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World’s most vulnerable: are we responsible for them all?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2016

This story at the Huffington Post bashing Trump and telling us we must not turn our backs on the “world’s most vulnerable” is not worth reading.


The refugee propagandists’ favorite word!

I simply want to make the point that about every five years the world’s most vulnerable changes and we are expected to “welcome” them all to our towns after hearing the same old propaganda guilt-trip stories like this  one.

Not too long ago it was the Burmese who were most vulnerable (we have taken in around 200,000). And, I remember so well when the Iraqis were the world’s most vulnerable (oh they love that word!) because it was about the same time I began writing RRW. Our Iraqi refugee numbers are climbing toward 200,000.

Then a few years ago it became the Syrian most vulnerables.  And, get ready because we are hearing rumbles that they are gearing up to guilt-trip us about the South Sudanese! Blah, blah, blah!

It never ends!

This HuffPo article concludes with an appeal to send money to the International Rescue Committee which as one of the leading members of the refugee industry receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the US taxpayer each year—but it is never enough money!

7 Responses to “World’s most vulnerable: are we responsible for them all?”

  1. […] World’s most vulnerable: are we responsible for them all? […]


  2. The world’s most vulnerable are our children, and with the prompting of corrupt leadership we are about to unleash the baying hounds of Hijrah upon them. Our forefathers would have taken up arms before now, but then they were a different breed of Americans. They lived in the home of the brave.

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  3. Actually, if they wanted to be honest about who the truly “vulnerable” are, they ought to be warning us about the vulnerability of the American people, who have become so deeply conditioned that they accept an outright invasion in the name of diversity and multiculturalism without so much as a whimper. If anyone is vulnerable here, it is us, not the third world leeches who have taken advantage of our kindness and tolerance.The media is full of examples every day.

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  4. We in Europe are being told that the mainly fit young men arriving in Europe by the thousands dressed in their best with Nike trainers and mobile phones are “the most vulnerable” by the likes of Merkel and others. I was born in Africa and lived there for much of my life and the most vulnerable Africans cannot afford nice clothes, phones or fancy foot-wear and struggle to find even a meal a day, let alone are able to afford the £5,000 to pay the traffickers to get them to Europe. Furthermore the most vulnerable (some are whites living in South Africa) would lack the health and energy to travel all the way to Europe other than perhaps in a commercial airliner. What I have seen in Africa of 99.99% of the Aid Agencies and NGO’s of various names and backgrounds is that they do nothing to address the causes of poverty and and in all cases do more harm than good in this respect. After all any decent Rescue Committee or Famine Relief or whatever worth its salt would work itself into redundancy rather than expand year on year. I have encountered a number of the top people in these organisations and they earn very good money out of human misery real or imaginary. For example, I encountered one who told me he “gave of himself for 3 months in every year to work in an African country”. By chance I discovered that his “giving” involved receiving a mere £150,000. Nice work if you can get it!

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  5. kerberos616 said

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  6. They forgot one option: Provide for them in or near their homeland. Certain Christian leaders are asking Christians to remain.


    • It would be advisable to be very skeptical of Christian leaders in Arab nations. All Coptic Christian Popes back to Pope Cyril VI in 1968 would excommunicate any Copt that visited Israel. This doctrine will be in effect at least until Jerusalem is liberated by their Arabic brethren.
      How odd that we in the west feel such compassion for Coptic Christians who prefer the company of those who would kill them over the Jews that would give them jobs and protect them.
      Excerpt…’When Anwar Sadat, Nasser’s successor, visited Jerusalem, Shenouda refused to accompany him, creating a rift between the two men.’
      Shenouda’s hatred of Jews put the Copts into a downward spiral in Egypt.

      ‘From the Arabic national point we should not abandon our Palestinian brothers and our Arabic brothers by normalising our relations with the Jews … From the church point of view, Copts who go to Jerusalem betray their church in the case of “Al-Sultan Monastery” that Israel refuses to give to the Copts.’


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