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Where do WE put a billion people?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 9, 2016

The ‘WE’ of course being the great planners and social engineers of the universe, including the environmentalists and the human rights gang (the UN surely).

In a recent article in Nature, the authors say the world’s population will grow by 1 billion by 2030 and they are plotting where would it be best for the earth to put that next billion (if they were granted permission I suppose to move people around the globe—but wait! Isn’t that what the UN is already doing without permission?).

No surprise! Most of the population that will expand is in Africa and Asia so those people would presumably need to be moved.

Here is the story at the Daily Mail:

Academics Richard T.T. Forman and Jinguo Wu mapped out areas around the world where these additional people could live most sustainably.

[They] ruled out regions with already dense populations as well as areas with high water stress, extreme climates and unique species.


In Nature, the two professors called for ‘worldwide coordination’ to promote a balanced population in a way that would minimize the ‘already heavy ecological footprint on our finite Earth’.

So check it out.  Do you live in a population dump target zone? Yellow! And, to a lesser degree blue!




Sure looks like the excess population of the Middle East/North Africa would be moved elsewhere.  Did you ever wonder why there is complete silence on the subject of excessive population growth in Muslim countries?

UN family planning for Muslims!

No, you know the answer, these population police are afraid to tell Muslims that they need to stick to 2 children per family to save the planet! Ha! Ha! I would love to see the new Secretary General of the UN—Antonio Guterres—take on that project (UN family planning for Muslims!). Hey, if we send so much money to the UN maybe a Trump administration could demand that such a program be launched!

Although we haven’t said much about it lately, you might be interested in our ‘Climate refugees’ category because although I’m not a big conspiracy hunter it doesn’t take much to figure out that the great minds and social engineers are busy getting all this in place.  Maybe the Refugee Program is part of the overall plan to soften us up for kill.

2030 is not far away!

12 Responses to “Where do WE put a billion people?”

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  2. sturandot13 said

    “Did you ever wonder why there is complete silence on the subject of excessive population growth in Muslim countries?”

    No. I already know why.

    The so-called “refugee” invasion constitute the “shock troops” of the globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” cabal. The plan: destroy whatever hegemony the nations of the West still retain. Destroy their sovereignty. Cause as much strife, economic hardship, crime, mayhem and murder as possible.

    Then the sheeple of the once-free nations of the West will beg their so-called “leaders” to “do something”. Then the NWO cabal will come out with their “solution”: WORLD GOVERNMENT. (Translated: enslavement of all who are not part of their cabal or the government drones that do their dirty work.)


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  4. tmasierrahills said

    In other news: Earth Is Flat!

    Could these ‘experts’ possibly be so oblivious? (I’d advise following the money that financed this report.) Human population numbers growing like late-stage melanoma is only “inevitable” if we insist upon moving hundreds of millions of people into less overpopulated areas. But then what? Where do we jam the next billion people after that? And the next billion after that? And why in the world should our ultimate goal be to see how many more countless teeming billions of humans we can stuff onto the Earth’s surface before there are ever more massive die-offs and nature finally readjusts us back into the limited natural and cultural resources called the real world?

    Plus, as the Daily Mail points out, this nutty study completely ignores destroying lower birthrate cultures, among them Western civilization, and the eventual multi-national population crash as the then absent relatively more wealthy, pathologically altruistic West’s technology, foreign aid, environmental initiatives and countless busy-busy-bee do-gooder efforts come grinding to a halt.

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  9. murlimews said

    Ann, you answered my long held question: how can all these so-called green leaders be so cavalier to adding all these people to the American population? They can’t think a little ahead and visualize the USA with a billion people, as all these third world people have two and three times the number of children Westerners do, and that this will REALLY make our environment dirty, over-taxing water systems, burdening land use policies, schools, jobs, etc.

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