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Comment worth noting: NY state reader is one heckuva brave guy!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 27, 2016

Editor: This is a comment I received from a reader, Sergeant Joe Moran, who lives in New York state. I’m not posting it because I want you to see his praise of my work here, but because of his bravery!  How many of us would have the guts to confront a Catholic priest (or a pastor) during mass?

This is posted with permission from Sergeant Moran. It is slightly edited to make it easier to read.  (I added paragraph breaks and spelled out some abbreviations.)

Hi Ann, Just wanted to thank you for your extraordinary work informing the public on the influx of refugees pouring into our country. I myself was a NYPD Forensics Sergeant assigned to the Bellevue Morgue in NYC during the 9/11/01 WTC Terror Attacks; going through what seemed like an endless eternity of body parts.


After 911: Helping people find their loved ones was a daunting task…..

I also worked with members of law enforcement (NYPD, State Police, & FBI-Famous but incompetent). I can unequivocally tell you within these mosques, the imams were preaching nothing but hate and vitriol towards America and the citizenry within the USA.

I now reside in upstate New York, the fresh country air nourishes my lungs, which were effected by the pollutants and contaminants in the air the day of 911 WTC terrorists attacks. I’m active with the Republican party and the (USCC) Upstate Conservative Club Coalition. The only ones within these organizations who seemed to be privy to the refugee chicanery or sophistry were members of the John Birch Society, none of the others realized the magnitude or depth the refugee crisis, which is having such deleterious effect on our culture and country.

I have to applaud your courage and temerity, shining the light on such a dark axiom; that average Americans don’t have a clue. Ann you truly are an oracle of truth, and are extremely brave and courageous! Thanks to you I now know that Catholic Charities under the auspices of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is an active agent saboteur working in tandem with the State Department and the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), getting paid federal US tax payer dollars completing their pseudo-philanthropic mission; which in my opinion is tantamount to treason against the USA.

The knowledge you convey to me gave the courage to stand for the truth.

I happened to be attending a mass at a Catholic Church within my neighborhood. The priest giving the sermon is an ultra liberal Anti-American zealot. He started to spout off that America should be ashamed for not admitting more refugees into country. He stated we have the personnel and resources to do so; and we don’t want to treat them like the Native American Indians, we killed all of them, he said.

That’s when I got up from my pew and proceeded to approach the front alter and politely interjected myself in to the sermon. I introduced myself as retired NYPD 911 WTC Responder Sergeant Joe Moran. I looked the priest directly into his eyes and said he was totally out of his area of expertise and couldn’t be more wrong. He replied back in an acrimonious tone: I’m not wrong and how dare I interrupt his mass.

I stated that I had every right to do so under the first amendment and this was not his mass, its our mass (the congregants and parishioners)! I told him that he was pontificating nothing but feel good politically correct propaganda for his own sinful self-righteous pride and he needs to go to confession for his lies; because he is letting the wolves right into his flock. I told him he wasn’t being a Good Shepard or sheep herder.

Then I went on to quote Abraham Lincoln ” Those who don’t stand up and speak the truth for the way the truth should be told makes cowards out of all of us”! I told the priest he is being cowardice for his own sinful self-righteous pride and emphasized that in light of recent events like the San Bernardino attacks he should be having a moment of prayer and silence for the victims of that horrendous act of terror.

Then I stated what is of paramount importance is the safety and security of the USA and its citizenry within and went back to my pew.

That following Sunday I had The Saratoga Springs Police at my door. With that said, Ann I want to thank you for dispensing and giving me the knowledge and courage to stand up for the righteous cause. Thanks for your courage and conviction. I pray for your safety and well being often.

Sincerely, Retired NYPD 911 WTC Responder Sergeant Joseph Patrick Moran.

Thank YOU, Sergeant Joseph Patrick Moran!

A google search of Sgt. Joe Moran turned up this story.

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18 Responses to “Comment worth noting: NY state reader is one heckuva brave guy!”

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  2. Stunning bravery, I can only imagine the butterflies at the initial thought to interrupt, and how much strength of will, honor and goodness Sgt. Moran mustered to go ahead anyway, not caring for human approval but only God’s. BRAVO!! There is indeed a war for the soul of the Catholic Church being waged, indeed the soul of all Christian denominations, most of which have put (at best) sentimental mush, and at worst, hatred of this country, ahead of righteousness.


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  4. Marietta said

    Thank you, Sgt. Moran and Ann for your courage. It should be pointed out to Catholic clergy and congregations that the Muslim invasion is not just a political issue but is actually a religious war.

    We are Christ’s warriors, the Church militants. Time was when Catholics crusaders were dying for their Faith. Now we’re being dhimmitized right in our own backyard and our priests are enabling the wolves to attack the flock.

    God bless you, Sgt. Moran and Ms. Corcoran. I’ll support you with prayers before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.


  5. imprimipotest said

    “Strive for the truth unto death, and the Lord shall fight for thee.”

    Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 4, 28.


  6. A MILLION thank-you’s to BOTH Ms. Corcoran and Sgt. Moran for being beacons of light in the darkness of this world!!


  7. So,what happened with the cops??


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I just assumed they told him to not bug the priest, but I’ll check and see if I can find out exactly what they said.


  8. Valdemar said

    Sergeant Moran;

    Good job. There are still some great parishes where you will get the ACTUAL teaching of the Church which is the truth and not lies from some Communist traitor to the cause of Christ. There is a spiritual war raging inside the Catholic Church for the Truth.

    That spiritual war is definitely not over. Don’t be disheartened.


  9. Marty Hill said

    If I only had the eloquence, mental organization and kahoonas of Sgt Moran to pull this off without making an ass of myself…My hat is definitely off to this man…Bravo…we should all have this ability to correct the idiots. Thank you Ann Corcoran and Sgt Moran.


  10. mikekiljom said


    Had to share to my PUBLIC FB page with my added comment:





  11. sturandot13 said

    Good on you, Sgt. Joe Moran! I am SO glad someone had the cojones to stand up to the lying wolves among Christ’s flock. Thank you for your bravery sir! And thank you, Ann, for posting this brave sergeant’s comment.


  12. Thank you Sargent Moran for your courage. I wish there were more Sargent Morans around. Also Ms Corcoran, you are doing a great job of keeping us informed. None of the elite class has to deal with devastation many communities are facing due to illegal immigration and dumping of refugees by these so called charities.


  13. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  14. tvfmontana said

    Thank you Sergeant Moran.


  15. Reblogged this on and commented:
    NYPD MOS Standing Tall, and telling it, Like It Is.


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