Obama State Department bringing refugees in at the astronomical rate of over 400 a day!

Update October 8th: Up to 900 a day by later in week, see here at Breitbart.

It wasn’t hard to guess that as he leaves office (and fears build of a Trump presidency), Obama will make an outrageous last ditch effort to open the flood gates to refugees from across the globe and most especially from Muslim-dominated countries. Expect to see unheard of numbers before Inauguration day in January.

Seventh District US Congressional Republican candidate, David Brat, speaks during a press conference at the Captiol in Richmond, Va., Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Brat challenged Congressman Eric Cantor's stand on immigration, claiming that Cantor backs amnesty. Cantor is getting pressured from both sides over immigration as his Republican primary election nears and the window for legislative action narrows. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
Seventh District US Congressional Republican, Dave Brat understands what the stakes are as Congress cedes its budget power to Obama on refugee program.

Michael Leahy writing at Breitbart this morning has done the math and it is simply stunning! The flood has begun in the first week of the fiscal year!

It is no wonder, as I told Leahy, that the US State Department is scrambling to get dozens of NEW resettlement offices up and running!

Four hundred and eleven refugees have been resettled in the United States each of the first five days of the fiscal year that began on October 1. At this rate, the country is on track to resettle more than 150,000 refugees in the fiscal year, a rate almost double the 84,995 resettled in FY 2016, and more than 40,000 greater than the 110,000 the Obama administration has proposed for FY 2017.

A total of 2,058 refugees from all countries have been resettled in the United States during the first five days of FY 2017, according to the Department of State’s interactive website.

This is what I told Breitbart:

“My post from last week shows the monthly admissions of refugees since 2006. The October average is traditionally the lowest resettlement month of the year. One October, 2006, we only brought in 1,009 refugees, more than 1,000 fewer than President Obama has brought in over the first five days of October 2017,” Ann Corcoran, who founded the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog in 2007, tells Breitbart News.

“They build in August and September because they are usually desperate to hit their fiscal year ceiling by then. So to have this extraordinarily high rate this October, it confirms our greatest fear that President Obama will pour as many refugees as he can before he leaves office, and before a potential Trump administration takes the reins,” she adds.

“This explains why the State Department is on a quiet mission to open as many new resettlement sites in the country as they can,” she says.

This Member of Congress gets it! Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) knows that Congress has ceded the power of the purse.

At least one member of Congress says it’s time for the bureaucrats who run the resettlement program to listen to the voice of the people.

“We are losing our country whose sole premise is that we are a nation under the law and that we the people are the true Sovereign we are not ruled from a distant palace,” Virginia Republican Rep. Dave Brat tells Breitbart News.

“This refugee crisis response has not ever been put before the American people and our Congress has also given up any semblance of oversight as we voluntarily cede our control over the entire budget process to the new Sovereign in the executive branch,”Brat adds.

Continue reading here, there is much, much more, and hotlinks to follow.

Here comes my message of yesterday, today and tomorrow!


Every one of you in overloaded and stressed resettlement cities, every one of you in new sites,*** every one of you, even if you don’t have refugees, but are worried about the future of our country as we pour people in who are not going to assimilate, who, when their numbers become large enough, are going to push an alternative form of government (shariah), or who might eventually kill us, is looking for a silver bullet to stop the invasion!

There is no silver bullet.  But, in the next 4 weeks you have to make the refugee issue so TOXIC to your Members of Congress/Senators that they just might grow a spine and exercise their power of the purse and slow the invasion by defunding the Refugee Admissions Program.  Nothing else matters right now (well, except electing Donald Trump).

Call your Congressman and your US Senators, but more importantly meet them in their home districts and confront them on this issue.  Be at every townhall asking questions. Get local media to pay attention by picketing their offices and their homes if you must!

I know, I know, you think they are hopeless, but you must do it now. Just try or give up now!

Here is ‘Mom for Trump’ today!  Tell everyone you know to do what ‘Mom’ says!  If you hold a meeting about refugees, give everyone who attends the same marching order. ‘Mom’ is right:

Ann, could you tell all your readers on a daily basis to call our useless Congress @ 202 224 3121 and have them say DEFUND REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM. I call daily and if enough of us do so, we can make a difference.

And, I know they are useless too, but call Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell too!

While you are calling that switchboard number, ask for Dave Brat’s office and thank him for speaking up, for being a leader on the only issue that really matters for the future of our great nation—immigration control!

The 2016 Presidential election hinges on the issue and that is why Hillary is hiding and rarely brings it up (and won’t say how many refugees she wants!), but why should she when her old pals at the US State Department are working overtime to set the stage for her.

***These are the new towns/cities we have learned about so far (we have heard that there are 47 new ones!). The selection process is mostly done quietly and out of public view.  If you are a new reader and are wondering what the hundreds of other sites are, go here (they are no longer keeping this list up to date, more secrecy!).

Asheville, NC

Rutland, VT

Reno, NV

Ithaca, NY

Missoula, MT

Aberdeen, SD

Charleston, WV

Fayetteville, AR

Blacksburg, VA

Pittsfield, MA

Northhampton, MA

Flint, Michigan

Bloomington, IN

24 thoughts on “Obama State Department bringing refugees in at the astronomical rate of over 400 a day!

  1. Just goes to show you that they are Zevite Frankists which consist of Jews Christians Muslims Catholics and Mormons running the show- If what is said is true about europe and all the rapes and violence from these refugees I will be able to take my anger out on them rather than the sheep that deny the conspiracy theories. Good for the tinfoil hat black helicopter take your meds wisecrackers


  2. Just wait till the last week of Obama’s Reign in Office, Will he tell all the Muslims through their Religious leaders and their terrorist training and arms storage facilities that it is time to hold shulmbala and boogedy boogedy boo and start killing as many Americans as each one can fighting to their death in the name of Allah !!
    Then claim it is a National emergency and he can Not leave Office because it would be TOO Dangerous to change Presidents at a time like this ? After all he needs to stay in a position to be able to direct the Muslim war against America and Americans ! Where is one SS man willing to give all to stop this ?


  3. Interesting article from the UK Daily Mail. The type of ‘in depth’ journalism that seems to evade most of the liberal USA media:

    Analysis by DailyMail.com reveals that 62 people in America have launched ISIS attacks or been accused of plotting to help terror group

    They are responsible for 64 deaths and at least 121 woundings, including the San Bernardino and Pulse massacres

    ***Of the attackers and alleged plotters, 21 were immigrants and a further 13 were the children of immigrants***

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3810273/America-s-enemies-SIXTY-TWO-ISIS-attackers-plotters-just-year-half-immigrants-children.html#ixzz4MOYO9ikX


  4. OMG. shared to my public fb with my added comments:




    DO IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!

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  5. In a conservative group in Reno, NV. We have heard that there is, or going to be a large resettlement east of Reno. I am not getting straight answers from our Senators. What have you heard that put us on the list below?

    Kind Regards,

    Holly Cortez



  6. It is absolutely disgusting that we have to battle our own government to stop a foreign invasion. Obama has been so irresponsible protecting our safety from the very people he is encouraging to move here in droves, that his actions should be an impeachable offense. I’m sure that after his tenure is over, he will slither away to Dubai, where he can enjoy watch all of the damage he caused taking place.


      1. Muslim terrorists? Obama and American officials seem unable to reign in the influence of Israeli leaders, who would more-than-welcome ANY bad rap for Muslims. Don’t tell me they haven’t had a hand in this forced immigration upon the American people, while at the same time Israel rejects immigrants from these Middle Eastern nations. I suppose these mass migrations planned for the USA are just a present from Israel for the (AT LEAST) 38 billion dollar “military aid” package the USA just gave them! Add to this the support of REAL mercenary terrorists by both the USA and Israel and you can see the REAL cause of these migrations is to destroy the will of the American people, a Zionist goal from the very beginning!


        1. I just don’t get it. Do you not know how many Catholic organizations, Lutheran organizations, Evangelical organizations etc. are bringing Muslim refugees to American towns. Frankly, I don’t want to hear any more s*** about Israel being to blame for US refugee resettlement. It simply is not true.


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