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Imperial Beach, CA mayor withdraws from “Welcoming City” program

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 24, 2016

This just goes to show what a handful of citizens can do when they put their minds to it!  In California, no less! citizens learned that their mayor and council had signed a “Welcoming cities” proclamation last month.

Having none of it, the citizens pushed back and just yesterday, the Mayor rescinded the proclamation.  Hat tip: Brenda.

Here is one news story at KUSI News two days ago.

IMPERIAL BEACH (KUSI) — The mayor of Imperial Beach is under attack. A small group of people are accusing him of inviting refugees with an official proclamation.

The mayor himself is a little shocked. He believes it’s a big misunderstanding.

It may be a laid back little beach town, but Imperial Beach suddenly finds itself in the middle of an international hot topic.

Last month, Mayor Serge Dedina issued a proclamation, declaring Imperial Beach to be a “Welcoming City.”

The “Welcoming Communities” program is an Obama initiative intended to resettle large numbers of refugees from Syria, the rest of the Middle East and Latin America in cities and towns across America as part of his “fundamental transformation.”

At the time, Mayor Dedina thought it was pretty harmless, but some people believe it goes deeper than that.

They’re suspicious that the words, “welcoming city,” is another way of saying, “sanctuary city.”

No sense wandering in the weeds regarding the definitions because for the average American it is pretty much the same thing!  Welcoming cities are sanctuary cities and vice versa.

Yesterday, the mayor put out this press release:


20 Responses to “Imperial Beach, CA mayor withdraws from “Welcoming City” program”

  1. John G said

    Congratulations to those vocal citizens who spoke against IB’s mayor and the IB Sanctuary City “Welcoming City” Program. These citizens are the true heroes protecting America’s way of life. While citizens pray regularly to those brave men and women who protect American values on foreign shores, rarely do we acknowledge those citizens right here in America who are fighting the good fight without rifles or bombs.

    True Americans throughout America and beyond, thank you!


  2. nafbpo7 said

    Just read in the paper that there are currently 7,800 Haitians in Mexico, with the stated intention of heading for Tijuana. They are going to join the thousands of Africans that have already arrived. They all intend to apply for asylum in the U.S.. Mexico is awaiting word from the Obama administration on whether we will accept them.

    I can’t imagine how Obama can legally extend asylum or refugee status, when these people don’t meet the legal definition under our law. Oh, I know, he’ll just use his powers that his kingdom has seemingly bestowed upon him.

    Why hasn’t congress demanded an end to the Cuban “wet foot, dry foot” policy???


  3. FatherJon said

    These self-appointed ‘welcoming’ committees seem to be a global phenomenon. We have them in Australia too, and let’s not forget Mrs Merkel’s all-welcoming hugs to God knows how many undercover jihadis. We seem to have extended the hand of friendship to gangs of African thugs – called Apex gangs – who are terrorising the suburbs and city centre of Melbourne. Their specialisaton is car-jacking but mugging and home invasions are common too. Of course, the police and politicians try to play it all down but truth is truth and people know what’s happening.

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    • Admin said

      I don’t think they are self-appointed but, at least the organizers of these welcoming groups, are funded. The ones that pushed this particular proclamation through were representatives of non-profits or of a known progressive (red) union, SEIU.


  4. You should recall you mayor and anyone on city council that wanted this. Do not listen to the Obama. He wants you dead


  5. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  6. Obama’s future home …. where is it ? Hawaaii? Is he going to house Syrian Refujihadis in HIS home?


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  8. nafbpo7 said

    Good job mayor, you just had your constituents send a clear message that they are now a pocket of resistance,

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  9. Virginia Thomas said

    Did you forward what TX Gov did?

    Sent from Ginni’s iPhone, a by-product of entrepreneurial free market capitalism. Competition, hard work, innovations and lack of government interference makes great things possible!



  10. domstudent11 said

    It is interesting that only a few people can make a difference. My family member told me that the word is that Evanston Il will no longer be considered a prime refugee resettlement spot because of all the hassles involving that refugee family in his building, who were arrested in Gary, Indiana after a multi-state police effort. The family did more than break laundry machines. They also broke into the room where utility meters for individual apartments are located and switched around the wiring so that their unit had minimal utility charges, and their charges were dumped onto another renter. They are supposed to be deported, but since the info they gave everyone was false, no one knows where to deport them to apparently.

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