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Palestinian says Hungary is suspicious of refugees; no grass for the kids (huh?)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 27, 2016

Say what?

Invasion of Europe news….



Amnesty International’s friends! Some of those sweet refugees trying to break the border fence and get in to Hungary in 2015. How long do you think there would be a Hungary if they opened their gates to the Middle East?


Amnesty International is trying to influence a Hungarian election coming up in a week.  Hungarians will vote on whether to accept EU quotas on how many refugees each country must take, including Hungary.  Amnesty International has put out a ‘report’ on how mean Hungary is to the masses arriving from the Middle East.

(Standard International Leftist ploy, put out a report.  Why don’t we do that more often?)

Here is the news at the UK Express:

A report from the human rights agency claims the criminalisation of those hoping to seek asylum in Europe has erupted into violence, with many reporting police beatings and aggressive threats from detention centres.

Refugees are also allegedly being denied basic care, in a “flagrant breach” of intentional law and European Union directives.

The report comes just a week before [the timing is just coincidental, LOL!—ed] the country will take to the polls in a referendum to keep the decision on whether to accept more refugees in their hands – not Brussels’.

Many paragraphs later we see qouted one of those who talked to Amnesty. First note she is a Palestinian. What the heck, thought it was Syrians that are the flavor of the year.  Is Hungary expected to ‘welcome’ every Muslim who wants to come to the country from anywhere on the globe?

And, then look at this!  We are further expected to believe the ol’ grandma who can’t walk got all the way to the Hungarian border by presumably walking?  Or, were they chauffeur-driven? I’m pretty suspicious at this point. But, then see what the poor Palestinian ‘refugee’ says next.

Mean ol’ Hungary has no grass for her kids! Nothing green! Her kids are being deprived of grass in Hungary. What the heck! Do they have green lawns in Palestine?  And, it is hot in Hungary (hotter in Hungary than Palestine)! Sheesh! Just go home then!

One refugee, who spoke to Amnesty International, had travelled from Palestine with her husband, four children aged between three and 13, and her 72-year-old mother-in-law who is unable to walk.

She told the agency: “It’s not nice here for the children. It’s barbed wire and no grass, nothing green for them. It’s hot and not a good environment for them to be in.

“The first time we arrived here and saw this we were so scared. It looked like a jail, we were so scared. In Hungary there is suspicion.”

If that is the best maligned ‘refugee’ Amnesty can present, it is no wonder Hungarians are suspicious!

Stick to your guns Hungary and say NO!

Our ‘Invasion of Europe’ news is archived here.

9 Responses to “Palestinian says Hungary is suspicious of refugees; no grass for the kids (huh?)”

  1. […] Source: Palestinian says Hungary is suspicious of refugees; no grass for the kids (huh?) […]


  2. sootysmum said

    I’m deeply concerned about the influx of young male Muslims, some 74% of the migrants, who have thoughtfully left their wives and children behind to be bombed. They are so scared of what is happening in Syria that they return home to massacre a load of poor animals then return to Europe. I agree that there are some genuine refugees but nothing like the huge invasion. They march up through Europe DEMANDING that they have housing and money.

    The whingey whiney Palestinian probably thinks that she is entitled to a fabulous mansion with grass and a watering system to keep it green. There are a couple of families here in the UK who believe that they have the same right. The woman has 5 children, the eldest of which is a drug dealer with a large new BMW which he parks in a disabled bay (illegal) but no-one removes it. They were homed in an extremely expensive property which they trashed. Personally, I would throw them out of the country but being a Muslim is an automatic get/keep out of jail free card.


  3. kerberos616 said

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  4. sootysmum said

    Where’s Palestine?

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  5. Move them to ISRAEL, Send the muslims to Israel. Israel is the land of DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE, and INCLUSIVENESS. Thank the ADL,SPLC, ACLU,for INJECTING these foreign viruses into OUR society with their “tolerance, diversity, inclusion” aimed and designed to fracture and infect OUR White, Christian,Western, People. Even as they BRAG that they are creating a”PURE JEWISH” Israel.
    The SEMITES should all be together.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      You need to follow what is going on in Israel on immigration. These groups you mention are not pro-Israel. Israel is trying to close its borders. I would rather see the Vatican overrun with Muslims since the Catholic Church is one of our main problems on this issue… (and the Lutherans, the Evangelicals at World Relief and the mainstream protestants at Church World Service). All are open borders!

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    • sootysmum said

      What did Israel do to deserve them?


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