computer and learn coding here in the US?).

    I posted it for friends and family on Facebook, as they know how I feel about this refugee resettlement. I noted it was such a “blissful” story.

    This is just one of the Jesuit Schools (I’m Catholic but well aware they are some of the most Liberal schools in our Country… upsetting to me).

    Thanks for all you do, Deidra Holland



  3. “Some Freedom Caucus members have signaled a willingness to support a 10-week funding bill if it includes GOP provisions to halt a Syrian refugee resettlement program. But Jordan balked at that suggestion.”

    From The Hill this morning. Jim Jordan needs an awakening!
    I live in IL & must deal with Dick Durbin & even though we agree on nothing I still send correspondence regularly. The problem I’ve encountered is not enough people contact their reps.
    They’re again trying to pass a short term bill to fund government for a 10 week period leading into the lame duck session. It’s imparative to pressure the Freedom Caucus. I’m contacting them even though I have no reps represented. I’d suggest the same for everyone!


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