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Weekly roundup for week ending September 16th, 2016

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 18, 2016

Busy week! And, this next week will be even busier.


ISIS jihadist refugee in St. Cloud, MN, Dahir Adan killed by an off-duty police officer after stabbing nine who were just out at the mall on a Saturday night. Mention him when you call your member of Congress tomorrow and tell them to DEFUND the refugee resettlement program. It has been 3 decades, why are we still taking Somalis?

Before I get to the three top posts of last week, just a reminder that progress has been made. Late last week Rep. Brian Babin from Texas sent a  letter to the House leadership (to Speaker Paul Ryan) in which he says there must be a moratorium on refugees coming from terror-producing countries and that the measure should be included in the ‘Continuing Resolution’

In light of what happened in St. Cloud last night, call your member of Congress tomorrow and tell him or her to sign the Babin/Brat letter demanding a refugee moratorium.

The timing on all of this is critical since Obama will be at the United Nations on Tuesday haranguing us (via the sycophant media) to “welcome” more refugees from Syria, Somalia, Burma, Afghanistan and Iraq just to name a few, and Congress is scurrying to get their work done so they can get home (so they can be voted back in office to do the same d*** irresponsible budget planning next year)!

Here are the Top Three Posts of last week (daily top posts are in the right hand side bar):

This top post is from April, but someone sent it out on facebook and it went viral.

If Islamic terrorists don’t scare you, Tuberculosis should!

Big businesses hire refugees, partner with Obama to replace American workers

Just a couple of bits of information since I’ve run out of steam today.

Sorry I am often late posting your comments.  Sometimes I’m out, sometimes I’m engrossed in writing something, sometimes I am busy tweeting (it is fun), and sometimes I just have farm and home duties calling.

And, thanks to all who have donated and not yet gotten a thank you note from me.  I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness. And, I am working on it!

For new readers, rather than repeat my usual mantra, just click here, for my August monthly roundup for more on RRW and how to find information here and how to follow me on twitter etc.

Watch my latest video here, it is about Congress and how the Republicans hold the cards right now, in September!

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  2. domstudent11 said

    It’s not too late to send your FAX via NumbersUSA to your representatives RE Obama’s 2017 proposal. Check out their two recent refugee-related articles at, then sign up (if you wish) to have access to their action board, which can be tailor-made to issues that interest you.


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  5. paleodrone said

    Yikes, I called that mayor and left a message giving him a piece of my mind. it is time to stop putting up with this, you know better than anyone!


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