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Texas plans to withdraw from refugee program, and then what?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 21, 2016

Thanks to all who sent this news.  I saw it earlier.  How many of you remember that Kansas and New Jersey dropped out a few months ago? A handful of you? Did it have any effect other than a little bureaucratic reshuffling.


Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee Michael McCaul is from Texas, so what is he doing in the House to protect his home state. Anything?

There was a story the other day that NJ has gotten over 200 Syrian Muslims since Gov. Christie withdrew NJ from the program.  The slack is just being picked up by a non-profit federal contractor.  Those states effectively became Wilson-Fish states. (Search Wilson-Fish here at RRW if you don’t know what that is.)

Now don’t get me wrong, there is an impact if the Governor goes through with it. But, unless he then follows up with a 10th Amendment lawsuit like Tennessee is planning to do (who knows when?), getting out will only temporarily slow the flow to Texas.

Sorry to sound so cynical, but I am today! I was optimistic this morning, but all that changed when I saw the useless language (page 8) the Republicans are now proposing for the Continuing Budget Resolution.

I am so disgusted at most of the spineless Republicans in Congress who have no courage to begin to roll back the program that is frankly dangerous to our communities and economically UNSUSTAINABLE!

And, they are dumb besides, because once the immigrant (Muslim) population reaches a certain level they will vote the Republicans out of office!

Fox is one of many outlets talking about Texas withdrawing:

The state of Texas on Wednesday announced that it is withdrawing from the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program due to the administration’s inability to ensure that refugees resettled in the state do not pose terror threats, according to an announcement by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Texas informed the Office of Refugee Resettlement in a letter that it will be withdrawing from the program on Jan. 31, 2017. The letter comes on the heels of several weekend terror attacks across the United States

The administration has refused to approve a security plan by the state of Texas aimed at ensuring that refugees are only resettled following in-depth security checks.

Texas officials drafted a plan that would require federal national security officials to provide assurances that none of the individuals being resettled pose a terror threat. The administration has declined to approve this plan.

And, come to think of it, how did Texas become the number one resettlement state in the nation? Because certain Republicans have been running that state forever and they have been derelict in protecting their citizens.   (Remember this name—Bush?)

8 Responses to “Texas plans to withdraw from refugee program, and then what?”

  1. There is no need for a “law suit” by TX to stop the refugee flow into TX come January 1, 2017.

    In fact, the LAST thing TX (or any State) should do is to succumb to the inanity of appealing to the FEDERAL judiciary to stop implementation of a dangerous FEDERAL program within the State’s sovereign territory. A dead-end, for sure.

    Simply withdrawing from the federal program is sufficient. No simple-minded, dead-end law suit is necessary. Withdrawing from the program is within a State’s 10th Amendment constitutional authority. If TX actually follows through (and that remains to be seen), implementation of the federal refugee resettlement program in TX will have been effectively nullified.

    Can the FEDS compel Texas to reconsider? Absolutely. If history is any lesson, all the feds need do is threaten to withhold highway, education, et. al. funding. And therein lies the challenge for TX or any other State worth its salt.

    Does TX or any State possess the spine, principle, mettle required to assert their 10th Amendment authority even when threatened with federal bribes? To date, States have routinely folded. Lesson: financial dependency on federal largess is always suicidal and subversive of the principle of dual sovereignty .

    That said, in the case of TX it can afford to resist the bribery. But, will it?

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  2. domstudent11 said

    I read page 8 of the appropriations bill you linked and it says NOTHING about cutting funding, just the same old language about ensuring that refugees from certain parts of the Middle East are properly screened.


  3. Carl said

    Reblogged this on Carl’s Pflugerville Political Website and commented:
    What is needed is to take action that will result in stopping the further immigration of large numbers of Muslim refugees into the United States. (This is a Reblog.)


  4. paleodrone said

    I like Trey Gowdy. National Security!


  5. eagle669 said

    I am so glad to see Texas do this. The Muslim culture is the only real Trojan horse that combines religion and government without the ability to leave people in peace. The Muslim ideology preaches hate and destruction to all unbelievers. When the Muslim ideology goes against the American rule of law, the Muslim ideology needs to be defined as a terror group and removed from America for the safety of the American people. America’s freedoms are granted through the constitution and the bill of rights for all Americans. The Muslim ideology is not part of the American rule of law. The Muslim ideology is a foreign government within a free peoples government. Only terrorism will result.

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