Comment worth noting: Refugees are liars in Illinois (and where you live too!)

I’ve been writing about two things lately that come together in this one comment from a regular reader.

Posted to my report Saturday headlined, The big lie: refugees are not being vetted, this is what ‘domstudent11’ reports:

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Ann, they are indeed not being vetted! As a shocking update to the refugee family in my family member’s apartment (Evanston, IL), it turns out that these people LIED to World Relief and the church that sponsored them. They were evicted last week after doing over $4,500 worth of damage to the apartment. When the landlord tried to bill them for repairs, it turned out that EVERY piece of information they gave to World Relief and the church was a LIE. The Evanston Police are now involved. This family has gone underground. So much for vetting. Even the contractors are fooled!

What are the two important points to take away? First, refugees are not being thoroughly vetted (some not vetted at all), and that landlords are increasingly wary of leasing to refugees especially as we learned here, the resettlement contractors dropping them in your towns will not back up the refugees by co-signing their leases (amazing!).

BTW, if the lazy, fearful, complicit Members of Congress really wanted to reform this program they could make some simple fixes (initially) and one would be to make it a law that federal resettlement contractors must co-sign every home or apartment lease when they place refugees. And, make sure damages come from their own meager, privately raised funds (not from more of your tax dollars).

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11 thoughts on “Comment worth noting: Refugees are liars in Illinois (and where you live too!)

  1. If the resettlement contractor would not co-sign the leases, how did the refugees get apartments? Were landlords forced to rent to them? Normally a landlord will run a credit check and maybe also a reference check, and refuse to rent if the results are not OK.


    1. I think there are landlords pressured into renting without adequate safeguards and there are landlords desperate to get anyone into their apartments. It is probably a combination of things… but once burned, I think they try to figure out how to say no.


  2. As a retired senior special agent of the former USINS, I can tell you there is no way on earth to vette people from places like Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, or any other country where there is a war going on and/or they have no formal government. Even if they have some kind of government, there are no databases to tap into to investigate if they are terrorists, murderers, rapists etc…

    Even in China, as you get farther and farther away from large metropolitan cities, there is less and less government presence. I know, because I have been in many of these places on government business.

    Even when the FBI was forewarned by their Russian counterpart, the FSB, about the Tsarnaev family (Boston bombers), they did nothing. They did allow the older Tsarnaev brother to return to America, even though they could have easily prevented it. The FBI was trying to flip him to be an “asset.” Oh boy, missed on that one!

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  3. “refugee vetting ” serves the contractors right for colluding with the feds works for me but we will not see those animals till they attack .


  4. “Extreme vetting”?? How will anyone accomplish that with a person from Somalia? or ANY 3rd world country?? Is the State Dept going to send investigators over to their villages and interview other mud-hut dwellers? Interview the local apple cart peddler? Shoe repair-men? These people don’t have records or a paper trail TO “vet”! Stop using that word. There is no way to “vet” anyone from those places.

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  5. My family came to America in 1861.
    My parents and grandparents told recollections of their grandparents, who said the immigration officials asked:
    (A) What skills do you have vital to America?
    (B) Where do you have work lined up?
    (C) Who is your sponsor?
    (D) How much money is in your pocket?
    (E) Who will feed your children if you are out of work?
    (F) Do you speak and understand English?
    (G) Does your family, spouse, children, speak and understand English?
    (H) Do you have diseases?
    (I) How much education do you have?
    (J) Where will you reside?
    (L) If there is war, will you fight for America against the country you left?

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