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Washington state killer is from Turkey, Muslim refugee family?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 25, 2016


Arcan Cetin

Unfortunately I have no time to learn more this morning. I’m dashing out to a meeting in DC, but caught a blip on the news that oops!, not Hispanic.  Breitbart posted a story during the night.  Here it is.

Police have identified the alleged shooter in the Burlington mall attack as Arcan Cetin, 20, of Oak Harbor, Washington. Multiple reports indicate that Cetin was an immigrant from Turkey — not a citizen, but a legal permanent resident of the United States.

So, through which LEGAL immigration program did he enter the US? More later!

Afterthought: could he be an Uzbek, a Chechen or Bosnian (we do take them as refugees and process many through Turkey!)  Just speculating! Readers, let me know what you find out today!

Update: See our comments for more on Cetin.  And note that there is a Syrian refugee camp at Adana, Turkey where Cetin is supposedly from.  So what is the story on this guy, why is it taking so long to fill us in.

13 Responses to “Washington state killer is from Turkey, Muslim refugee family?”

  1. sturandot13 said

    Ann, here is more – from Pamela Geller:


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  4. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  5. 7delta said

    From what I learned so far, his Turkish mother married an American guy who was stationed with the navy in Adana, Turkey. The new husband/dad obtained visas for his new wife and her son to enter the U.S. It appears Arcan Cetin is not a U.S. citizen, but is a permanent resident.

    Details are still sketchy, but from what I can tell, Arcan was arrested last year for 4th degree assault, was a defendant in a 2014 domestic violence case, but not convicted, was told not to possess firearms and a formal no-contact order was entered on behalf of both parents, had no place to stay and an uncle refused to allow him to stay with him. Cetin was reported to be staying in a local motel.

    Girls who went to high school with Arcan have reported on social media that he sexually harassed female classmates, including inappropriate touching. Arcan also has a trail of social media posts that point to be him being a devout Muslim, or evolving toward being devout, praising the Islamic state and known actors within that state.

    Apparently, a former girlfriend, or at least someone he was attracted to, used to work at Macy’s, but is no longer employed there, nor was she apparently one of the victims. The victims are reported locally to be two 16 year-old females, two middle-aged women and the elderly mother of one of the women and a male. I have not found any connection between the victims and Cetin yet or if there’s any specific reason he chose Macy’s, but he apparently entered unarmed originally, then returned with the .22 rifle.

    Also, check the Conservative Treehouse thread for more links and saves of rapidly disappearing social media.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thanks so much for all of this. I was off to hear Ann Coulter speak and Angelo Codevilla today (among others), so thanks for doing my work! Please send more if you find it!

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  6. EdwardTeach said

    Our soldiers fought and died to keep us safe in our own country from these people and we were safe until the soldiers of islam were brought in and given quarter with our tax money.

    Now the citizens of the United States of America and the American military are being hunted and murdered in our country, on our streets, by our enemy. Understand this, they are killing our children in our own country. Why are they here?

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  7. Reblogged this on and commented:
    It is reported that the subject was chanting, “Subhan Allah” (Glory to God), and the MSM will only fess up to him being, an “immigrant”.
    Information is being suppressed. Therefore I will call him out as a refugee, and let the MSM prove otherwise.

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  8. ANOTHER poison skittle.

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  9. TwoLaine said

    Here is some his immigration history, per his stepfather:


  10. He has the typical face and eyes of Asiatic Uzbeks or Chechens, many of whom can be found in Eastern Turkey.


  11. – Facebook page of mother


  12. You Retweeted
    Basket of Adorables ‏@IAmRevell 7h7 hours ago
    Basket of Adorables Retweeted Deplorable Observer
    Burlington shooter’s father
    “While on my last trip to Turkey I met and married my current wife, she also had a son I took as my own (Arcan)”

    I read this somewhere on twitter, who got it from this tweet:

    User Actions

    Deplorable Observer
    #ArcanCetin This is from his father’s facebook.

    There was a picture of it with text of the facebook page, I could not copy/paste.

    Another tweet:

    Basket of Adorables ‏@IAmRevell 8h8 hours ago
    “He’d grab & slap my friends and I’s asses & caressed my friends chest…This is a TARGET AGAINST WOMEN. Rot in hell” #CascadeMallShooting

    With a picture with text from facebook, claiming she went to highschool with him.

    I have liked the tweets, so you can find them easy, if you look on my twitter profile: @FloortjeBellefl


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