60 Minutes spewing B.S. on refugee screening/travel costs

I can’t even bring myself to watch the recent 60 Minutes program on the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, but think I need to say something about a couple of bits of B.S. from CBS’s written report on the show.

First on security and health screening, this is what 60 Minutes reports:

US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testifies before a House Appropriations Committee Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing on the Homeland Security Department budget on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on March 26, 2015. AFP PHOTO/NICHOLAS KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)
Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, B.S.er-in-chief on 60 Minutes.

Johnson explains that the process begins with United Nations. Long before refugees make the journey to a new home, they are interviewed multiple times by the U.N. for their vital statistics — including where they came from and who they know — and given an iris scan to establish their identity. After that initial assessment, the U.N. then refers refugees to a country for resettlement.

B.S. meter….

So we are expected to believe and trust that the United Nations, with its vast network of Muslim employees, will screen (interview!) refugees fairly.

The refugees are able to tell their ‘stories,’ but there is no way to establish the truthfulness of those ‘stories’ because no one can call home to Syria.

Then they get an “iris scan” which may have value later if they commit some crime or terrorist act and their identity needs to be determined. But, there is no way this scan has any meaning beyond that.  There is no way to go back to the Syrian government and say, gee, we would really like to see a past IRIS SCAN to compare to the one we just got from a ‘refugee’ living in Jordan for example.

60 Minutes continues:

If that country is the U.S., a State Department resettlement center takes over, runs background checks, and creates a file on the refugee. From there, the Department of Homeland Security, led by specially trained interrogators, conducts additional interviews looking for gaps or inconsistencies in their stories. All that information is then run though U.S. security databases for any red flags. If approved, the refugee goes through medical screening by a team of doctors prior to arriving in the country.

B.S. meter:

We have already heard ad nauseum that our Dept. of Homeland Security (yes, Johnson, your FBI!) has no data from Syria that would allow them to find gaps or inconsistencies in stories.  Did 60 Minutes ever mention what FBI Director Comey and others have been saying for months?

And, then on the medical screening B.S.  Did 60 Minutes mention that, even if they are screened, we let them in with communicable diseases like TB and HIV/AIDS anyway?  You see how this works, they mention the screening, but don’t mention part two!  Your assumption is the screening actually screens out someone!

60 Minutes continues:

The entire process, Johnson says, takes between 18 and 24 months.

B.S. meter….

Did 60 Minutes tell its audience that the Obama Administration (Jeh Johnson) sped up security screening for Syrians and the whole process was taking only 3 months from start to finish over the summer in order to reach Obama’s goal to admit 10,000 Syrians before September 30th?

Gina Kassem (US State Department): Refugees want to repay those travel loans to help others get in to the US. Well, Ms. Kassem, how about releasing the data you have, for years! refused to provide the taxpaying public. What is the repayment rate? Did 60 Minutes even think to ask?

60 Minutes on travel loans:

When refugees do arrive in the U.S., they’re expected to repay the government for their plane tickets. As Kassem explains in the clip above, the government asks refugees resettled in the U.S. to repay the fare six months after they arrive, giving them time to find a job. That money then helps additional refugees resettle in the U.S., which encourages the refugees to repay their fare.

“Because they are indebted to the United States for taking then in,” she says, “they want more people in their situation who are fleeing the violence to be able to take advantage of the program.”

B.S. meter….

Here is how it works, our tax dollars go to the International Organization on Migration (now an agency of the UN) to pay for the plane tickets.  And, yes, refugees are ‘expected’ to repay the loan.  But, get this! The federal non-profit contractor*** that resettled them acts as the collection agency and POCKETS 25% of what it collects adding literally millions more of your dollars to the contractors’ pockets.

We have no idea how many refugees are motivated by this nonsense to repay the loan on schedule to help other refugees get here (what a naive comment!) because the State Department steadfastly refuses to release the repayment data.

And, then have some sympathy for the refugee who gets here with a family of 6, is lucky to have one family member working for $9.00 an hour at a slaughter plant and is expected to repay thousands of dollars of airfare expenses beginning 6 months after arrival.

Teaching indebtedness!  One of the reasons I’ve heard the contractors give for their dunning notices to refugees is it’s a lesson in borrowing money in America and paying it back so as to maintain a good credit rating!

If you feel like it, see more of the 60 Minutes B.S. by clicking here.

You know, it is quite a stunning thing to know a lot about something and then see mainstream media blatantly be untruthful!

*** For new readers, these are the nine major federal contractors reaping millions more of your tax dollars acting as collection agents for the airfare loans that by rights should all go back in to the US Treasury!



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  1. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    This is something ‘we the people’ should have been squawking about several years ago, Obama has been miss-using the immigration laws against us for nearly eight years, some have been squawking, but nothing has changed; just gotten worse.


  2. –and, I just learned that Germany’s threats to Facebook were Not limited to Germans — Merkel’s henchmen also demanded FB to step up * * *censorship of Americans’* * * talk re refugees; & FB has been suspending Americans’ accounts –calling anything FB doesn’t like “Hate Talk” –[but FB did reinstate the gruesome Palestinians’ accounts!]

    so, beware my friends; be very careful on FB with your friends & family–
    * * * Be sure to ‘disguise’ the usual buzzwords w/intermittent character signs, misspells, & spaces, etc * * *

    –also just saw another Podesta email re FB’s Zuckerberg expressing interest to Hillary et al re wanting to learn the inner workings of politics —

    -and of course, the long reaching arm got ??? to cut Assange’s [wikileaks] internet connection -but latest report embassy restored part of his telecom and they insist they still stand by their asylum to him [my guess is the Brits temp cut lines to Ecuador embassy ]

    There’s much more, but, for the first time in my life I actually felt fear about living in My Own Country

    Thanks Ann for watching 60 Mins show & feedback —
    couldn’t bring myself to watch it since I get my daily doses via cruising thru the various network & cable broadcasts each day to gauge who leaves out what, & just how far each news org is willing to go. Then to ‘resuscitate’ myself, watch a bit of Fox at night [-except for Megyn Kelly -geez, like a screech-owl ]

    Last, we REALLY need to hang on to the Senate!

    –House has enough r’s so safe for this round, but Senate could easily flip! #’s not looking good –and there goes the bit of leverage we had via various senate hearings (as well as Supreme Court! –too many aged Justices in addt’n to replacing Scalia) I’m still furious with the rhinos but still better than losing the Senate !!

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  3. And all this just begs the question, why are we taking them in here in the first place? because the UN tells us to? they know perfectly well that there will always be some crisis in the third world, and we can’t possibly take them all in without harming our own countries, by overpopulation if nothing else. Every experiment in human behavior that I am aware of shows that overcrowding combined with increased competition for resources results in aggression and violence. We are beginning to see both sides, native and invasive leech, becoming increasingly violent and aggressive as a result of these factors.

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  4. The MSM & NPR/PBS is now “fair game” as it has abandoned all pretense neutrality and openly operates as a Propaganda Arm for Hillary. The MSM should not cry about it’s OPERATIVES coming under attack as they are COMBATANTS not reporters.

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  5. Great. Published: http://bit.ly/2eBhyDc


    On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 7:40 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “I can’t even bring myself to watch the recent 60 > Minutes program on the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, > but think I need to say something about a couple of bits of B.S. from CBS’s > written report on the show. First on security and hea” >


  6. This weekend, by accident, I caught the tail end of a debate/town hall on C-Span for Nebraska’s House, 2nd District. It was also broadcast on the local NE station WMAL. I was so ticked off by just the few minutes I heard, that I wrote WMAL and the R opponent immediately to correct the record.

    It also also turned out to be the LAST question, so it left the voters with the final impression that all is well in Multicultural DIMmocRAT Land.

    Here’s the email I immediately sent to WMAL. The email I sent to the R opponent, retired United States Air Force Brigadier General Don Bacon of Omaha, NE, was the same with just a slight tweak or two.

    “Re: Your Nebraska House 2nd District Debate on C-Span


    I just caught the tail end of this debate on C-Span. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the first thing I heard was the Democrat lying about the timeline of the vetting that goes on for refugees.

    It’s not 18 months. It’s not 24 months. It’s ONLY 3 MONTHS! It changed quite some time ago, but they’ve continued to lie about the 18-24 months since the change.

    AND, don’t believe for a minute that they are vetted a year after they get here. It’s another load of CRAP.

    1.) https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/the-big-lie-refugees-are-being-vetted/
    2.) https://www.numbersusa.com/news/pres-obama-reduces-syrian-refugee-screening-process-3-months
    3.) http://bigstory.ap.org/article/7541e848938d43f0b2051cc215426b3a/first-syrians-leave-us-under-surge-resettlement-program

    Just tho’t you should know, so you can offer truthful facts to Nebraska voters.

    The best source of info on all of the illegal refugee programs is “Refugee Resettlement Watch”. Here’s a link to stories on Nebraska:


    The first one is on how they are bringing TB to your state.


    P.S. I’m not in Nebraska, but I hate it when lies are sold as facts, then perpetuated on the tubes and the innerwebs.”

    I didn’t get a chance to send it to C-Span, but I tho’t I might do a call-in on them to correct the record. We have to call this out. I suggest everyone send something similar to their local/state/federal reps so they can start correcting the record on their own. And if they don’t, hold their feet to the fire, or realize they are NOT ON OUR SIDE and DON’t vote for them.

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