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House Appropriations Committee puts Dept. of State portion of RAP at 2015 levels

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 13, 2016

Well, well, apparently this happened two months ago as the House Appropriations Committee finished its work on the budget for FY2017.  I don’t understand the whole process myself and maybe this is in the House report only as a bargaining chip, but to assign the Dept. of State a 2015 spending level for the Refugee Admissions Program (RAP) would necessarily freeze the number that could be resettled at 70,000. Our so-called religious charities (over 90% funded by taxpayers) don’t work for nothing!


Just so you know! Richard is a political appointee, and as such, she should be out of the DOS at the end of January if Donald Trump is elected President.

Although it is too much money to suit me, it is no where near enough money to accommodate 200,000 refugees (or even the 100,000 Obama was yakking about previously for this coming year).

Here is what the report (published 2 months ago) says. When you look at the numbers below remember that the DOS sends your money elsewhere in the world for refugees too, but it is the Refugee Admissions Program portion that interests us in this discussion.

(Looking for an expert on the Hill to tell us that this is what will go in to the ‘Continuing Resolution.’)

The Committee recommendation includes $771,096,000 for 
Migration and Refugee Assistance. When combined with additional 
funds for Migration and Refugee Assistance provided under title 
VIII, the amount recommended is the same as the fiscal year 
2016 enacted level.
    Of the funds made available under this heading in this 
title, the Committee recommendation includes not less than 
$35,000,000 to respond to small-scale emergency humanitarian 
requirements, $7,500,000 for refugees resettling in Israel, and 
not more than the fiscal year 2015 level of $394,254,000 for 
the United States Refugee Admissions Program.

Now go here where I previously reported on what the committee is recommending for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS), also well below the numbers needed to resettle 100,000 or 200,000 refugees.

The committee set the funding for ORR for FY17 at the 2016 level of $1.6 billion and not the $2.2 billion Obama is requesting.

Bottomline, if these numbers still hold (2 months after the committee report came out), the Administration (which ever it is in 2017) would only have enough to accommodate (dole out enough money to contractors) for 70,000 or less refugees.

No wonder the Open-borders-refugee-industry-post-card-dumpers on Thursday, here, are so worried. With no extra cash, can the contractors open all the new offices they are proposing? I doubt it!

Don’t you let up, tell your members of Congress and US Senators to DEFUND the whole Refugee Admissions Program  until a new administration and a new Congress can begin to reform our entire LEGAL immigration system. A moratorium for a year is in order!

4 Responses to “House Appropriations Committee puts Dept. of State portion of RAP at 2015 levels”

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  4. conprof said

    Dear Ann,

    Great stuff this a.m. as always. Scary stuff but wonderful that you gather it all up for us and make it so easy to see what is going on. Speaking as a political scientist, I can assure people that their members of Congress get very nervous when the base gets very nervous so people can be very effective now if they are very clear about what we want. Here’s what we want – copied from this week’s Sentinel Call Notes:

    Ask your Representative to oppose any Continuing Resolution landing in the lame duck session of Congress (between the election and new Congress next year). Any spending measure should fund the government into next year at the lower spending levels ($1.04 trillion) established by the Budget Control Act of 2011. That will keep the human traffickers, aka RRP venders, from increasing their awful program. In January, I hope Mr. Trump will issue an executive order barring Muslims and prioritizing Christians. The Left will howl, but we have been howling for 8 years; our ears should be deaf to their howls.

    I doubt anyone reading this blog needs an explanation, but just in case – we do not want a lame duck session because defeated members have no constraints on them and in fact, may be currying favor with bureaucrats so they can get jobs in the administration. Remember the story of the faithless steward?

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