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Can’t get a message to Speaker Paul Ryan on refugees? Try this!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 10, 2016

Yesterday my good friend Louise called to say she received a fundraising letter from Speaker Paul Ryan and asked did I get the same thing?  Well, sure enough, checked my junk mail and there it was!


Team Ryan—give me a break!

How about helping make him a fundraising failure while sending a message to DEFUND REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT!

Here is what I am going to do (to this one and any others I get from the GOP), I’m sending them back with no money, but with a message to keep America safe by defunding the US Refugee Admissions Program, right now! This year!

(no matter what they say, they can’t vet the refugees!)

By all means, send donations directly to your favorite Republican candidates and directly to the Trump campaign!

Ryan’s “Team Ryan” appeal for money to elect House members comes with a letter, and you know what! I didn’t see the ‘T’ word anywhere in it—Trump is not mentioned!

However, and this is soooo funny, he says:

“House Republicans will be offering a better way forward going into this election.  An agenda rooted on our core conservative principles where we:

Operate the federal government with a balanced budget, just as you do at home

Repeal and replace Obamacare, which has proven to be an utter failure

Free small businesses to operate without interference from burdensome government regulations”

How dumb does he think we are? 

I told you here yesterday that the Republicans who control Congress (the House and the Senate) and the purse strings are part of the problem. They don’t defund anything!


Put a message on the outside of the envelope too!

What the hell have they been doing for the last year that we once again are facing a battle over a ‘Continuing Resolution’ to keep the government funded just at the time they want to run home and campaign so they can get back to Washington and do the same damn thing to us!

So, if you are as angry at them as I am, and you want to have fun, here is an idea!

Every appeal you get from the Republican establishment should go back in their own envelope (you can afford a stamp!) with a message written on it to Keep America Safe by defunding the US Refugee Admissions Program!

Check your junk mail! Surely you have gotten something from the GOP establishment recently, don’t trash it, put it to good use! (I’m going back to my junk mail basket right now to see what else I might find!).

16 Responses to “Can’t get a message to Speaker Paul Ryan on refugees? Try this!”

  1. domstudent11 said

    Post a response to Ryan on his Speaker contact link at


  2. Every time Paul Ryan posts to my FB page about anything, I reply asking him to take care of the priorities and #1 should be defunding Obama’s refugee program bringing in thousands of invaders to our country for us to support . Time is running out and we are waiting for you to do your job!!

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  3. The Black Board said

    I live in the SF Bay Area in California where “out of the closet” Trumpeters are hard to find but we’re here. Going to a supporters BBQ next Sunday and will bring all of these ideas with me to share. Especially love the “Zero from me until you support Trump” message. GREAT! How I wish Mr. Trump hadn’t endorsed Ryan. I’m sure it was due to backdoor establishment pressure but without that endorsement, this could have been a whole new ball game.

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  4. We cant afford to take care of one more foreigner as long as our veterans are homeless , along with the seniors that paid into our Social Security System and now they cant afford their bills. Stop giving our freedom away.!!! Janet Benson

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  5. emayfiel said

    For the solicitations that have a postage-free reply envelope, it’s a good idea to return not just our irate comments, but to fold up and include all the contents of the original letter.

    The postage they pay is based on the weight of the letter – make it as heavy as possible!


  6. tvfmontana said

    Get a cheap stamp from Staples or Office Max. “STOP FUNDING REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT”, “END THE FED” “WHO IS JOHN GAULT?” “VACCINES KILL. http://WWW.WHATEVER” etc. Stamp all your snail mail. Better than yard signs. Also when you get crap with a return stamped envelope, put EVERYTHING you got in that envelope (maybe plus more) and mail it. They have to pay for the extra postage. I learned this when I was a “liberal activist”.

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  7. MARIE WATSON said

    AWESOME idea. I did not receive a reply from him either. Shared on Ravalli County ACT for America FB page ( Montana)


  8. Amy Lyons said

    Dear Ann, I do this all the time. You ROCK!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      It is definitely not an original idea I could take credit for. Do it for the refugee program if you happen to get a fundraising letter this week or next! Thank you so much!


  9. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  10. seabrznsun said

    What a grand idea!

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  11. Reblogged this on .

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  12. Cindy said

    Great idea – I get tons of them – was putting getting ZERO from me until you support trump – will replace with this message!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK – TY!

    Cindy Maine Patriot

    Sent from my iPhone


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