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Germany: Another Syrian refugee arrested for planning terror attack

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 10, 2016

Invasion of Europe news….

German police arrested a Syrian refugee who had been granted asylum (that means they had screened him and approved him) after a two day manhunt late yesterday. So much for vetting Syrians!

We do not want to be Europe!


Don’t forget! When Hillary was asked who is the world leader she most admires, she answered German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has allowed a million Middle Eastern and African migrants to invade Germany.

In last night’s debate, it is too bad ‘The Donald’ didn’t mention how the US would be following in Mama Merkel’s foot steps if we elect Hillary as Prez. (But then it’s too easy for us to ‘monday morning quarterback.’)

Here is one of many news accounts about the latest Islamic terror plot in Germany, this one at ABC News:

German police arrested early Monday a Syrian man who is suspected of preparing a bomb attack, following a nearly two-day manhunt.

Jaber Albakr, a 22-year-old who had been granted asylum in Germany, was arrested in the eastern city of Leipzig, police in Saxony state said. Leipzig is around 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Chemnitz, where he had evaded authorities on Saturday and where authorities found explosives.

Police were informed that fellow Syrians were holding the suspect at an apartment in Leipzig, and “immediately went there and arrested him,” Saxony police spokesman Tom Bernhardt said.


German media have reported that Albakr is believed to be connected to Islamic extremist groups, but Saxony police have not commented on his possible motive or the bomb plot’s target.

The explosives were destroyed Saturday in a controlled detonation by bomb squad experts in a pit dug outside the five-story apartment building because they were considered too dangerous to transport.

In July, two attacks carried out by asylum seekers and claimed by the Islamic State group, in which multiple people were injured and the assailants were killed, put Germany on edge — along with two other attacks unrelated to Islamic extremism, including a deadly mall shooting in Munich.

Authorities say Albakr came to Germany in the flood of 890,000 migrants who entered the country in 2015 and had been granted asylum.

Again, dear readers, if he was granted asylum he went through a vetting process and was found to be a stellar candidate to become a NEW German!

Trump’s people should run ads showing the horror show going on in Europe and say that Hillary wants to open the floodgates here too!

Our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

8 Responses to “Germany: Another Syrian refugee arrested for planning terror attack”

  1. To inform others what will happen here if these invaders keep coming in the U.S. I put out : Gatesofvienna, theSwedenreport, (Europe section), etc.


  2. mjazzguitar said

    This is from Wikileaks, from a “” to John Podesta.
    It is a scathing- and frightening- indictment of Germany’s immigration policies. I haven’t finished reading it yet, it is lengthy, yet very informative, complete with links. It mentions a juvenile court judge committing suicide.
    The title is telling:
    Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans
    Anyone who can support importing more Muhammadans after reading this has to be a subversive.



    We have found the much-rumoured ‘moderate Muslims’ (or, at least as likely, ‘Muslims who didn’t want to be found out by the police later on’). Let us treat them with care!


  4. “But Saxony police have not commented on his possible motive or the bomb plot’s target.” Hey Stupid, if it involves Infidels or Christians or perhaps school childrens, these Savages don’t care, they want to earn their right for Muslim Paradise. Do what the Nazis did to thugs like this. Put him against the wall and shoot him,


  5. […] Germany: Another Syrian refugee arrested for planning terror attack […]


  6. Arrest Merkel as an ACCOMPLICE — she/it let him IN.


  7. […] Germany: Another Syrian refugee arrested for planning terror attack October 10, 2016 […]


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