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Lesson from Missoula, Montana: They will lie to you!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 16, 2016

It couldn’t be a clearer demonstration of what I’ve been saying for years.

Pay attention prospective ‘welcoming’ communities!

Once a federal contractor gets an office established, your town will have NO CONTROL over how many will come and where they will come from.


Activist Mary Poole got the ball rolling and invited the International Rescue Committee to set up an office in Missoula. The rumor is that Mary is taking one, maybe two, families to live at her house to save taxpayers having to care for them (joking of course!)

And, LOL!, for all of you getting a run-around from your contractor office about the Abstract (what abstract? we don’t know what you are talking about?), well now we learn they sure did know what you were asking, but they wanted to make you feel dumb and uninformed.  The arrogance of these federal contractors is stunning!

Here is the latest from Missoula where the commissioners said they would “welcome” one hundred, well, oopsy now they will get 150—including Syrian and Iraqi Muslims among many ethnic groups.

(When your community gets a smattering of everything, it may sound cool to get all the “international flavor,” but be ready for a lot of extra taxpayer-funded costs in the local school system to accommodate myriad languages and levels of learning .)

Before you continue reading, be sure to see this post where we reported that the first Congolese families arriving in Missoula were homeless.

From The Missoulian:

Four families of Congolese have arrived in Missoula in the past month, but resettlement here will soon take on a more international flavor.


Carr, executive director of the Missoula International Rescue Committee (IRC) office, said some of the millions who have fled civil war in Syria will land in Missoula after going through an international screening process and orientation.

“There will maybe be Iraqi refugees who will come. There may be refugees who come from Central African Republic, Chad, Sudan, Burma, Bhutan, Latin America,” she told about 30 people Tuesday night at a meeting of the Missoula County Democratic Central Committee in City Council chambers.

Obama is keeping the number of Syrians in the 2017 flow a secret!


Mayor John Engen: So how many refugees will he take to live at his house?

While a target for Syrian resettlements in fiscal year 2017 hasn’t been announced, Obama’s refugee plan is expected to welcome even more.

That’s been a topic of debate among presidential candidates and in Montana, where Missoula opened the lone resettlement office in the state just two months ago.

Carr said the abstract proposal for Missoula now calls for 150 refugees in the next year. That’s up from “approximately 100 per year” that Missoula County Commissioners said they would welcome in a January letter to Anne Richard, assistant secretary of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugee and Migration.

The bureau cited the support of the commissioners, Mayor John Engen and most of the Missoula City Council in agreeing to reopen an IRC resettlement office in Missoula. Soft Landing Missoula, which formed a year ago in response to the refugee crisis in Syria, has marshaled local support and continues to provide resources and manpower as the Congolese arrive.

Continue reading here.

Montanans there are 3 things to remember:

~The new year begins in 2 weeks (not in January), so Syrians could be there in October!

~They can distribute them within a hundred miles of Missoula especially if they are looking for cheap housing!

~The REPUBLICAN Congress could stop the whole thing from happening before October 1 by defunding the program in the Continuing Resolution (if they wanted to!).

See our complete archive on Montana by clicking here.  Colonizing Wyoming should be next!

18 Responses to “Lesson from Missoula, Montana: They will lie to you!”

  1. […] Lesson from Missoula, Montana: They will lie to you! […]


  2. I feel sorry for anyone who has to live in the Nazi enclave of Missoula. But, if you rednecks don’t want refugees, you should tell your govt to stop creating wars that create refugees. WE are the ones starting wars across the Middle East for our rulers in Tel Aviv. Poor Missoula, with a population of 69,871 has to take 150 refugees…… what whiny babies…ignorant, inbred babies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey! it was your Reid and Pelosi who were in control of the House and Senate during the 8 years of Bush and the voted or that war along with Clinton, Obama, Kerry and Biden. They could of stopped Bush if they wanted and Remember the JV Team now Isis that is all on the Jackass Obama, Syria is all Obama’s and Clinton’s screwed up mess and he is the one invading this country for the past 8 years with these pigs.


  3. As I have said many times…
    You were all silent when the Southern Drug wars were armed by Fast & Furious GUNWALKING. Silent when the Banks laundered hundreds of Billions of those Cartel monies, as well as silent when those same arms were used to kill US Border Patrol.
    You were Silent when the INS and DHS through the SENTRI program who brags on their own page/site of the mere 10 second wait time in Speed-Pass lanes allows those to freely travel into the USA. However did you also know that some of this countries largest Drug Bust’s of METH, COCAINE and other drugs were in FACT… MEMBERS of that same Vetted SENTRI program?

    You were totally silent when the United States started to Illegal bomb those Countries of the Middle East who never attacked these United States who I might add is a Nuclear power and has by demonstration used those Nukes. Orwellian DOUBLESPEAK is to call them “Refugee’s” when in fact like the “Allied Terror Bombings” of WWII that left the roads of Europe lined by the millions of those fleeing those terror bombings.

    So as one looks at the political mess we have today inside these United States. We have a War Criminal running for the office of president. Who’s links to all the above including but not limited to yet more Fast & Furious GUNWALKING to Libya, Syria and the Ukraine. All which like the Drug Wars in Mexico and So. Central America (Remember Oliver North?) Has now caused the deaths of over 50,000 in Libya, est’s of 450,000 in Syria, many 1,000’s in the Ukraine and other areas. In fact as a lesson on real life… Just go to Google and type in [ US SELLS ARMS TO ] and see the results of that search alone.

    Under the premise of Dictators or Rapacious Regimes to be removed. This is all caused by YOUR GOVERNMENT as well as the fake “Men in Caves” in Afghanistan whom allegedly using 2001 wifi technology was able to bring down NORAD and systematically fly planes unfettered into icon landmarks of America. See also in regards to Afghanistan that in 2001 the Taliban had eradicated 2/3rd’s the WORLDS Opium supply in one season. Therein starts the modern French Indo-China Opium wars. Production since the US has entered Afghanistan has increased 800%.

    The main goal of all this is like again (Olive North’s) days to flood the inner cities with drugs. Drive poverty, Police State, Crime, Court fee’s, Fines and a privatized prison system (For Profit) as well as to drive property values down so that the Corporations can buy up said properties for pennies on the dollar.

    Ref: 28 U.S. Code § 3002 – Definitions | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

    See line description #15
    These United States are defined by LAW as a Corporation. Thus through Corporate Wars, Bail-Out’s, Bankruptcy’s the Tax Payer (YOU) through odious debt defined as “National Debt” have not only paid to BOMB those peoples countries but also to PAY for the resettlement of those nation/states populations. [ Silence is Consent ] So we will continue to have the drugs and arms transfers which arms the world while imposing restrictions on our 2nd Amendment rights to defend ourselves. The only difference is that in the days of Oliver North. He did all that WITH-OUT Congressional Oversight. Today it is done in full oversight and funded with your tax dollars as 300,000 Veterans have died due to VA practices, Million’s are homeless, infrastructure is in total collapse and YOUR JOB’S will be outsourced to some 3rd World country for their Slave Labor.

    Finally: I am sure the U.S. will in someway blame #Russia, #Putin or #Global Warming on all the above.

    Shock & Awe under Milton Friedman was to destroy all power, water, services as well as any institutions that supported the people. i.e. health services, schooling etc. This is being done to America now. As well as the loss of Culture, Pride, Nationalism, Confederate Flags or any other attachment that like Germany 1933 whereas Hitler restored the pride of the German peoples and was destroyed for it.

    Personally I find no difference in Hitler rolling across Europe compared to the U.S. or WEST rolling across the planet to establish a ONE WORLD and ONE FINANCE Global Government.


  4. L Garou said

    Oh boy, more Africans! Yippeeeeee!


  5. […] Lesson from Missoula, Montana: They will lie to you! […]


  6. esamu2015bds said

    The Ravalli County Commissioners held a meeting earlier this year and the number of people that came to protest bringing in these Refugees was so massive that they had to change locations 3 times.

    Next, the Commissioners wrote a letter to those at the top in Washington D.C. telling them NO, WE DO NOT APPROVE OF BRINGING ANY OF THESE UNVETTED REFUGEES TO MONTANA and Ravalli County at all!!

    Hmmm, but then we find out that in December of 2015 Paul Ryan and various members of Congress including Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke voted and approved the Omnibus Bill that grants over 10.4 billion dollars to bring in over 500,000 so called unveted Syrian Muslim Refugees to cities within the United States under the direction of who………..The United Nations. Totally Unconstitutional to have the U.N involved, but they could care less.

    Our Congress you ask? Yes!! It was The House that passed Paul Ryan’s $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus spending bill, negotiated with Nancy Pelosi, and as a matter of fact, a majority of House Republicans voted for the measure, which fully funds Obama’s refugee resettlement operation, all Mideast immigration programs, Sanctuary Cities, Obama’s continued executive amnesty for DREAMERS, and the resettlement of illegal aliens within the U.S. interior.

    The Mayor of the city of Darby Montana which is in Ravalli County along with it’s cities Librarian invited a Muslim professor to speak at the Library as well as the Darby High School. I asked after hearing this while in front of the Mayor and the Darby city council members if any of them had gone to the Ravalli County Commissioners meeting to here what their citizens had to say and not one raised their hand.

    And the Constitution? The Congress is following it hook line and sinker as it’s all perfectly Constitutionally correct for them to do this they say.

    And WE THE PEOPLE? Poo Poo on the people we don’t care, we’re the Congress and you people elected us. Ha, Ha, HA!! So go back and watch your football games and have a beer or two why don’t ya!

    Matter of fact, you might even want to go to the Brewery in Darby and have a few. It’s owned by the Mayor of Darby………………………. so enjoy.


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  10. Ed Kugler said

    The lies the left tells is alive and well in Missoula. The Mayor, City Council, the County Commissioners and their supporters are enamored with the UN and being a progressive, international city. Amazingly to me, with the bobble heads at U of M and this leadership … its become Berkeley North.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sturandot13 said

      That is generally what happens when you have one of the Leftist indoctrination centers – otherwise known as “Universities” – nearby.


  11. I have an idea…govco likes impact fees to builders. Create licenses for resettlement groups, base the fee on the number brought in …the $$$ impact that imposed on local govco and schools!


  12. Dave Gorak said

    Obama is forcing these people down our throats for two reasons only: (1) He’s looking for a new generation of Democratic voters, and (2) he harbors a genuine dislike for the American people and their culture and traditions.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      Yes, agreed, but why do the Republicans in Congress keep paying for it? Takes two to tango!

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      • Come on Fellow American’s. Repost!!! Repost!!!
        Sweden has died. Do not allow your country to be next….
        June 26, 2016, Soft Spoken Young Lady.

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      • Undine said

        I’ve been pondering that very question for some time. I can only conclude that some of the Republicans are terrified above all else of being called “racist,” some of them are in the pay of George Soros, and others secretly hate America as much as Obama does. Perhaps some combination of the three. In any case, I’m bloody tired of feeling like we’re helpless pawns controlled by a gang of destructive lunatics.

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        • sturandot13 said

          Many don’t necessarily “hate” America, but they have sold their souls to the globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” cabal, and as such, are selling out the country – AND its citizens.


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