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As we move Africa to America, where are all the refugees from the DR Congo being placed?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 7, 2016

Since I was just telling you that we (the Department of State) jumps when the UN says ‘jump!’  I thought it might be a good time to show you the numbers of refugees we are now taking from the DR Congo after Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, Anne Richard (formerly a VP at federal resettlement contractor International Rescue Committee) agreed here in 2013 to take 50,000 refugees from the DR Congo off the UN’s hands.


Civil wars in Africa produce refugees that the UN determines must be moved to the West—especially to the US. Once we get the 50,000 Congolese placed in your towns, watch for the big lobbying push for large numbers from South Sudan.

By the way, the Republicans did this too when the UN wanted to clean out its Bhutanese camps on the border of Nepal and then Bush Administration Asst. Secretary Ellen Sauerbrey agreed to invite 60,000 Bhutanese to the US over a five year period—they are still coming!

Here in 2014 we learned the Bhutanese numbers to the US were up to 80,000. But, surprise! Some of them want to go home.

Since fiscal year 2012, we have placed 33,212 from the DR Congo in all but five states (see map below).

The vast majority are Christians of some sort, but there are 1,240 Muslims in the bunch.  In FY2012 we resettled 1,863, but by FY2016 we took 16,370 in one year. Expect 2017 to be even higher as the drive is on to get as many refugees in to the US as possible before Obama leaves office.

Our interest in reporting the Congolese numbers was stimulated by the mysterious death this week of an 8-year-old Congolese boy at O’Hare Airport. His family was bound for Texas.

These are very poor people, mostly with limited educations, who will need a couple of generations of care by the US taxpayer before they can return anything to the US economy.

Early reports are that the women are especially traumatized and will need costly mental health treatment.

Here is where the Congolese (DR Congo) refugees have been placed between FY2012 and FY2016 (inclusive). Map from the Refugee Processing Center. Hawaii got zero (didn’t fit on the map), but it rarely gets any anyway.






13 Responses to “As we move Africa to America, where are all the refugees from the DR Congo being placed?”

  1. Lock and Load, Folks!


  2. calires said

    Ann – what is the religions of the Congolese who are arriving in U.S.? I know that 50 percent in the Dem. Rep. of Congo are Roman Catholic. Here is a resource –


    • Ann Corcoran said

      The vast majority of the refugees entering the US from the DR Congo are Christians of some sort. You will see there is a line in this post with the numbers. No one says it, but I expect they have been persecuted by Muslims in Africa.

      Liked by 1 person

      • sidefxny said

        Ann- while I am glad that the majority of these DR Congo people are Christian, their religion is just one of the problems that they bring to our country (if they were mostly Muslim). Most of the illegals in my area are Christian and they have brought us increased crime, increased taxes to “educate” their children many of whom are not literate in their own language, not to mention all the jobs we are losing to illegals who are allowed to do contracting work without having the necessary licenses or insurance. Our building inspectors and code enforcers have been told to look the other way.


        • Ann Corcoran said

          I’m definitely not making the case that we give hordes of any group from Africa, the Middle East, Asia in to America. We can’t afford it!


  3. sidefxny said

    Ann- the more I read your blogs and other right of center media, the more concerned I am about the election. They are dumping more and more of these refugees and illegals and telling them to sign up and vote Dem if they want to have all those freebies that they came here to get. There is massive voter fraud being uncovered just a month before the election. They are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Trump and hoping to knock him down.

    It is a frightening thought to think of having that witch back in the WH.


  4. legion1937 said

    This is such insanity. They are bringing the whole 3rd world here. When will it end a billion two billion!




  6. Ann, after I’d already posted I just realized something- HI is where Obama and Zuckerberg, and a few other major Silicon Valley multi-millionaires/billionaires have been purchasing ranch land lately. No refugees going there. Coincidence…? The Congo is known famously as “The Rape Capitol of the World”. You can look it up using your favorite search engine.

    thank you Ann for your wonderful work. So many have learned so much from your site. I know I have.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. They place refugees in areas that have a strong or longtime religious background (church-goers) and a good, expansive public transit system. Delaware, W Va, WY do not have either one, or all, of these. W Virginians would probably not be very welcoming either, unless there has been a major cultural swing since around the late 90s when I was there (it’s possible). W Va did not have a drugs problem back then either, so anything is possible. The Transportation/Smart Highways system wants buses and light rails in EVERY AREA. Where they cannot build or install these systems, such as in rural areas, they are doing all they can to remove residents from rural parts- and I mean, “any means”. In a recent article in TVOI (The Voice of Idaho) there is an anecdote of residents actually being told to move, that the rural areas are unsustainable, and the residents would have more access to things in the city than in rural areas. They want us all in the urban centers (areas of control) and want no religion (hence moving in ‘diverse’ peoples with contrary religions into strong Christian areas, where they must adapt, or be branded xenophobic/racist, or unChristian) all on the same level playing field (as in, poor, ‘income equality) and controllable, because we will all be on the Smart Grid, driving Smart Cars on Smart Highways, with a Smart Law Enforcement system.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      They are trying to get them placed in WV. I hope to have more on that over the weekend. My personal theory on Delaware is that that is where Joe Biden lives (hypocrite since he helped create the 1980 Refugee Act?). Wyoming Republican gov tried to get some refugees place in WY in recent years but has been pushed back by grassroots activists.


  8. This is GENOCIDE of White CHRISTIANITY.. Whites are true WORLD minority


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