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Maine has a sexual assault problem in its Somali community

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 30, 2016

Well, what else can you conclude when the federal government shovels a whopping $300,000 grant to a Somali women’s group located in Lewiston, ME.

How funny! The group was renamed with a more generic sounding name probably to more easily get the payola.


Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins is one of the worst Republican Senators on the Hill. Years ago I went to a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing she was co-chairing and I was stunned by her naive and silly way of looking at the terrorism issue as it related to Somalis leaving the US to join the jihadists.

BTW, when we first began writing RRW back in 2007 there were allegations in Tennessee that similar grant money, to a Somali group for the women, ended up in some Imam’s pocket who had mysteriously returned to Somalia.

Here is the short story from AP:

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) – The federal Office on Violence Against Women is giving a Maine immigration resource center $300,000 for sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy in the immigrant community.

The money is going to Immigration Resource Center of Maine, which is located in Lewiston. The center was formerly called the United Somali Women of Maine.

Maine U.S. Sens. Angus King and Susan Collins say the immigration resource center will create, maintain and expand sexual assault services for East African sexual assault victims who live in southern Maine. [I can assure you that white Mainers are not doing the assaulting!—ed]

The senators say the money will help provide culturally specific services to ensure that members of Maine’s East African community have support and education about sexual assault and domestic violence.

Wow! How many sexual assaults and domestic violence cases are there in Maine?

Where is the media on that hot story?

See our extensive archive on Maine by clicking here.

25 Responses to “Maine has a sexual assault problem in its Somali community”

  1. Jimmy W. said

    For Ann Corcoran: Please accept my full appreciation for all that you give.
    Many people are most grateful. From my heart: Thank You.

    The primary reason I post this comment is to ONLY ask for a logical & sensible answer please. Being a natural born citizen in the most educated & powerful nation in the world (United States of America), I don’t think that’s very much to ask for. One simple answer.

    I’ve been both confused & bewildered because I have no clue what has stopped the wonderful African colored people here in the good ole U.S. of A…and everywhere else in the world…to stop complaining. To me, it seems the vast majority of African colored people have left their nations and ancestors in a total cesspool, and as shameful as it is…this entire world is sinking very low with the fecal matter that’s surrounding us.

    I have and suppose I never will understand why so many well educated and most capable complain continually about everything under the sun….but not one of them have returned to Africa to stop the homelessness, the health crisis, starvation, education, rampant infections & diseases, build homes, start even one manufacturing and/or construction business…the list goes on & on….

    Because I sincerely know that Black Lives really DO matter, I must ask all those who can (and should):
    What’s stopping YOU from returning to your nation and people….and actually accomplishing things that will bring your nation and ancestors out of the disgusting depravity that is totally decimating in every way all your relatives and your nation?

    My honest & sincere suggestion?

    It’s not difficult to see: colored & African people are not at all happy in the United States of America.
    Pack up all you own. Leave the United States immediately, and PROVE your worthwhile intelligence and ability by going back to your nation of origin and start overcoming all the overwhelming problems in YOUR nation…your relatives…in fact…your time & history.
    How about that O Wise Ones?

    Thank you for reading my shared thoughts.
    Please be careful & enjoy your day.


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  3. […] of DC for good? Just the other day we learned that a Somali ‘community’ group was given $300,000 to combat sexual abuse in the East African (that’s what they call Somalis when they don’t want to use the […]


  4. sidefxny said

    Please know that it is not just Somali’s in Maine that are causing all this trouble. Here is a link to an article that appeared in today’s ultra liberal/ left NY Times that surprisingly enough admits that they have a problem with ILLEGAL alien gangs terrorizing one of New York’s most affluent suburbs. Folks, we are not talking about some broken down inner city or even a third world country. To quote the headline, “They keep finding bodies.”

    This is a town less than 50 miles from the heart of Manhattan, where these illegal savages are murdering young teenagers. Yet because of political correctness, basically nothing is being done about it. Amazingly enough, the scumbags at the Times are now trying to blame the problem on Trump:

    “The recent murders have exacerbated disputes in the town over immigration policy, which Donald J. Trump, the Republican candidate for president, fueled during last week’s debate by saying that the gangs roaming the streets were made up of illegal immigrants.”

    As a native New Yorker, I find it incredible that this has been allowed to happen so close to home. But I guess by now I should know better. Unless Trump is elected and we get some major changes in our elected officials of every stripe, our once great country is doomed. These illegal savages are killing and raping our children for God’s sake! What does it take to get the Powers that Be off their asses so that they will do something? I guess we will have to wait until one of their kids is affected. Then maybe we’ll see some action. As long as it’s just the Little People being harmed, they couldn’t care less.




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  7. […] Additionally, I wonder is some Somali community activist group getting grants from the feds like the one in Maine. […]


  8. Mario Leli said

    glad this is happening in maine the purple lipped lawn jockey won maine twice. you want it you got it


  9. But Susan the idiot Collins, male domination and what we call rape and sexual assault is part of their “culture.” Why is this money needed since they have no intention of adopting western culture.


  10. […] Maine has a sexual assault problem in its Somali community […]


  11. Sam Nelson said

    Worse than the gods returning and destroying the Earth. Deep in our heart’s we all know that is just bs. Somalia men raping (white women) any woman, any person, since they do not confine their lust to only women, even the animals, are at risk. The chance of catching a deadly disease, out of this world. This “immigration” fiasco truly is the end of the world for us/US, the fool’s who are waiting on the Leadership to do something positive about it, worse than the religious bs.
    Do not go out alone, stay in packs, that’s what they do. If you can legally carry, what the heck, if you can carry, carry. We are at war, today the victims are the women and children, and what a shame are the men that they allow this to happen? At least and as early as possible: teach your children to fight MMA style and for real.


  12. L Garou said

    Particularly nasty little snakes in the grass..


  13. […] Houston financial transparency advocate and condemner of Texans who don’t want  more of this, this and this to happen—aided by the Houston Chronicle and Governor Abbott, aided by the Texas […]


  14. October is Domestic Violence Abuse Awareness Month
    You asked for stats, we deliver:
    Sexual assaults —> Stats are eye-opening, especially in terms of children.

    Domestic Violence

    From National Coalition Against Domestic Violence–State-by-state stats


  15. why do we have to take these savages into the US. Somali cause their own problems and live under war lords. They will never be civilized., They have low IQs and will always live on welfare for generations.


  16. Ann: This might be of interest to you –


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  19. said



  20. Gee that $300,000 could go a long way to feed some hungry AMERICAN children in Maine instead of providing a service to people that are so culturally different than we are they will never assimilate and should not be here in the first place.

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  21. They are targeting White Christian communities. This IS a war on Christianity.
    Stop all donations to any church. The Lutheran, Catholic, and Jewish “Social Services” are being given YOUR tax dollars to import these savages. Check out their web pages, they BRAG about what they are doing. Cut off ALL “churches” and those not involved will pressure those who ARE —- Dry up the MONEY of those JUDAS ISCARIOTS that are betraying us.
    That’s why I say just cut off ALL of them …. they DO understand EMPTY collection plates and “word” will get around very quickly IF People will STAND UP.

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