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Flint, Michigan, an economically troubled city, to get 100 Middle Eastern refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 16, 2016

Update:  Some hot news! Obama/Hillary refugee plans for Michigan could be pushing voters into the Trump camp!  See it here at Breitbart!

Dumb or evil to (secretly!) introduce more poverty and cultural tension to an economically struggling city?  But that is where we are these days with the completely out of control UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

Secret plans!

Readers!  Sorry to keep nagging, but you have got to get the planning documents called Reception and Placement Abstracts (R & P Abstracts) from your local resettlement contractor or use your state’s public information law to get them out of your state refugee coordinator (all state coordinators are listed here). I know you probably find it beyond belief that a supposed non-profit ‘religious’ charity is making plans (with the federal government) for your town while you, and sometimes even your elected officials, are completely left in the dark.


So the do-gooder Lutherans (and Obama’s State Dept) think that planting a hundred Middle Easterners in Flint starting two weeks from tomorrow is a humanitarian thing to do?

Here is what we are learning about troubled Flint, Michigan from Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart:

Breitbart News has learned that a resettlement agency funded by the Obama administration plans to send 100 Iraqi and Syrian refugees to Flint, Michigan, in the fiscal year that begins next month on October 1.

But that plan appears to violate a clause in the federal Refugee Act of 1980 which requires the federal government and director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement to consult with local as well as state governments prior to the placement of any refugees within their boundaries.

“At this point it appears city leaders have not been informed of the details regarding this matter,” a spokesperson for Mayor Karen Weaver and the city of Flint tells Breitbart News.

It’s the same story with the government of Genesee County, in which Flint is located.

“As of this time the Genesee County Board of Commissioners has not been notified of any settlement of 100 refugees from Middle East – South Asia,” Jamie Curtis, Chairman of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners, tells Breitbart News through a spokesperson.

Flint, a city of 100,000, is in the midst of a financial and public health crisis …

According to this FY 2017 abstract submitted to the Department of State by Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which operates in Michigan as Samaritas, the resettlement agency plans to bring 100 Iraqi and Syrian refugees to Flint Michigan in the twelve month fiscal year that begins in less than three weeks. The document was obtained in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

With all the financial and public health problems the city of Flint, Michigan faces, critics are wondering if it makes any sense to force 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugees upon the citizens of Flint, Michigan.

Continue reading here, there is much more!  And, for all of you who live in Michigan all of the R & P Abstracts for the state are made available in links at the end of the article.  Have a look at some of those and note how the numbers coming to each town are going up each year.  So if they tell you it will be only 50 the first year, know that it could be 150 the next year.  Lancaster, PA, where its schools are struggling now, is up to 900 a year because no one ever complained!

Your homework!

Everyone in America (we have thousands who read RRW around the world) call your state coordinator today and first ask (nicely) to receive the R & P Abstracts for your state.  (Exempt from homework are you folks in Michigan!)  If you get a no, or you get a runaround then next week call your Congressman and two US Senators offices and tell them you are being stonewalled and you want them to get the document for you.

BTW, the state coordinator may act dumb and say he/she doesn’t know what you are talking about.  Well, use one of those from Michigan or the one I wrote about from Wisconsin, here, and tell them that is the document you want for your state.

In the meantime, learn how to do state freedom of information requests where you live and get those rolling out next week when it is clear you are going to get no help from the state coordinator or from your Washington representatives.

When you have obtained the document, try to interest a local reporter in writing about it, or you write a letter to the editor and tell your fellow citizens how many refugees are coming your way starting in 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Remember they have been getting away with changing America by changing its people by using secrecy to seed American neighborhoods!

13 Responses to “Flint, Michigan, an economically troubled city, to get 100 Middle Eastern refugees”

  1. cassandrasez said

    Please spread the word: There are over 40 large, resource-rich Islamic countries, several of which are filthy, filthy stinking rich. There is not one reason any moslim should live in or receive money from Western countries. They aren’t poor or destitute or oppressed in any way; they are not a minority, they are not a race; they do NOT have a right to squat in YOUR country.


  2. Back in 1976 I spent one whole day in Flint. Even then, with Flint still retaining auto industry jobs, anyone could detect the cracks in Flint’s economic foundation. You can tell about things like that if you are an observant visitor. I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon for over 33 years. Now this is an example of a truly booming area. As soon as you see the downtown throngs, you have no doubt Portland is very much alive. Would that Flint were the same as Portland. We gained over 50,000 people in five years.


  3. cassandrasez said

    When we Europeans post about the Islamic invasion, we hear from Americans that it’s because we don’t have guns. Yet Hamtranck Michigan and Dearborn is getting taken over by Islam and I don’t see anyone doing anything about it.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Very good point!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, well, those sayings about guns and such, and those photos of people with guns with their various captions, are nice snarky postings—but no none should be advocating that kind of violence and very few here are willing to go to that extreme, and rightly so. It does seem the time, however, to raise our voices and use our votes, and make various contributions from time-to-time to stem the tide of unwelcome immigration, and that people are beginning to do so more and more.


  4. tvfmontana said

    To quell the controversy regarding Syrian refugees, Missoulians were initially told by the local IRC and Soft Landing, it’s local publicity agents, we’d only be getting Congolese families. And only 100 families. Now we find out they’ll be coming from all over the world and surprise, surprise, the number will be upped to 150! Like other cities, we have been getting the runaround. Some of us are waiting(still) for FOIA (Zzzzzzzzzzz) pertaining to the R&P.
    BTW To my knowledge there are no public or private affordable housing that has the required number of bedrooms
    Some one said we were witnessing Germany’s suicide. That can also be applied to the new weed seeding bed Missoula Montana.

    “Carr [IRC Missoula director] said the abstract proposal for Missoula now calls for 150 refugees in the next year. That’s up from “approximately 100 per year” that Missoula County Commissioners said they would welcome in a January letter to Anne Richard, assistant secretary of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugee and Migration.”

    IRC: Missoula to resettle refugees from around the world | Local |


  5. Cathryn Rockwell said

    It is hopeless Ann, too much money and power involved; the bleeding hearts, and guilt of Americans young and old. Everybody wants to be “liked”.

    The entire worlds poor is being distributed throughout the West, and that was always the plan. I appreciate your passion, mine has faded after so many years of fighting in vain.

    It is too big, too much money, and Americans too ashamed to say no.


    Sent from my iPhone


  6. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  7. sscanvb said

    Ann, I have tried to use the coordinator list link and (at least for WI) the list was not up to date or worse, intentionally out of date to make it hard to find the key people. You may want to ask around and see who else has had trouble finding the state coordinators. After some digging I was able to obtain a name and number and am awaiting a callback.Vince Schmuki414-217-5721

    Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone


  8. said

    Hmmm? Flint can’t do much worse economically so you relocate a number of refugees there and then just coincidentally siphon a big bunch of money to the effort. And walla! A measurable improvement, a big feather in the cap of the promoters (and the objectives).


  9. davidspuria said

    It’s absolutely unconscionable what our government is doing to our country. What does Obama think? That these people will revitalize the community?


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