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Diversity not so beautiful in Elizabeth, NJ

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 27, 2016

The Leftist Open Borders activists and the Refugee Resettlement contractors continue to promote the naive concept that all immigrants they shove together in neighborhoods throughout American towns and cities love each other and are eager for the mixing of cultures they are told happens in the mythical American melting pot.


David Miliband, a British national, is head of the federal resettlement contractor diversifying Elizabeth, NJ. He and Hillary are long-time pals! If Hillary is elected, expect tens of thousands more refugees arriving in your towns. Go here for our huge archive on Miliband:

It is a big lie that immigrants living next door to each other (and next door to African-Americans) are all living in harmony. It is a lie we have reported on many times over the years as the mainstream media usually hides the friction from the general public.

But, I guess in the case of Elizabeth, NJ, hometown of one of the recent Islamic terrorists who came out of the closet, even the Los Angeles Times is reporting on the growing fear of Muslims by the earlier Hispanic immigrant waves.

By the way, I’ve even heard that in some big food processing/manufacturing plants the Muslim workers and Hispanic workers are assigned to different shifts so as not to create more tension in the workplace.

Breitbart tells us all about how the fissures are showing in Elizabeth, NJ as reported by the LA Times (because let’s face it, how many of you are still reading the LA Times!):

“I used to think we were all immigrants, all the same people who came here for a better life. Now I’m not so sure,” a Colombian-American neighbor of First American Fried Chicken, the business linked to Afghan-American suspected terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahami, told the Los Angeles Times.

Gus Serrano, who lives in the Rahami family’s community in Elizabeth, New Jersey, was one of many who expressed reservation with the newest arrivals to the working-class, largely immigrant and refugee-populated city. Rahami was arrested last week after allegedly planting a series of bombs throughout the region – first in the sleepy shore town of Seaside Park, New Jersey, then in two locations in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, and, finally, at the Elizabeth, New Jersey, Transit train station.

In a notebook found on his person after a shootout with police, Rahami made mention of al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki and Islamic State chief propagandist Abu Mohammad al-Adnani. “Kill the kuffar in their backyard,” he wrote.

Hispanic immigrants are kuffars just like you and me!

Here is another quote from a woman who is reevaluating her thinking:

One woman told the Los Angeles Times that she used to chide a friend who would warn about Muslim immigrants. “I would tell my friend, ‘How can you say Muslims are terrorists?’” She says she is reconsidering her friend’s stance: “But now — oh my God — look what happened in our neighborhood. How can we know who to trust?”

Continue reading here.

Elizabeth, NJ is being diversified by federal contractor the International Rescue Committee, see here.

I just checked the Refugee Processing Center to see just how much diversity the IRC had dropped in Elizabeth over the last ten years (number of refugees in parenthesis):

Afghanistan (19)

Bhutan (15)

Burma (44)

Colombia (12)

Cuba (602)

DR Congo (75)

El Salvador (2)

Eritrea (15)

Ethiopia (8)

Iran (4)

Iraq (206)

Ivory Coast (4)

Latvia (1)

Moldova (8)

Pakistan (2)

Somalia (9)

Sri Lanka (5)

Sudan (41)

Syria (221)

Ukraine (4)

But not to worry, they are going to melt into multicultural bliss and live happily ever after.

6 Responses to “Diversity not so beautiful in Elizabeth, NJ”

  1. […] via Diversity not so beautiful in Elizabeth, NJ — Refugee Resettlement Watch […]


  2. Help! I need some help from anyone who has tried to get R&P Abstracts. I’ve been having a go-round with the Partnership for Refugees, which is the local listed contractor for my area. When I emailed (and phoned) to obtain an R&P abstract, I got a message stating that they aren’t paid by the State Dept. and that they “donate” their time. I replied and asked for the R&P abstract (again) and got this:

    “The Partnership for Refugees does not receive funding from the State Department. The individuals that work on the Partnership team are employees at USA for UNHCR and Accenture, and they are provided this support pro-bono.”

    Well, as you can see, that is not responsive to my query. I responded asking if they simply cannot or will not furnish the R&P Abstract. Any suggestions out there? Accenture is a consulting firm. I’m trying to wrap my head around their involvement in this industry?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Put them (Accenture)in our search window here at RRW, I think I’ve mentioned them. What city are you in? But, don’t feel like you are alone. Everyone has trouble getting Abstracts and most people who do, get them through a Freedom of information request. If I know what city/state you are in, I can give you some guidance.

      And, btw, over a year ago I said on a radio show for everyone to get their Abstracts and one of the major contractors (probably all of them) that I know of sent a message to all of its offices around the country to tell them to refuse anyone who calls looking for the Abstracts.


  3. This is all a deliberate fracturing of every White Christian area they can identify.


  4. Bob Enos said

    As to the comment about businesses placing Hispanics and Muslims on different shifts to avoid trouble – a parent of a middle school child told me just yesterday that the Hispanic and Somalis students in her child’s school move through the halls for lunch, busing, etc. on different shifts for the same reason. Evidently, the school doesn’t have enough staff to prevent trouble. This coming from a bright young Hispanic student in her early teen, so I tend to believe it.

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