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Big businesses hire refugees, partner with Obama to replace American workers

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 15, 2016

Huge companies, many of them multinational corporations, are, according to the International Rescue Committee (America’s wealthiest refugee contracting agency), scooping up refugee workers and training them apparently rather than spending the money to train needy African American or other American citizens.



IRC’s propaganda poster. You have got to hand it to them they are masters at marketing and propaganda.


The International Rescue Committee tells us that ‘do-gooderism’ is secondary to making smart business decisions that they say are driving these companies. (Ha! I bet the IRC’s volunteers think this is all about humanitarian zeal!)

Americans first!

Wouldn’t it be smart to train and hire needy American citizens first especially in cities hard hit by unemployment that leads to hopelessness and crime? Apparently not!

So if it’s simply good business:

Are refugee laborers willing to work more cheaply?

Are refugee laborers subsidized by government programs and therefore tax credits fall to companies who hire them?

Are refugee laborers trapped (they can’t easily go home) or quit the job?

Are refugee laborers more compliant and less willing to complain about working conditions?

Are refugee laborers pawns who are really here to change the demographic make-up of America (apparently supported by the companies Obama has lined up below)?


Marketing expert, Jennifer Patterson is Obama’s program director for his corporate partnership for refugees.

We have previously reported on Chobani Yogurt and Chiptotle, both glowingly described by the International Rescue Committee (remember they gave George Soros their Freedom award recently) which directs us to Obama’s Partnership for Refugees sure to be on full display at the United Nations next week (at Obama’s shindig on the 20th).

Here is what the IRC says about Hamdi Ulukaya at Chobani (a leader of the Hijra!):

“Other companies have worked on the problem more deliberately. At Chobani—whose Kurdish CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, has committed the majority of his personal wealth to ending the refugee crisis—the company started hiring refugees soon after it started to grow. Resettled refugees now make up 30% of the company’s employees. This, however, isn’t without political challenges: Chobani has faced criticism and calls for boycotts from conservatives who argue that the company is taking jobs from American-born workers.”

Another company the IRC gives a glowing report about is Starwood Hotels (they need maids and janitors) and according to wikipedia the massive chain may be bought out by Marriott.  The Marriotts are long time big supporters of amnesty and more refugee resettlement.

Your communities are being changed forever so that giant corporations can have cheap compliant labor!

In addition to those mentioned above, here (below) are the companies you can expect to see showcased at the UN next week with Obama, Samantha Power and of course Hillary lurking in the background.

(For those of you doing research in your towns and cities, find out which corporations are giving money to your elected officials in Washington and then you will know why your Senators and Members of Congress are reluctant to reform, or cut the funding for the Refugee Admissions Program, while feigning concern for the poor of the world.)






24 Responses to “Big businesses hire refugees, partner with Obama to replace American workers”

  1. […] readers have asked recently what other companies are in on the refugee advocacy bandwagon, go here, to see a larger list (but certainly not a  complete […]


  2. Why wouldn’t Muslim refugees come to the USA. Their annual income for a 96 hour work week at $1.04 an hour equaled $100 a week. Come to America and get $5 an hour for a 40 hour work week. Company saves from paying Americans the minimum wage of $9.00 an hour. This constitutes the return of Slavery to America which Democrats are known for.


  3. […] Big businesses hire refugees, partner with Obama to replace American workers […]


  4. […] Big businesses hire refugees, partner with Obama to replace American workers […]


  5. futuret said



  6. Bobby Koch said

    Anyone who believes this half truths and out right lies this site provides would have loved Pravda or Der Strumer. Simply appealing to people’s fears and ignorance.


  7. Concerning “Marketing Expert” Jennifer Patterson, I’m perplexed as to the connection between marketing and refugee resettlement? Shouldn’t the prezzie at least be appointing someone with NGO, social work or other discipline related to the “helping” professions (medicine, psychology, social work, etc…) Oh, that’s right! I forgot! This is about selling the program!


  8. Politically Incorrect said

    More background on the Clooneys and the Soros agenda–>>


  9. Reblogged this on Decoded-Information.


  10. tvfmontana said

    Has anyone checked out who the IRC Board Chairs are? One name in particular is worth noting. Makes you wonder… are these people really interested in saving the world? Or just lining their pockets?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. sturandot13 said

    Thank you, Ann, for this information.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. eagle669 said

    It’s incredible to realize how much this Muslim president and Hillary loves the American people. I have to say the American people are not feeling the love. Maybe when Obama becomes the next Secretary General of the U.N. he will show us more of his love..


    • eagle669 said

      How is it cheap complaint labor when the public taxpayer has to pick up the tab for their housing, schooling, food and welfare. Then to add insult to injury these Muslims through Obama and CAIR will encourage Sharia Law and five calls to prayer??? Not to mention their ideology encourages the raping of infidel women and children as preached in their Koran. How about having to wake up every morning to what Obama calls the sweetest sound he has ever heard, the call to prayer from your near by mosque.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ann Corcoran said

        Cheap for the industry, not cheap for the poor schlubs paying taxes!

        Liked by 1 person

      • 1. Chobani CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, is not – repeat NOT – a U.S. citizen as of this post. I guess his application for naturalization got lost among his application for an SBA loan to start that company? His ex-wife has claimed he violated international intellectual property protections, bribed a Fage employee for the recipe. Who knows, since Fage hasn’t sued? She also claimed he received $500K loan from her family to by the defunct Kraft plant. The man has a pattern of unethical, and illegal behavior. For example, he came to the U.S.. to “study English” on a “student visa” but was never compelled to leave? What’s going on here? First we enclose “student” visas for the Caliphate builders, then they fly planes into buildings and use U.S. taxpayers dollars to start businesses staffed with foreign labor?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Fage is a Greek company. He basically stole the recipe for the yogurt AND the Greek name Tsopani which means “shepherd”……..

          But then what can you expect from a Turk mongrel mongol piece of shi*.

          I stopped eating ANY yogurt because my suspicions are that most big companies are using rapefugees and mestizos from central/south America.


        • Bobby Koch said

          Maybe you should talk to someone who has one of the 2000 jobs he created, Which in fact are mostly held by Americans. Can you claim the same?


          • De Rod said

            I call b*llshit. He promised over 400 jobs and less than 200 have been given to Americans. Companies like his are given huge loans from both the local and Federal government for the start-up costs, including tax cuts . I think in your haste to find evidence to refute this site’s info you missed a decimal point. But hey, really what is the point you are trying to make?. That Americans should shoulder the tax burden for companies like this and then not have access to those said jobs. If you have a problems with facts here simply move to Huffington Post or Politico. Am sure they have all the propaganda you require to keep your head in the sand.


  13. kerberos616 said

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  14. futuret said



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  16. Follows the Obama-Jarrett agenda that permeates EVERY Oval Office decision. Those are Reparations, Retribution, Redistribution. America, at every level, is being ‘paid back’ for its successes, all made possible by our Constitution. Retribution will eventually extend to government actions against individuals who even seem to embrace the Constitution. We are being subverted with the aid of our ‘useful bishops’ and our amoral corporations.


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