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At last night’s VP debate, Hillary’s 65,000 Syrian refugees came up…..

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 5, 2016

…..but, did you know it was Senator Tim Kaine’s number before Hillary began talking about it!

Update: More here yesterday at Breitbart.

(Hillary publicly used the 65,000 number in September of 2015, but Kaine was pressing Obama in early summer of 2015.)

(I gotta dash today, more later on the debate).  But, I want to encourage you to watch this youtube video I made with the help of the Center for Security Policy in June 2015 in which I identify Kaine as one of 14 members of what we call the Senate Jihad Caucus!

98-99% of all Syrian refugees admitted to the US thus far are Muslims, mostly Sunni Muslims.

Update: Before I dashed out earlier I should have linked the LA Times story that I was basing my comments on.

8 Responses to “At last night’s VP debate, Hillary’s 65,000 Syrian refugees came up…..”

  1. dotsword said

    forwarded to ‘team trump” this and artcl, “Hillary VEEP was one of the original 14 members of the Senate Jihad Caucus”


  2. […] At VP debate, Hillary’s 65,000 Syrian refugees came up….. […]


  3. R.S. HELMS said

    Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion.


  4. topassistant said

    I was doing some research this moring on “Who destroyed America and why” and I found this little item! Can you imagine the damage that will be done with this!
    Adopt-a-refugee plan under consideration by Obama administration
    Lauren Etter, (c) 2016, Bloomberg(c) 2016, Bloomberg

    Americans might be able to bring a refugee to the U.S. on their own dime if talks between the Obama administration and the nation’s leading refugee advocacy group come to fruition.
    The State Department is considering a pilot program that would let citizens sponsor a refugee from their country of choice by paying for airfare, housing, clothing, food and other resettlement costs. Conversations began in July and are expected to continue in the coming year, said Naomi Steinberg, director of the Refugee Council USA.
    The program, modeled after a similar one in Canada, is designed to crack open new sources of funding as growing anti-refugee sentiment in Congress threatens to cut resettlement programs.
    “It puts Americans in the driver’s seat,” said Matthew La Corte, policy analyst at the Niskanen Center, a Washington-based libertarian think tank that was an early supporter of the program. “It allows them to say ‘I have a spare bedroom. I was thinking of buying a new car but I’ll instead take that $10,000 and put it toward bringing a Syrian refugee over.”‘
    Such a program would mark one of the biggest structural changes to U.S. refugee policy in three decades, and would allow Barack Obama or future presidents to skirt opposition by shifting financial responsibility to everyday Americans. Civil war in Syria, conflict in Africa and more open European borders have combined to displace more than 65 million people worldwide, the deepest refugee crisis since World War II.

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  5. krew09 said

    States don’t have to take in anybody they don’t want. The great Chief Justice John Marshall reminds us the “Constitution of the United States is one of limited and expressly delegated powers which can only be exercised as granted, or in cases enumerated.” For Congress, there is no expressed or implied grant of power over the admission of immigrants to enter and take up residency within any State limits – no more than there is a power to instruct Tokyo to absorb one million refugees. As Jefferson would say of today’s laws over immigration, “is not law, but is altogether void and of no force.”

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  6. kerberos616 said

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