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Apparently no ‘pocket of resistance’ in Reno as first refugees arrive, but we learned something important!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 19, 2016

We told you months ago that Reno, NV was on the list to get a refugee resettlement office for the first time. You can see the abstract submitted by the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) here.


Carina Black, as Director of the Northern Nevada International Center, works for Lavinia Limon at USCRI.

This is the puff-piece about the first family of refugees from the DR Congo (we are taking 50,000) and the welcome they received. Most of the Congolese are not Muslims but a small percentage are.

Note two things: first that this family had a home in Uganda (these are not destitute camp dwellers) and that there will be a public meeting on Wednesday night (the 21st) to (LOL!) answer the public’s questions, but alas (they must have chosen a small venue on purpose) and it is sold out.  You have got to watch on line (so there goes the opportunity to make any noise).

I have to give them credit, the feds and their contractors/subcontractors really know how to get these offices up and running in secrecy.

But, this is the important news we learned:

The US State Department has chosen 47 new towns to be primary resettlement sites this year! Has your’s been chosen and you don’t even know about it yet?

From the Reno Gazette-Journal:

The Musungus are among 75 refugees coming to Reno over the next year as part of a refugee resettlement project sponsored by the Northern Nevada International Center. The nonprofit applied earlier this year to be one of 47 new sites chosen by the State Department to accept refugees from worn-torn countries.


While in Uganda, he was able to live better than most by using some of his musical background to work as a sound engineer, later moving up to managing a band that played in hotels. It gave the family enough to rent a home, but they were constantly required to check in with government officials regarding their status.

I bet they ‘sold out’ the event by stacking it with friendlies! [that is the local newspaper—ed] and the Northern Nevada International Center will host a town hall meeting Wednesday, Sept. 21 to answer questions about the resettlement of conflict-zone refugees in Reno-Sparks.

The event is sold out. You can watch the event live from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on the RGJ’s Facebook page at

The whole story is here.

So what industry near Reno is looking for cheap labor? Don’t Nevada’s Hispanics need work?

12 Responses to “Apparently no ‘pocket of resistance’ in Reno as first refugees arrive, but we learned something important!”

  1. Contacted my local subcontractor (Orlando, FL) requesting a Reception & Placement Abstract (R&P) and received the following message:

    “Thank you for reaching out. The Partnership for Refugees is an initiative established through collaboration between the State Department and USA for UNHCR, with significant support from Accenture, to support companies interested in responding to the President’s Call to Action on the global refugee crisis.

    The Partnership is run by a team from USA for UNHCR and Accenture, both of which have provided the staffing pro-bono. Let me know if you have any additional quesitons [sic]

    Best regards,

    Partnership for Refugees Team”

    I think the part about “significant support from Accenture” is worth posting here because of all of the information on RRW about companies “partnering” with RCs to bring in cheap, cheaper & cheapest labor.

    I have responded back requesting the R&P and let them know I will be getting either from them directly or through a state FOIA request.

    Thanks for helping us understand the mechanisms, Ann, so we take measures.


  2. said

    Great plans for the refugees,,C


  3. I’m sure they had to go through 24 months of “extreme vetting.”
    I’m with you 100% on this … there’s no reason why the U.S. should be taking in every person from poor countries or countries going through civil wars. Hell, the U.S. went through a civil war and I don’t recall ever reading where Americans fled to “peaceful’ nations.


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  5. sootysmum said

    Owing a house is no guarantee that you are not in a war zone or have the opportunity to live in peace. During WWII, my family lived in London and were lucky enough not to be bombed out like neighbours were.

    Since 1996, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC; Congo) has been embroiled in violence that has killed as many as 6 million people. The conflict has been the world’s bloodiest since World War II. The First and Second Congo Wars, which sparked the violence, involved multiple foreign armies and investors from Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Chad, Libya, and Sudan, among others, and has been so devastating that it is sometimes called the “African World War.” – There is much more, please go to the article.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      And, so you think they should all come live in America? How many will you bring into your home to feed, clothe etc…

      Liked by 1 person

    • 7delta said

      Sootysmum, no one is saying we don’t have empathy or concern for people who are in harm’s way. We are pointing out the obvious fact that neither the U.S., the West or any other single nation or region can take in all the people of the world in danger or poverty. We can help, but if we’re going to do that, we have to do so wisely and do it without harming our own, especially our own in need. We can’t kill the help, destroy their resources and freedom to choose to help, and produce anything other than more danger and poverty.

      We have to accept that we can’t fix all the problems and conflicts between ancient and traditional enemies in the world. Moving those problems and creating more problems for ourselves is just geography, not help. Our own governments need to be cleaned up, too, of the manipulations they use on us all. That’s as important as revamping our immigration policies.

      When national security enters into the picture, as it does with this massive geographical relocation of mainstream Islam and its undisputable obligation to support Shariah law and to force implementation of it over another country’s existing law, there is no excuse for importing or allowing it into non-Islamic countries. NONE. At all. Under any circumstances. It’s not a freedom of religion issue. It’s an issue of a belief system that obligates its followers to enact a hostile takeover by subversive and violent means. Just because Islam’s god said to do it, doesn’t make it any less hostile, subversive or dangerous. It is our government’s sworn duty, their reason for existing, to protect this country, our borders, our rights, our resources and our people above ALL else. We can do that and help others abroad, without doing things we shouldn’t, at home or abroad.

      I have great sympathy for Muslims, especially those who truly want out, but since it’s a death sentence, it’s very difficult. All Muslims are trapped, under constant threat from their own system, abused…mentally and physically…deceived and deceptive, brainwashed…made cognitively dissonant and violent…to be used as weapons to enrich a few financially and to give that few absolute oppressive totalitarian power. The ends justify the means. For 1400 years, Islam has been, and continues to be, destructive to all living things. My sympathy doesn’t supercede the truth and the very simple fact that we cannot and do not help anyone, foreign or domestic, by not facing the truth, by allowing ourselves to be deceived, and by spreading around Islam’s wealth of violence, intolerance, hate, deception and death. We have no way to discern the difference between hostile and friendly, but we do know and can prove, the majority are devout and support Shariah law. I’m sorry for them too, but that doesn’t mean they can bring Shariah here.

      To free Muslims from the violence and oppression that permeates the entirety of Islam, both sects and all subsects, to one degree or another, they must be freed from Islam. Islam cannot be reformed. It is what it is. The best way to help them is to tell the truth to all people and to not allow the rampant deceptions to continue. We help no one by taking in excessive numbers of immigrants and refugees, especially those with incompatible belief systems.

      The RRP, illegal and excessive immigration has absolutely nothing to do with compassion. Nothing. It’s a tool. For what? That’s the question.


  6. kerberos616 said

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  7. Is there a list of these 47 new towns to be primary resettlement sites?


  8. p51nion said

    So where is the list of 47 new towns?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      LOL! Wish we could tell you. They keep this very secret. We know of Missoula, MT, Charleston, WV, Rutland, VT, Reno, NV, Fayetteville, AR, Ithaca, NY others?


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