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Refugee funding could be major budget battle this year between Republican Congress and Obama

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 21, 2016

Update: Just hold on! S.O.S. Looks like the Rs are going to try the same old scam they pulled last year. See my post from September 9th.  I  think we are headed down the same path. They must think that we are really really stupid. More tomorrow.

It is not just Rep. Brian Babin’s brave 36 members of Congress talking about amending the Continuing Budget Resolution in the House, but other Republican members are stepping up to question the wisdom of spending millions to bring in more migrants like Dahir Adan in Minnesota and Ahmad Khan Rahami in New Jersey.


As usual Mitch McConnell does not want to have a fight with Obama!

Here is what the Daily Signal is reporting.  I will admit this budget process is confusing to me so I’m not presenting this as an expert. But, when you get to the end of the lengthy discussion, one thing I am taking away is that the House could attach something to withhold funding, but some Republicans in the House are pointing a finger at Senate Dems who they say have no will to protect us.


What about Senate Republicans, does MAJORITY LEADER Mitch McConnell have the will to protect us or is it his BIG business interests (cheap labor/Chamber types) he is protecting? 

I know you are probably sick of hearing it, but this refugee program is more about cheap migrant labor than about humanitarianism!

Here is the Daily Signal (hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum).  This first part we know, but to recap:

As President Barack Obama used his final address before the United Nations General Assembly to urge world leaders to help protect refugees, Republicans in Congress threatened to use their budget powers to restrict who is admitted into the U.S.

While refugee resettlement has enjoyed bipartisan support in Congress historically, some Republicans want confirmation from U.S. intelligence leaders that screening procedures are strong enough to warrant a major American commitment to accepting more refugees during a time of heightened terrorism fears.

Thirty-seven Republican House members wrote a letter to House leadership this week asking them to use a must-pass spending bill as a vehicle for language that would block federal funding to refugees from Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa until national security officials can guarantee that terrorists cannot infiltrate the screening process.

“This is a clear and present danger to the U.S.,” said Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, who has sponsored legislation pausing refugee resettlement from “terrorism hot-spots” to the U.S., and who signed onto the letter.

Setting the stage (Daily Signal continues):


Rep Mark Meadows takes a stand to protect you!

With Congress in control of the funding for refugee resettlement, Republicans say their concerns over vetting procedures for admitting refugees to the U.S. outweigh other concerns, and that they need more assurances the program cannot be infiltrated by Islamic extremists.

In calling for stronger vetting, these critics have pointed to testimony last year to Congress from FBI Director James Comey, in which he said there are challenges to how the U.S. screens refugees, specifically with the limitations in gathering intelligence in war-torn Syria.

Republicans also note recent terrorist attacks in Europe where some of the terrorists involved had posed as refugees.

“We have a new dimension on the national security front that we never faced before,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., in an interview with The Daily Signal.

“Where in the past refugees have come to the U.S. as a place of rescue and safety, now we have credible evidence that suggests that ISIS and other terror groups are trying to take advantage of our generosity and compassion. So that does necessitate a change in not only our priorities, but also the funding we allocate to this particular issue.”

We didn’t know this, that the Freedom Caucus has a strategy as the refugee issue might be used as a negotiating chip in determining whether the budget resolution will be revisited in the lame duck session (between the election and the end of the year) or extended in to the new year.

By the way, if Trump is elected and the budget must be debated in December it could be one helluva battle over refugees at that point in time (and this is why we must keep pushing this now!).

Meadows is among members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus who have said they would support a government spending bill that expires in December, rather than later in the new year, if the legislation contains language pausing refugee resettlement.

The Freedom Caucus prefers the spending bill to run past the lame-duck session of Congress, but Meadows and other members say they’d abandon that position if their concerns over refugee resettlement were addressed.

Then here is another Republican group with a concern about funding refugees from terrorist regions of the world and raising the specter of a government shutdown over refugee funding. (Again, the Daily Signal continues)


Maryland’s Andy Harris ‘gets it’ and deserves praise for his leadership on this issue!

A larger House conservative group, the Republican Study Committee, is also pushing congressional leadership to include a policy rider to the spending bill related to the refugee issue.

“A lot of us agree with the vast majority of Americans that we should be certain we can vet these refugees before we give them free access to the U.S.,” said Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., a Freedom Caucus member who is running to become chairman of the Republican Study Committee. [Harris is also on the all-important Appropriations Committee—ed]

“I believe a CR [continuing resolution to fund the government] should have a refugee component as part of it,” Harris told The Daily Signal in an interview, adding:

If the president wants to threaten to shut down the government because he wants to take in refugees who are not vetted, especially given what happened in New York and New Jersey, I’d like to see that argument against it.

In the Senate, Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz are expected to speak up about refugee funding, but there doesn’t seem to be the will there in the leadership to cut any funds!

The offices of House leadership—Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.; Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.; and Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Ky.—would not confirm to The Daily Signal that they would attach a refugee-related measure to the spending bill, citing the privacy of ongoing negotiations.

The Senate is widely expected to release its version of the spending bill before the House does. Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., are among senators to speak out against Obama’s plan to take in more refugees this year.

But here at the end, we see the usual Republican (RINO) ploy—blame it on the Dems! This Congressman, whoever he is!, is shilling for the elite Republican establishment.

He is letting not only Paul Ryan off the hook, but the Senate MAJORITY LEADER  as well by saying if there is no Democratic support there is no sense doing anything. This is BS! The Republicans control Congress, not the Dems!


If Charlie Dent is your Congressman, time to unload on him!

We know too much now, they can’t pull this c*** on us!

The Republicans are responsible for refugee funding! Maybe it is time for the Republicans to stand up for the principle (and the Constitution!) and if the Dems want to bring in potentially more terrorists let them be responsible!

The Daily Signal wraps up with this from an apparent establishment mouth piece!

Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., who leads House Republicans’ more centrist Tuesday Group, said he is doubtful party leaders would attach language related to refugees unless they know more Senate Democrats would vote for it.

“I believe any proposals that should go into the CR are ones that can attract the votes to pass, and I don’t know if this refugee rider can get the votes in the Senate,” Dent told The Daily Signal in an interview, referring to the continuing resolution to fund the government.

So, Dent is one of those Republicans who aren’t willing to fight or stand on principle. He thinks we will just blame one more loss on the Democrats!  Won’t work anymore!

Keep calling! It is working!

14 Responses to “Refugee funding could be major budget battle this year between Republican Congress and Obama”

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  2. sturandot13 said

    What all of these government “representatives” seem to forget is that it’s NOT just about jihadis sneaking in through the “refugee” pipeline. The problem is izlam (sic – on purpose) itself – and demographics!

    muzlims (sic – on purpose) have as many children as possible. (All future candidates for “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” when they grow up.) The “hijra”, its origins with Mad Mo, its application throughout history, and its application TODAY is by far the more serious threat. THAT is how muzlims “izlamize” nations and whole continents: immigration.

    Back in the 1960s, when so many European nations were taking in muzlims, their numbers were small so there wasn’t much of a threat. Their numbers have exploded in recent years (thanks to Frau Merkel), and look what has followed: skyrocketing crime, sharia “no go zones”, rape, murder, and yes, terrorism. The fact that the countries of Europe ALLOW muzlim polygyny, and seem to think that the taxpaying citizens must fork over the “jizya” (welfare) for muzlim men, their SEVERAL wives, and many children are all a part and parcel of what is killing the once-free nations of Europe.

    Case in point: London is now apparently home to as many (or more) muzlims as non-muzlims. They elected London’s first muzlim mayor, Sadiq Khan, who is openly telling his muzlim co-religionists NOT to assimilate or integrate. On top of that, Khan now claims that terrorism (he does NOT say MUZLIM terrorism) is now the “new normal”; and, in effect, to get used to it. Sorry, no. Especially when muzlims here in the U.S. are once again celebrating muzlim attacks on U.S. citizens. (Khan: “‘We are the West’, he asserted, insisting that it is ‘compatible to be someone with Western liberal values… [and] to be a mainstream Muslim'”.) No, Mr. Khan, it is NOT possible “to be someone with Western liberal values and to be a mainstream muslim”.

    Reference articles:

    The book mentioned below is a must-read for anyone interested in the tactic of “al hijrah” – and it should be REQUIRED reading for every one of our so-called “representatives”, and any and all who make decisions about who we let into our country:

    Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam? Paperback – January 29, 2009
    by Sam Solomon (Author), E. Al Maqdisi (Author)

    “Rev Dr Patrick Sookhdeo Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity “If only one piece of information pertaining to Muslims and Islam is ever read, it would be this book on Al-Hijra.” N Keas Phd Lecturer and Communication Consultant “I hope that every person in the Western world reads it, including the sleeping political elite.”


  3. Ray Rigsby said

    Are you kidding me! These fools just gave into Obamas budget and walked away with their tails between their legs and you actually think they have the balls to fight over this? Naivety isn’t even close to describing this.


  4. […] Refugee funding could be major budget battle this year between Republican Congress and Obama ( […]


  5. Ann: If possible, could you please check the news item in the link? Thank you.

    (A) Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district taking in ZERO refugees.
    (B) I wonder if the report is accurate and, are there any other incidence of Democrat congressional members taking none of the burden that all other communities will have to contend with.
    (C) Maybe there’s some pattern that can be established?


  6. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  7. conprof said

    When Y2K was approaching, a sweet legislator at the Cobb County GOP breakfast in Marietta, long about August 1998, asked the Speaker of the House to tell us what the government was doing to prevent banks shutting down, etc. He was in the computer business and worried sick about Y2K. Newt said (I paraphrase from memory, but the memory is seared in my brain) “No worries, we have given Al Gore all the money he needs to fix it, if he fails, we’ll just blame it on him.” DC does not care about us, just about the politics and who gets credit and who gets blame!

    “I believe a CR [continuing resolution to fund the government] should have a refugee component as part of it,” Harris told The Daily Signal in an interview, adding:

    “If the president wants to threaten to shut down the government because he wants to take in refugees who are not vetted, especially given what happened in New York and New Jersey, I’d like to see that argument against it.”

    This is statement is consistent with DC political views and therefore, it might work to persuade all the politicos that they are on the right side of this issue! Way to go Andy – I hope he’s better than just a politico, but if that’s all he is, at least he’s smarter than Newt!


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  9. 30 People were just injured by a terrorist bomb. If ALL 30 of them would file PERSONAL lawsuits against Hillary, Obama, Reid, Pelosi ….. THEN change would begin.
    The Politicians assume PERSONAL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for the crimes of ILLEGALS that they “sponsor” through their “sanctuary” laws and by importing REFUJIHADIS from abroad.
    By WHAT authority are they manipulating Society? Where in the Constitution are they allowed to “SOCIAL ENGINEER”?
    “our” politicians take oaths to uphold the LAW and the Constitution. When they REFUSE to, when they openly DEFY and circumvent the LAW, they FORFEIT their “Governmental Immunity”. Every Politician who goes on record as supporting ILLEGAL INVADERS should be held financially responsible for PAYING REPARATIONS for the crimes done by the ILLEGALS.
    ALL immigrants must have SPONSORS who will be accountable for the actions of the immigrant. Supporters of ILLEGALS are ASSUMING SPONSORSHIP of all Illegals and therefore are FINANCIALLY responsible for CRIMES and LIFE SUPPORT of ALL illegals. NO illegals should be on TAXPAYER DOLE, they should be living on the wealth of their SPONSORS and in THEIR HOUSES.
    Start CIVIL FORFEITURE on the assets of Politicians that cover for ILLEGAL INVADERS. Since their “Government DUTIES consist of securing the Border” and they not only failed but REFUSE to secure the border they are no longer protected by “immunity”

    Liked by 1 person

  10. If you want any economic future at all you BETTER start fighting —– do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, SEND those who are concerned about them over THERE to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland. Send the CONCERNED ONES with THEIR OWN money to pay for the charity they are SO anxious to hand out because “being charitable” with someone else’s money is THEFT, charity must be paid for with YOUR money.
    What do you think they are going to LIVE ON?
    YOUR Social Security is being given to the REFUJIHADIS.


  11. EdwardTeach said

    Our soldiers fought and died to keep us safe in our own country from these people and we were safe until the soldiers of islam were brought in and given quarter with our tax money.

    Now the citizens of the United States of America and the American military are being hunted and murdered in our country, on our streets, by our enemy. Understand this, they are killing our children in our own country. Why are they here?

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